New: Thanks to Theresa May de Vera for the tribute below (requires quicktime):

Theresa writes, "I created that video montage as a tribute to the Schindler Family. My family went through the same anguish and perils (although to different extremes) when I was in a coma."

Was Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state? Was she brain dead?

You decide. - (conversation with her Dad)

The nearly five-minute-long video (caution, it is a long download for dial-up connections, and requires Realplayer) includes scenes of Terri together with her mother, Mary Schindler, and shows Terri apparently interacting with her mother and trying to speak. In one segment, the mother enters Terri's hospice room and speaks her daughter's name, at which point Terri's eyes open wider, and she attempts to sit upright in her hospital bed.

If you remain unconvinced here are video clips clearly showing that Terri Schiavo was responsive and not in a "permanent vegetative state" as claimed by her husband, Michael and his attorney:

Seeing is believing ... now that you have seen do you believe that this woman deserved to be starved and dehydrated to death?

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