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November 10, 2008

Life Support Battle in NY

The Post reports: The family of a 12-year-old New York boy is entangled in a legal fight with Children's National Medical Center over whether doctors can cease life support because they believe he is brain-dead. The dispute involves Motl Brody... [more]

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June 15, 2007

Arizona Case Parallels that of Terri Schiavo

Without the legal intervention of his family, Jesse Ramirez would be slowly dehydrated, suffering the same fate as Terri Schiavo. Today in Arizona, a Maricopa County Court Judge ordered that Ramirez be given nutrition and hydration through feeding tubes. "This... [more]

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January 27, 2007

March for Life Welcomes the Schindler Family (video)

The Schindler family received a warm welcome at the January 22, 2007 March for Life in Washington DC. In the video above, Brother Paul O'Donnell and Terri Schiavo's brother and sister, Bobby Schindler and Susan Vitadamo, address a crowd... [more]

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January 14, 2007

More Disciplinary Proceedings

We recall last year when Carla Sauer Iyer was threatened by the Florida Board of Health with having her nursing license revoked for allegedly disclosing confidential information about Terri Schiavo. At the time, Terri's ex-husband, Michael, was less than sympathetic.... [more]

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January 11, 2007

Update on Robert Schindler

Thanks to Wesley Smith for giving us an update on Robert Schindler: Bobby Schindler told me via e-mail: "My father is in his first week of rehabilitation to help return the strength he lost on his right side. I am... [more]

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January 8, 2007

March for Life Recap

The March for Life is a remarkable event, held yearly in Washington DC to commemerate the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. Last year's March was peaceful but enthusiastic and had well over 150,000 people in attendance by... [more]

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December 13, 2006

Attorney for Terri Schiavo's Parents Still Speaks Up for Disabled People

The final attorney for the parents of Terri Schiavo is continuing his battle to speak up for disabled patients. After helping the disabled woman's parents try to prevent her former husband from killing her via euthanasia, David Gibbs says other... [more]

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November 5, 2006

British Doctors: let us kill disabled babies

British doctors are pushing to euthanise disabled children in a report at the Times Online ONE of Britain's royal medical colleges is calling on the health profession to consider permitting the euthanasia of seriously disabled newborn babies.The college is arguing... [more]

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October 5, 2006

Suzanne Vitadamo Tells About Family's Fight

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri Schiavo's sister, spoke at Ohio Right to Life's conference in Columbus and received press coverage by the Columbus Dispatch. Here are a couple excellent quotes: "[Terri] was not terminal; she was not brain dead. She was disabled.... [more]

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September 12, 2006

More Recent PVS Discoveries

"We have always been told there is no recovery from persistent vegetative state - doctors can only make a sufferer's last days as painless as possible. But is that really the truth? Across three continents, severely brain-damaged patients are awake... [more]

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September 8, 2006

'I felt trapped inside my body'

BBC News published an article on a 36 year old woman, Kate Bainbridge, who was once diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state. Kate now communicates through a computer keyboard. Scientists have shown for the first time that a... [more]

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September 7, 2006

"Vegetative" Patient May Have Awareness

Attorney and author, Wesley Smith, comments on the groundbreaking tests on patients diagnosed as being in a "persistent vegetative state." Sophisticated brain scans of a woman diagnosed to be in a persistent vegetative state has revealed startling levels of activity.... [more]

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September 5, 2006

Haleigh Poutre Making Progress

12 year old child abuse victim Haleigh Poutre is making progress. In the fall of 2005, Haleigh was hospitalized in Massachusetts from a severe beating from her step-father. Haleigh, who was in a coma, was declared "brain-dead" by the... [more]

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August 26, 2006

Center for society against abortion, euthanasia to open

Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, broke ground on the headquarters for his new religious order, MIssionaries of the Gosepl of Life. Terri Schindler-Schiavo's parents and brother attended the ceremony. "A society of priests focused on fighting abortion... [more]

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Michael Schiavo, The Lord Voldemort Of Politics

Latest from North Country Gazette. Michael Schiavo is compared to an evil villan from the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort. "Why is the media salivating over Schiavo as he travels around the country exploiting the death of his wife?... [more]

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To have and to hold



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June 1, 2006

Schiavo Neurologist Dies of Cancer

North Country Gazette reports:One of the most outspoken advocates of the right to die movement and of physician-assisted suicide in the U.S. today has died. Dr. Ronald E. Cranford, a neurologist and medical ethicist who served for years as the... [more]

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May 30, 2006

Terri's Day and nation's independence protects life culture

America's Culture of Life is truly the legacy of one woman whose death forever changed our nation because of actions that were not in her hands but in those of her husband and his lawyers. Yet for millions of Americans... [more]

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May 12, 2006

A Pre-Holocaust Mentality

Bobby Schindler spoke to a crows of nearly 800 at a Massachusetts Citizens for Life, emphazising the reality of a cultureal war over right-to-life issues. "It's a pre-Holocaust mentality," Schindler was quoted by the Republican as stating. "Based on someone's... [more]

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May 8, 2006

Schindlers still don't know what happened to Terri

FirstCoastNews:Mary and Robert Schindler wants the world to know their daughter's story --the story of a woman who they say wasn't given a chance to speak. "We still don't know what happened to our daughter," said Robert Schindler, Terri Shiavo's... [more]

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May 3, 2006

Bobby Schindler Blasts Schiavo Judge George Greer

The surviving family of Terri Schiavo rallied Monday at the University of Pennsylvania's Biomedical Research Building to opposen Judge George Greer's participation in a pro-euthanasia symposium titled: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo: Why is it so hard to die in... [more]

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May 2, 2006

Terri Schiavo's Judge Blasts Lawmakers at Ethics Conference

Judge Greer discloses his predisposition:Philadelphia, PA ( -- The local judge responsible for authorizing Terri Schiavo's painful 13-day starvation and dehydration death bashed Florida lawmakers at a bioethics conference for passing a law that allowed Governor Jeb Bush to step... [more]

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May 1, 2006

Schindlers Stand up for the Weak

The family of Terri Schiavo has lent its voice to the rising call for reform in the ways Massachusetts handles its end-of-life cases. In a recent letter to Gov. W. Mitt Romney, family members cite the case of 12-year-old Haleigh... [more]

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Michael Schiavo Attacks Pro-Life Advocates

LifeNews reports that Michael Schiavo told a bioethics conference at the University of Pennsylvania that he should have pressed for his former wife Terri's euthanasia death sooner than he did. He also attacked pro-life advocates who he says have constantly... [more]

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April 29, 2006

Judge Greer joins death advocates

WordNetDaily:The probate judge who ordered the dehydration death of brain-injured Terri Schiavo will join Michael Schiavo and other key proponents of her death as a guest speaker at a bioethics conference. Florida Circuit Court Judge George Greer on Monday will... [more]

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April 13, 2006

Terri's Court Appointed Guardian to Speak

The doctor who served as court appointed guardian for Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman at the heart of a 2003 right to die controversy, will speak at Albany Law School on April 19. Dr. Jay Wolfson will deliver the 2006... [more]

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April 10, 2006

Hollywood to Turn Michael's Book on Terri Schiavo Into Biased Movie

The culture war continues with Hollywood taking up the cause of euthanasia activists:A group of Hollywood producers have purchased the rights to Michael Schiavo's book to produce what will likely be a biased, one-sided movie on his victorious legal battle... [more]

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April 7, 2006

The Rosado Kids (Updated)

William Rosado embraces firefighter Mark Neal, who dived into the burning mobile home ( William (Will) Rosado couldn't stop his tears Wednesday when he saw Tampa firefighter Mark Neal. Only the night before Rosado's 3-year-old son, Gavin Orion Rosado,... [more]

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Schindlers Under Attack Investigation

Is there any evidence to substantiate this investigation? If there is, it is not reported:A lawyer involved in the Terri Schiavo saga has asked the state to investigate whether two foundations set up by Schiavo's parents and siblings unlawfully used... [more]

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Terri Schiavo's Brother Speaks At Franciscan University

Check out the article and video here. Unfortunately, the article fails to report anything related to Bobby Schindler's appearance at the University other than the fact that he was there. Perhaps our local representative will fill us in on the... [more]

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April 4, 2006

DeLay, Pro-Life Politicians Attacked by Terri Schiavo's Ex-Husband

The feud between retiring pro-life Congressman Tom DeLay and Terri Schiavo's former husband Michael is not as old as the legal battle with Terri's family, but intense nonetheless. After DeLay made an announcement that he is retiring his Congressional seat,... [more]

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March 27, 2006

A Life that Matters - The Schindler's Book about Terri

LifeNews - The new book about the life and death of Terri Schiavo, written by her parents and brother and sister, hits the bookshelves on Tuesday. With a release date of just three days before Terri's ex-husband starved her to... [more]

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March 25, 2006

An Open Letter to Michael Schiavo

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, and an eyewitness to Terri Schiavo's final hours, released the following open letter to Michael Schiavo tonight. Fr. Pavone will read it to a worldwide audience on an internationally broadcast religious... [more]

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March 22, 2006

Why is Terri Smiling?

Kevin Fobbs writes in Michigan News:[For] Michael Schiavo to say recently in the New York Post that Terri might be "up there right now praising" him -- smiling down -- is truly a travesty of heroic measure. But perhaps he... [more]

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Schiavo family adviser brings right-to-life message to UMD

Duluth News Tribune - Nearly a year ago, Brother Paul O'Donnell of St. Paul stood before a phalanx of microphones in Florida and said: "It is with great sadness that -- it has been reported to us that Terri Schiavo... [more]

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March 21, 2006

Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Launch set for March 30

Mary and Robert Schindler, Suzanne Schindler Vitadamo and Bobby Schindler will officially launch the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation on March 30 at 11 am outside of the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, DC. Speakers will include the Schindler family,... [more]

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Is Terri thanking Michael?

He thinks so:March 21, 2006 -- Terri Schiavo's husband insists that, despite what her devastated family thinks, she is now "praising" him in heaven for pulling the plug on her one year ago. "She's up there right now praising me... [more]

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March 16, 2006

Bobby Schindler - Part I - Terri Schiavo's Life and Death

Last year Arizona Right to Life sponsored an evening with Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo, who is now working full-time for the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation. The Phoenix event drew hundreds of people and included an introduction by Fr. Frank... [more]

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March 10, 2006

Terri's Brother to Speak at Life Conference

The Fourth International Conference Life and the Family, being held in Dublin, Ireland, is now just two weeks away. Amazing speakers have all confirmed their attendance and are looking forward to this exciting opportunity to meet supporters of life and... [more]

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February 19, 2006

A Life that Matters

As we approach the anniversary of Terri Schiavo's death, both the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo are publishing books recounting their experiences and opinions. Terri's parents, Mary and Robert Schindler, her brother, Bobby, and her sister, Suzanne Vitadamo have aptly named... [more]

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February 16, 2006

Schiavo Judge Greer to Speak at Ethics Conference

Cirucit Court Judge George Greer is speaking during an April ethics symposium at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics. He will appear with Michael Schiavo, the Flordia man who won a 12-year legal battle in Greer's court and ended... [more]

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February 13, 2006

Symposium Features Euthanasia Line-Up

Michael Schiavo is speaking during an April ethics symposium at the University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics. Almost one year ago, Schiavo won a 12-year legal battle and ended his wife's life by withholding nutrition and hydration. The meeting, titled... [more]

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January 30, 2006

The Schiavo Marriage

From the North Country Gazette: Some Catholics are calling it premeditated murder. Many are calling for the removal of St. Petersburg Diocese Bishop Robert N. Lynch for allowing the ceremony to occur in the diocese. It could be the latest... [more]

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January 26, 2006

Schiavo Remarriage Debacle

It has been less than 10 months after Terri's barbaric death by "starvation and dehydration over 13 grueling days with the whole world watching." During Terri's struggle for life, the Diocese of St. Petersburg did nothing and now her husband,... [more]

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Terri Schiavo's Husband Re-Married in Catholic Church

SAFETY HARBOUR, Florida, ( - Michael Schiavo, who had his disabled wife Terri killed last March by refusing her food and water, was re-married last Saturday in the Roman Catholic Church of Espiritu Santo in Florida. Schiavo married Jodi Centonze.... [more]

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January 25, 2006

Schindler Foundation Represented at March for Life (VIDEO)

Bobby Schindler, Terri Schiavo's brother, and Brother Paul O'Donnell spoke at the Jan. 23, 2006 annual March for Life, a gathering of over 150,000 pro-life Americans. Their comments, although brief, reflect their passion for the future and dedication to... [more]

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January 24, 2006

March for Life 2006

The March for Life is a remarkable event, held yearly in Washington DC to commemerate the anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. Today's March was peaceful but enthusiastic and had well over 150,000 people in attendance. Bobby Schindler,... [more]

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January 22, 2006

Terri's Family Remains Active and Outspoken

Suzanne Vitadamo, Terri Schiavo's sister, spoke yesterday at a South South Carolina Citizens for Life event and Terri's Brother, Bobby Schindler, addressed a large audience at the March for Life Convention here in Washington DC (I was privileged to talk... [more]

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January 20, 2006

Haleigh Poutre, eleven years old

Thanks Kathyrn Lopez for standing up for Haleigh Poutre, an eleven year-old whose "guardians" said she was a vegetable. They said she had no hope. A court, earlier this week, okayed taking her off life support--"letting her go" as they... [more]

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January 9, 2006

Terri Schiavo - Notorious?

Tomorrow night at 9.00 ET, the Biography Channel will be airing the first in a new series that highlights the people who have become famous - for being infamous. The subject of their first program is the Terri Schiavo case... [more]

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January 5, 2006

Terri's Story

Tampa Bay radio journalist, John Sipos, recently interviewed the author of "Terri's Story", Diane Lynne and Terri's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler for local CBS affiliate 94.1 FM. Quicktime audio of this one-hour program "hOUR Tampa Bay" can be streamed... [more]

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November 21, 2005

The most appalling thing you'll ever read. Guaranteed

This is a story about a young woman in NSW, Aus who was born both visually and hearing impaired because of suspected rubella in her mother during pregnancy. That's certainly sad, but it's surely not a hurdle that can't be... [more]

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October 26, 2005

Cheryl Ford Releases New Book on Terri Schiavo

Early this year, Cheryl Ford and Dr. J.E. Craddock fought furiously for the life of Terri Schiavo as leading activists who worked along side the Schindler family conducting research, publishing information and protesting. Ford is a Registered Nurse who runs... [more]

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October 21, 2005

Charlotte Wyatt Do Not Resuscitate Order Lifted

Charlotte Wyatt was born prematurely at St. Mary's hospital on the 21st of October 2003. She weighed 458 grams (about a pound) and was barely five inches long. Three times in her short life she had to be re-ventilated. Despite... [more]

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October 14, 2005

Bobby Schindler Presses Forward

Bobby Schindler says his memory is seared with images of his sister, Terri Schiavo, after courts approved removal of her feeding tube in a high-profile right-to-die/right-to-life battle he says wasn't always fairly portrayed in the media. "Fresh in my mind... [more]

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October 12, 2005

Radio Station Honors Schindlers

WCAR 1090 AM will present the 2005 Culture of Life Award to Bob and Mary Schindler, parents of Terri Schiavo, at the 7th Anniversary celebration of Michigan Catholic Radio on October 13 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center. The Schindlers... [more]

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September 29, 2005

Schindlers to be Honored

At its annual meeting on Monday, October 3, the Southwide Baptist Fellowship will honor Bob & Mary Schindler for their courageous stand defending the life of their daughter, Terri Schindler-Schiavo. The Southwide Baptist Fellowship is celebrating its 50th Anniversary at... [more]

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September 28, 2005

Terri Schiavo's family announces book plans

Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings are writing a book about the "end-of-life" case that divided the nation. The not-yet titled memoir by parents Bob and Mary Schindler, brother Bobby Schindler and sister Suzanne Vitadamo will be published in March... [more]

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September 24, 2005

Pro-Life Advocates Protest Conference With Terri Schiavo's Husband

LifeNews - Pro-life advocates are protesting a conference in Minnesota featuring Terri Schiavo's estranged husband and a renown euthanasia advocate who was one of his spokesmen. Both will address a euthanasia conference at the Hennepin County Medical Center titled, "33... [more]

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September 19, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Husband Will Co-Write Book About Killing Her

Michael Schiavo has decided to tell his side of the story, again. Instead of using the mainstream media he plans to publish a book written by author Michael Hirsh, a retired Los Angeles television producer who has authored three other... [more]

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September 14, 2005

'This was not murder, this was compassion.'

No, this WAS murder. DOCTORS working in hurricane-ravaged New Orleans killed critically ill patients rather than leave them to die in agony as they evacuated. With gangs of rapists and looters rampaging through wards in the flooded city, senior doctors... [more]

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September 12, 2005

Baby Susan Torres has Died

"After the efforts of this summer to bring her into the world, this is obviously a devastating loss. . . ." Justin Torres said in a statement. "It was our fondest wish that we could have been able to share... [more]

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August 25, 2005

The Terri Schiavo Case: Schiavo Tangled Web Extends to St. Petersburg College

Michael Schiavo was not awarded any college credit certificates and thus did not "graduate from EMT school" as he testified under oath.


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August 22, 2005

Bizarre Story Of Michael Schiavo Continues: Michael Schiavo Fabricated College Degree On Guardianship Application

If Michael Schiavo got himself appointed as Terri Schiavo's guardian by committing fraud in order to kill her, isn't that premeditated murder?


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Charlotte Wyatt Improves, Battle Continues

PORTSMOUTH, August 22, 2005 ( - Charlotte Wyatt, the child with serious lung damage whom doctors predicted would not live past her first weeks of life, is improving dramatically. However, Portsmouth Hospital Trustees went to court to make sure that... [more]

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August 17, 2005

Michael Schiavo Invited to Ethics Conference

Following his recent public appearance to receive the guardianship of the year award from the Florida State Guardianship Association (more here), Michael Schiavo is participating at an ethics conference. Earlier this year Schiavo won a 12-year legal battle and ended... [more]

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August 16, 2005

Euthanasia Activist Gives up Starvation Death Effort as Too Painful and "Undignified"

She says that she would not wish what she went through on her worst enemy...


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August 15, 2005

AZRTL Hosts Bobby Schindler

Last week Arizona Right to Life sponsored an evening with Bobby Schindler, brother of Terri Schiavo who is now working full-time for the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation. The Phoenix event drew hundreds people and included an introduction by Fr. Frank Pavone,... [more]

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August 8, 2005

Celebrating Guardians who Kill

In what only can be considered bizarre, the Florida State Guardianship Association honored Michael Schiavo as Guardian of the Year for being a hero in "mercifully" killing his wife in a method that would be illegal to apply to most... [more]

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August 7, 2005

Michael Schiavo - Guardian of the Year?

In another public miscarriage of justice, Michael Schiavo was called a "hero" last Friday by the Florida State Guardianship Association for ending his wife's life by withholding food and water [more]. The organization gave Schiavo its Guardian of the Year... [more]

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August 5, 2005

Maria Korp has Died

Maria Korp has died, ten days after her tube feedings were stopped. The MSM news report is here. (Free registration required.) This, of course, is right within the range of time that it is expected to take to die by... [more]

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August 3, 2005

Susan Torres Passed Away Today

Susan Torres, the woman who gave birth yesterday while in a coma, has passed away:A brain dead woman who was kept alive for three months so she could deliver the child she was carrying was removed from life support Wednesday... [more]

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Torres and Rollin Families Say 'Good-Bye' to Susan

The following is a statement from the Torres and Rollin families, read by Justin Torres at the news conference held today: As you know, at 8:18 a.m. on Tuesday, Susan Anne Catherine Torres was delivered by caesarean section at Virginia... [more]

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Susan Torres Gives Birth

The baby, Susan Anne Catherine Torres, weighs one pound 13 ounces and is 13 1/2 inches long, he said.


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August 2, 2005

Terri's Brother, Bobby Schindler, to Speak in Arizona

Arizona Right to Life invites you to join them for "Lessons from my Sister," an evening with Bobby Schindler, Terri's brother. This unique evening will take place Thursday, August 4th, at 6:30 PM. Bobby will share about his sister and... [more]

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August 1, 2005

Charlotte Paige Wyatt Update

Charlotte Paige Wyatt was born prematurely at St. Mary's hospital on the 21st of October 2003. She weighed 458 grams (about a pound) and was barely five inches long. Three times in her short life she had to be re-ventilated.... [more]

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June 29, 2005

New Look for - The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation Website

The Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation has posted a new homepage. While the site is not yet operational, the page gives the viewer a good idea of what the final site will look like. The Foundation's new stated goals are listed:The Terri... [more]

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Silent Witness : The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death

Silent Witness : The Untold Story of Terri Schiavo's Death by Mark Fuhrman was released yesterday. Fuhrman is a retired LAPD detective and author of various "New York Times" best sellers, including "Murder in Brentwood," a look into the O.J.... [more]

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Schiavo Autopsy Open for Criticism

Christian Medical & Dental Associations president Dr. David Stevens believes that Terri Schiavo's autopsy "drew conclusions from anatomic evidence of functional inabilities." Agape press reports the doctor's opinion that the medical examiner, in several cases, made conclusions that were beyond... [more]

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June 21, 2005

Bobby Schindler Responds to Schiavo Grave Inscription

The cremated remains of Terri Schiavo were buried yesterday at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater, Florida in the presence of her husband, Michael Schiavo, some of his brothers and a priest. Contrary to a court order, her immediate family... [more]

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Terri's Tombstone

Here is an image of Terri's tombstone that Tim wrote about in the previous entry. I just find it plain disgusting not to invite Terri's real family to the burial. It was one thing to inscribe "I kept my... [more]

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June 20, 2005

Terri's Ashes were Buried Today

The cremated remains of Terri Schiavo were buried today at Sylvan Abbey Memorial Park in Clearwater, Florida in the presence of her husband, Michael Schiavo, some of his brothers and a priest. more Updates: Terri's bronze grave marker includes the... [more]

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June 19, 2005

The closest thing to an update on Scott Thomas

Two recent rather different Internet items provide some updated information on the case of Scott Thomas, the 34-year-old Florida man injured under undetermined circumstances last fall and currently in his mother's care. Scott's mother obtained emergency guardianship after she learned... [more]

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June 18, 2005

Gov. Jeb Bush Writes Letter to the Editor on Schiavo Case

In a letter to the New York Times, Flordia Governor Jeb Bush calls the nation to remember that life is fragile and must be valued. Despite criticism, he pledge to "continue to strive to protect our most vulnerable citizens. All... [more]

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June 17, 2005

Gov. Bush calls for Schiavo probe

Gov. Jeb Bush, who unsuccessfully tried to keep Terri Schiavo alive, now says that an investigation is needed into what happened the night in 1990 that she collapsed and her heart stopped beating. - Miami Herald The first piece of... [more]

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June 14, 2005

Schiavo autopsy results to be released tomorrow

The Pinellas County medical examiner's office in Florida plans to release its autopsy report tomorrow on Terri Schiavo - findings her family hopes will shed light on the cause of the collapse that left her severely brain-damaged 15 years ago.... [more]

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June 5, 2005

Scott Thomas: Guardianship Hearing Postponed

Scott Thomas, is the 34 year old Jacksonville, Florida man who sustained brain damage in his home under suspicious circumstances in September of 2004 and has been the subject of a guardianship battle between his mother and estranged wife. In... [more]

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June 4, 2005

Court OKs forced feeding

Several people emailed the following article from WorldNetDaily to me. Once commented, "I have no problem with the courts taking steps to protect the lives and well-being of inmates. I just have a problem with them treating disabled and aging... [more]

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May 17, 2005

Ecumenical Euthanasia: Galluping to Death

"Reporting a number that will surprise some," Editor & Publisher informs us, "the Gallup Organizations today said its latest poll found that 75% of Americans support euthanasia--allowing a doctor to take the life of a patient who is suffering from... [more]

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Leslie Burke's Story

Leslie Burke was born in Lancaster, the oldest in a family of five. He was pretty normal when he was growing up--but had the hardest time balancing. This was the only indication that things were not quite right. In 1983... [more]

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Charlotte Wyatt: In the eyes of her parents

Darren Wyatt (Charlotte's Dad) has written up a very interesting account of Charlotte Wyatt--from her parent's perspective. Below I have posted a couple paragraphs from it, you can read the whole thing at all happened on the 18th of... [more]

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May 16, 2005

Mae Magouirk Passes on: a natural death due to stroke

Ken Mullinax passes on the news of his aunts natural death:Mae Magouirk died this morning at the Bryan Nursing Home in LaGrange Ga. of a stroke. Her vital signs had been causing concern since last Wednesday and by Sunday, an... [more]

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May 14, 2005

Today may be D-day for Maria Korp

It's been three months since her injury due to attempted murder, and according to this news article she may have her diagnosis changed from Persistent Vegetative State to Permanent Vegetative State as early as May 13th ...


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Scott Thomas: cognizant and communicative, but does it matter?

Scott Thomas is apparently aware, responsive and able to communicate. Reminiscent of several similar cases, Scott received his injury last November while alone at home with the person who now wants him to die.


Posted by richard at 9:43 PM | Comments (14)

May 7, 2005

Where's Terri?

MIAMI - The family of a severely brain-damaged woman who died after her feeding tube was removed in March said Friday they still have not been told where her remains will be laid to rest. Terri Schiavo's parents and siblings,... [more]

Posted by Ian at 11:28 PM | Comments (39)

May 3, 2005

Miracles Can Happen

A firefighter that has been in a state of 'severe brain damage' for nearly ten years, came out of it suddenly a few days ago. Donald Herbert, the firefighter was in the state due to three minutes without oxygen. SOURCE... [more]

Posted by Ian at 10:38 PM | Comments (2)

S.A. hospital won't cut off man's life support

Good news for the family of Spiro Nikolouzos:An agreement was reached Friday that ended a standoff between the family of an East Texas man and a local hospital that planned to remove him from life support. Spiro Nikolouzos, critically ill... [more]

Posted by tim at 12:14 AM | Comments (1)

April 30, 2005

Another Texas Hospital Plans To Stop Treating Critically Ill Baby

The mother of a critically ill baby is trying to figure out where to take her child after being told by doctors at Memorial Hermann Hospital that they would stop treating her in 10 days.


Posted by richard at 4:56 PM | Comments (27)

April 27, 2005

'Living Wills' Dangerous to Health and Soul, Catholics Warn

Mrs. O'Dea's living will didn't just authorize the withdrawal of those treatments if she was dying; it also would have applied if she was permanently unconscious or, as the document stated, conscious but had "irreversible brain damage and will never regain the ability to make decisions and express my wishes."


Posted by richard at 10:33 AM | Comments (15)

April 26, 2005

The Latest on Teron Francis

In the hearing concerning Teron Francis, Judge Douglas McKeon ruled that it is up to the family to decide if and when to remove him from the ventilator. The Montefiore medical directors are standing by the diagnosis that Francis is... [more]

Posted by powersthatblog at 8:43 AM | Comments (38)

April 25, 2005

Important Email Message Concerning Charlotte Wyatt

"Darren & Debbie are asking if it would be at all possible to bring in a pro-life doctor from elsewhere, with some knowledge in this field, to do an independent assessment on Charlotte.


Posted by richard at 10:22 PM | Comments (10)

Louisville Rally Calls for End to Democrat-Led 'Pattern of Discrimination'

I'd amend the call to action made during the rally somewhat, and target the call to the Democratic leadership and any Republicans that are soft supporting life issues, period


Posted by richard at 5:44 PM | Comments (3)

From Blogs for Terri to Blogs for Life

As published by Spero News: by Earl E.Appleby, Jr. Earl E. Appleby writes on how an Internet alliance forged in the unsuccessful fight to save the life of Terri Schindler Schiavo is saving others today. A global search of the... [more]

Posted by earl at 3:03 AM | Comments (4)

April 24, 2005

Clara Martinez: Saved From Death or Stay of Execution?

From the pages of Life Matters! . . ."Let It Be as God Wishes," proclaims the headline in La Raza, whose crusading editor, Jorge Mederos, continues:That was how Salvador Martínez reacted to the forces unleashed by La Raza, which in... [more]

Posted by earl at 10:08 PM | Comments (3)

April 23, 2005

Judge Stays Montefiore's Termination of Taran

New York City's ABC affiliate, Channel 7, is reporting overnight developments in the case of Taran Francis, who would have been dead by now—that is, truly dead—had Montefiore's plans to deny the 13-year-old boy the ventilatory assistance he needs to... [more]

Posted by earl at 7:36 PM | Comments (5)

Behind the News: Why the Rush to Murder Taran Francis?

The attack on young Taran Francis reported below—what the ABC New correctly dubbed "Terri in the Bronx"—-came to CURE's attention last night, and I have been endeavoring to contact the family's attorney, Robert Genis, to offer CURE's assistance and support... [more]

Posted by earl at 8:22 AM | Comments (8)

The Latest on Clara Martinez

From La Raza - "Let It Be as God Wishes" (HT: Sherri) That was how Salvador Martínez reacted to the forces unleashed by La Raza, which in 24 hours had obligated him to change his decision to suspend feeding for... [more]

Posted by tim at 12:58 AM | Comments (3)

Bronx Family Heads To Court To Keep Son On Life-Support

Several people have sent me the following story that has been changing by the hour. Here is the latest:Newsday: An emergency hearing was held at a Bronx hospital Friday night after the family of a brain-dead boy alleged that the... [more]

Posted by tim at 12:02 AM | Comments (6)

April 21, 2005

Dangers of "Living Will" and "Brain Death" Exposed on Florida Talk Show

From the pages of Life Matters! . . . Appearing last night on the David Allen Show, which airs on AM 1320 in Jacksonville, FL, and across the world via the Internet, Dr. Paul Byrne described the dangers of the... [more]

Posted by earl at 11:48 PM | Comments (3)

House Committee Holds Hearing on Terri Schiavo, Protecting Disabled

A House committee held a hearing on the debate surrounding the death of Terri Schiavo, the disabled woman who was starved during a painful thirteen day long process.


Posted by richard at 3:53 PM | Comments (5)

April 18, 2005

CMA Doctor: CA Assisted Suicide Bill Simply Advances State Secrecy

This CMA press release does not address the ethical bankruptcy of assisted suicide but does point out the danger of California's bill from the perspective of government power. According to the CMA, although the legislation is touted as a benefit... [more]

Posted by tim at 12:21 PM | Comments (18)

April 17, 2005

Feeding Resumed for Mexican Woman in Vegetative State

By the intervention of the State of Illinois government, feeding was resumed for Clara Martinez, a Mexican woman in a vegetative state. She had been 30 days without food per her husband's decision.

Some forty people were brought together by the Hispanic Evangelical Church for a vigil of prayers and hymns. They were greeted with the news that she was once again receiving nutrition.

"Thanks be to God, our sister is being cared for," said Bolivian Pastor Guillermo Espinoza


Posted by tim at 6:34 PM | Comments (16)


I have just received confirmation from Jorge Medores, editor of a Chicago Newspaper called "La Raza", that Clara Martinez has had her feeding tube re-connected and is receiving nourishment.


Posted by tim at 3:50 PM | Comments (4)

Felos' Road Show For Death

Is Michael Schiavo next to join a road show for getting rid of unwanted spouses, spouses that are too disabled or handicapped to speak for themselves?


Posted by richard at 8:22 AM | Comments (28)

Clara Martinez Case Continues to Unfold - Action Requested

Sherri has published an email related to Clara Martinez, who has been denied foor for close to 30 days. The writer states,I called the police out to the house. The police called and said that they aren't answering the door......... [more]

Posted by tim at 5:26 AM | Comments (1)

Update: Mae Magouirk is Recovering

Ken Mullinaux has emailed us an update on the condition of his aunt, Mae Magourik, who is recovering after being rescued from a hospice on April 9. He writes,We are hoping to start Mae on some real food either Sunday... [more]

Posted by tim at 2:09 AM | Comments (2)

April 16, 2005

"The Telegraph" covers Magouirk

Although the case seems to be completely solved, it is heartening to see that finally a major newspaper--The Telegraph (in the UK) has taken up the story. Not only did they write about it, but they seem to have gotten... [more]

Posted by joshua at 10:09 PM | Comments (2)

April 15, 2005

Peter Johnson on Malkin & Colmes

Peter Johnson [Fox News Legal Analyst] explains the complaints of abuse of Terri Schiavo. Investigations of "illegal injections", bruises and other bodily marks were conducted. Watch the video to find out all the details. Cross Posted @ The Political Teen... [more]

Posted by Ian at 11:06 PM | Comments (13)

Another Terri Schiavo-Like Case - This One's in Chicago

Several people have emailed me the following story about Clara Martinez, a Chicago woman who is reportedly being starved to death. Martinez suffered a debilitating stroke a year ago and her husband signed a "Do Not Resuscitate" order that led... [more]

Posted by tim at 5:03 PM | Comments (45)

A Happy Ending?

Sarah Foster from WND gives an update on the Magouirk case: It appears there will be a happy ending to the story of Ora Mae Magouirk, the 81-year-old Georgia widow whose family has been at loggerheads over her medical care,... [more]

Posted by tim at 1:15 AM | Comments (4)

April 14, 2005

Lethal Injection - Dignified or Cruel?

AMomandHerBlog links to the following article about legislation aimed at legalizing active euthanasia:The Death with Dignity Act would allow Vermonters with six months to live to take a lethal dose of prescribed medications. There must be two physicians who sign... [more]

Posted by tim at 8:48 PM | Comments (5)

Updated - Terri Schiavo Attorney Calls on Georgia Court

Late this evening I spoke with Ken Mullinax regarding the Gibbs Lawfirm's press release which we posted in full earlier in the day. We had contacted him after we, along with several readers, noted a few discrepancies in what had... [more]

Posted by tim at 4:45 PM | Comments (40)

Judge Boyd has Disentangled himself from the Magouirk Case

I have learned from a reliable source who is close to this case that Judge Boyd will be recusing himself from Miss Mae's case. According to my source, the case will most likely be moved to the state level. Due... [more]

Posted by joshua at 2:19 PM | Comments (2)

Ken Mullinax on his mother's visit with Mae

UAB Medical Center spoke with Beth Gaddy and they arranged a humanitarian visit for Ken's Mom and her brother Buddy each day at 5:30 PM CST with no stipulations.


Posted by richard at 11:06 AM | Comments (18)

April 13, 2005

Ken Mullinax on Hannity & Colmes

Aunt Mae's nephew appeared on Hannity and Colmes to discuss how the granddaughter was given control of Mae's fate and what is going on now. NOTE: My apologies - there are two parts of "6 second" skips in the... [more]

Posted by Ian at 8:41 PM | Comments (3)

The Life-and-Death Struggle over Mae Magouirk

Source: WorldNetDaily In an intense life-and-death tug-of-war reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo case, the fate of Ora Mae Magouirk is still raging, despite the transfer Saturday of the 81-year-old widow to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center in Birmingham for... [more]

Posted by tim at 2:43 AM | Comments (17)

April 12, 2005

Email Message From Ken Mullinax on current situation: Late Night Update

Since we have signed over to Beth's side of the family - all financial rights regarding Mae, we feel that having no conflicts of interest of any kind in the matter, we should be included in Mae's medical care consultations, as family.


Posted by richard at 9:27 PM | Comments (23)

Magouirk family to ask for visitation rights

I just got this email from Ken Mullinax. As it seems like Boyd is interested in helping, I believe that visitation rights will be granted without much hassle -- but we have to wait and see. He also writes that... [more]

Posted by joshua at 8:21 PM | Comments (9)

Schiavo's 'Dr. Humane Death' Got 1980 Diagnosis Wrong

It turns out that the Doctor that Judge George Greer depended on as the expert to diagnose Terri Schiavo as being in a persistent vegetative state and who was 105% sure about his diagnosis - had been wrong before.


Posted by richard at 2:31 PM | Comments (5)

David Gibbs Law Firm To Advise McLeod-Mullinax Family: Alabama Advocacy Center Joins Fray

David Gibbs, Terri's lead attorney has agreed to allow Ken Mullinax to publicly state that "David Gibbs is now advising the McLeod-Mullinax family in regards to Mae Magouirk." They will be doing a teleconference with him tomorrow.


Posted by richard at 2:22 PM | Comments (16)

April 11, 2005

BlogsForTerri Exclusive: Judge Donald Boyd's Complete Response VERSION 2


Posted by richard at 7:48 PM | Comments (1)

Judge Boyd weighs in on the Mae Magouirk case

I just got a telephone call from Judge Boyd. He was very nice, and cleared up a lot of questions I had about the case. The basic overview of what he told me was that the whole family was in... [more]

Posted by joshua at 5:13 PM | Comments (49)

Magouirk's Family Denied Access

Ken Mullinax sent the following email today:MY Aunt Mae is now being nourished and hydrated at UAB medical Center. HOWEVER, BETH GADDY HAS ISSUED AN ORDER TO THE MEDICAL STAFF AT THE CCU-UNIT of UAB WHICH PREVENTS MAE'S BROTHER (A.... [more]

Posted by tim at 1:20 PM | Comments (24)

Public Service Announcement: Disabled Baby in Need of Adoption - URGENT! (UPDATED)

Nick Silverio of Safe Haven for Newborns in Florida has asked that we spread the word of a disabled newborn in need of adoption.


Posted by richard at 8:03 AM | Comments (4)

April 10, 2005

Mae Magouirk Update - The Contrarian Edition Version 2

In a separate telephone conversation with Judge Boyd only minutes ago, BlogsForTerri has offered to post a letter from Beth Gaddy explaining her side of the story. This offer is being conveyed through Judge Boyd.


Posted by richard at 12:12 PM | Comments (6)

Wizbang: Mae Magouirk Update - The Contrarian Edition (UPDATED 4/19 - 08:15 ET)

So the granddaughter seems content to let the woman starve to death, dehydrate, or expire from lack of medical attention, or all three. As for the hospice stating that all is well in their facility, I would probably believe that Bill Clinton didn't have sex with that woman, before I'd believe anything a hospice has to say


Posted by richard at 6:11 AM | Comments (4)

April 9, 2005

World Net Daily: 'Grandma' airlifted to medical center (updated)

Mae Magouirk, the 81-year-old Georgia widow over whose medical care a family tug-of-war reminiscent of the Terri Schiavo case has been raging, has been transported from the hospice in LaGrange, Ga., to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center,


Posted by richard at 10:02 PM | Comments (2)

Bloggers March as Mae Flees Hospice Death Camp

From the pages of Life Matters! . . . As recently reported by my Blogs for Terri fellow author Richard here and elsewhere (and repeated with your kind indulgence to put the commentary that follows in context): Just received telephone... [more]

Posted by earl at 9:58 PM | Comments (3)

Cait's Oz Blogs: "Magouirk Judge Is Pro-Life"

Katrina spoke by phone to Judge Boyd today at his home in La Grange, Georgia, and he was anxious to make his pro-life views known particularly after the death of Terri Schiavo which he says he found very disturbing.


Posted by richard at 9:43 PM

Bishop of Diocese of St. Petersburg Transfers Terri's Pastor Day After Her Mass

The day after the funeral Mass for Terri Schiavo, which garnered national attention for its touching moments and heavy attendance, Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Florida, informed the church's pastor, Fr. William Swengross


Posted by richard at 4:57 PM | Comments (2)

BREAKING NEWS: Mae is out of the hospice (Update)

Just received telephone call (3:00 PM ET) from Ken Mullinax, nephew of Mae. Terri saves another life! Followed by this email: THANKS TO THE SUPPORT OF ALL OF THE FRIENDS OF TERRI, MY AUNT MAE MAGOUIRK HAS BEEN AIR LIFTED... [more]

Posted by richard at 2:01 PM | Comments (10)

"Terri Saved My Brother's Life"

From the pages of Life Matters! . . . As we honor Terri's legacy by fighting for Mae Margourik, it is encouraging to note one life already spared. -Editor by Callie S. Baillie My brother went into acute respiratory failure... [more]

Posted by earl at 12:37 AM

Schiavo neurologist views Alzheimer patients as physician-assisted "suicides"

Years before he categorized Terri Schindler Schiavo in the persistent vegetative state, which led to her death by dehydration, neurologist Dr. Ronald Cranford was building the case for removing feeding tubes from society's vulnerable.


Posted by richard at 12:33 AM | Comments (6)

April 8, 2005

More on Mae Mae Magouirk : Here we go again.......

Here we go again, another day, another life, another murder at the hands of the (in)justice system. Yet another case of murder by judicial fiat at yet another hospice - the hospice industry's agenda of euthanasia marches on and on!


Posted by richard at 8:10 AM | Comments (3)

April 7, 2005

World Net Daily on Mae: "Granddaughter yanks grandma's feeding tube"

WorldNetDaily - In a situation recalling the recent death of Terri Schiavo in Florida, an 81-year-old widow, denied nourishment and fluids for nearly two weeks, is clinging to life in a hospice in LaGrange, Ga., while her immediate family fights desperately to save her life before she dies of starvation and dehydration.


Posted by richard at 8:26 PM | Comments (3)

Terri Memo

On CNN's Crossfire today, the "Terri Memo" is elaborated for those who don't know what the full details are. It really isn't a Republican memo, but a staffer memo. Cross Posted @ The Political Teen VIDEO IN EXTENDED ENTRY... [more]

Posted by Ian at 4:04 PM | Comments (1)

According To Zogby Poll - Americans Appear To Have Been Misled About Terri Schiavo's Condition (Updated)

a new Zogby Poll that accurately depicts Terri Schiavo's medical condition sharply contradicts findings from earlier polls.


Posted by richard at 7:36 AM | Comments (9)

April 6, 2005

Minus the mourned, family and friends remember Terri Schiavo

There were few dry eyes in the house Tuesday night at the Most Holy Name of Jesus church in Gulfport, where at least 1,000 people packed themselves in, and in some cases stood outside, to remember Terri.


Posted by richard at 10:03 PM | Comments (7)

Brother Paul O'Donnell on Hannity & Colmes (VIDEO)

Brother Paul O'Donnell appears on Hannity & Colmes tonight to speak about the current state of the family. VIDEO IN EXTENDED ENTRY... [more]

Posted by Ian at 9:43 PM | Comments (1)

Father Frank Pavone On O'Reilly (VIDEO)

Pictured: Family Priest, Father Frank Pavone O'Reilly Topics range from Terri's Memorial last night, the state of the family, Michael Schiavo, and what would the priest do in the situation. Cross Posted @ The Political Teen VIDEO IN EXTENDED... [more]

Posted by Ian at 8:18 PM | Comments (2)

Most lawmakers want to put Schiavo case behind them

While a few lawmakers sought to punish the federal judges who rebuffed their hastily passed law aimed at getting Schiavo's feeding tube reinserted, most tried to put some distance between their action in March and what's on their plate this month.


Posted by richard at 4:40 PM | Comments (24)

April 5, 2005

Terri is not the only one targeted for starvation

Years before he categorized Terri Schindler Schiavo in the persistent vegetative state, which led to her death by dehydration, neurologist Dr. Ronald Cranford was building the case for removing feeding tubes from society's vulnerable. "...The United States has thousands or... [more]

Posted by tim at 8:07 AM | Comments (8)

April 4, 2005

Black Caucus Split on Schiavo Case

The Congressional Black Caucus, made up of liberal Democrats, usually can be counted on to oppose pro-life measures. But in the case of Terri Schiavo, it was a caucus divided. Of the 23 caucus members who voted on a bill... [more]

Posted by tim at 8:49 PM | Comments (5)

TBO: "Lawmakers Refocus As Pall Lifts"

I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to Speaker Bense for distracting him from business that is far more 'important' than the killing of an innocent life by judicial fiat(sic).


Posted by richard at 11:17 AM | Comments (61)

The Legacy of Terri Schiavo

a core set of minimum standards to proceed from methodically and with careful consideration, with the objective of helping those of us from all over the political and theological map that value life - to come together to turn back the culture of death.


Posted by richard at 9:30 AM | Comments (6)

April 3, 2005

Zogby Poll: Americans Not in Favor of Starving Terri Schiavo

A whopping 79 percent said the patient should not have food and water taken away while just 9 percent said yes.


Posted by richard at 8:56 PM | Comments (3)

Terri Schiavo Cremated, Schindlers Denied Autopsy Reviewer

The remains of Terri Schiavo's body were cremated on Saturday, according to an attorney for her estranged husband Michael.


Posted by richard at 5:34 PM | Comments (8)

April 2, 2005

Mel Gibson: Florida Bishop Lynch Deserted Terri

Not only was Lynch silent while Terri Schiavo was forcibly starved to death - he issued a statement directly at odds with Church teaching that food and water is basic sustenance and can not be withheld by private choice.


Posted by richard at 10:10 PM | Comments (6)

Rest in Peace

LauraB notes that Terri has already been cremated:- Terri Schiavo's body was cremated Saturday as disagreements continued between her husband and her parents, who were unable to have their own independent expert observe her autopsy.... [more]

Posted by tim at 5:15 PM | Comments (14)

Pope John Paul II Has Died - Updated

AP - Pope John Paul II, the Polish pontiff who led the Roman Catholic Church for more than a quarter century and became history's most-traveled pope, has died at 84, the Vatican announced in an e-mail Saturday. Years ago Pope... [more]

Posted by tim at 3:34 PM | Comments (8)

Books, Movies and Money

According to WorldNetDaily:CBS is rushing a Terri Schiavo TV movie into production so that it can air the biopic during the May ratings sweeps. There is no word on whether the network has secured the cooperation of either the Schindler... [more]

Posted by tim at 7:51 AM | Comments (41)

April 1, 2005

Media Denied Access to Schiavo DCF Records

Summaries of state Department of Children & Families investigations into the treatment Terri Schiavo cannot be released to the media, a judge ruled Friday.


Posted by richard at 2:55 PM | Comments (42)

Vatican City: Pope suffers heart attack

Pope John Paul II suffered a heart attack and his condition is "very serious", Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls said today.


Posted by richard at 1:32 AM | Comments (9)

March 31, 2005

Terri Schiavo Relatives Feud Over Burial

After an autopsy, Michael Schiavo plans to have his wife's body cremated and her ashes brought to Pennsylvania, where she grew up. Scott Schiavo said the ashes would be buried in a plot left by an aunt and uncle, but the family does not plan on providing the specficic location for the burial - underscoring the bitterness of the dispute.


Posted by richard at 7:20 PM | Comments (86)

Vatican source: Pope given last rites

Pope John Paul II was given the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church late Thursday night as his health deteriorated,


Posted by richard at 6:13 PM | Comments (4)

Video: Family Lawyer and Priest speaks out about Terri's death

This is not just a death, it is a killing - Father Frank Pavone, Priests For Life.


Posted by richard at 11:29 AM | Comments (49)

Donna M. Matincheck's guardian withdraws a petition to end life-sustaining treatment. The brain-damaged woman's mother had opposed the petition.

A petition to remove the feeding tube of a severely brain damaged Berks County woman has been withdrawn, ending a legal battle over the woman's fate, those close to the case said Wednesday.


Posted by richard at 11:05 AM | Comments (4)

Terri Schiavo Dead at 41

Terri Schiavo died around 9:50 Thursday morning - shortly after her parents issued an emotional plea to be at her hospice bedside in her final moments of life.


Posted by richard at 10:36 AM | Comments (21)

Terri Schiavo has just died (Updated)

Terri Schindler Schiavo has just died - message from family. cross posted at Hyscience Update: Michael Schiavo threw the Schindlers out of Terri's room - trusted source. (I can't post the rest of the message, and am biting my tongue... [more]

Posted by richard at 10:01 AM | Comments (50)

From the Greta Van Susteran Show: Image and audio of Terri with her father

WE through our courts are killing this innocent woman - she is clearly trying to communicate with her dad - you can even tell the difference between her yes and no.


Posted by richard at 9:27 AM | Comments (5)

March 30, 2005

Jackson Admits Failure in Florida Schiavo Effort

The Rev. Jesse Jackson admitted Wednesday afternoon that his efforts to persuade the Florida state Senate to vote on a new bill to save Terri Schiavo have failed.


Posted by tim at 4:04 PM | Comments (163)

Terri Schivo's Life: 11th District Denies Hearing

- via email The 11th District Court of Appeals has just announced that they will not consider the Schindler's request for a new hearing. More to come ... cross posted at Hyscience... [more]

Posted by richard at 3:41 PM | Comments (20)

March 29, 2005

Jackson: More Senators Back Bid to Save Terri - We May Have Enough Votes!

Rev. Jesse Jackson said Tuesday afternoon that he has persuaded two Florida state senators to change their votes on a bill to save Terri Schiavo


Posted by richard at 5:48 PM | Comments (28)

Terri Schiavo: Culture of Death Wins in 21st Century's Scopes Trial

Terri Schiavo is dying. She is being killed. The culture of life lost this round to the gods of the cult of death entrenched in our courts, media, and other institutions.


Posted by richard at 4:31 PM | Comments (17)

Jackson Prays With Terri Schiavo's Parents (Updated with Senator Call List)

I feel so passionate about this injustice being done, how unnecessary it is to deny her a feeding tube, water, not even ice to be used for her parched lips


Posted by richard at 2:59 PM | Comments (20)

The Killing Of Terri Schiavo: "The longest public execution in American history" (Updated)

The Killing of Terri Schiavo, the longest public execution in American history.


Posted by richard at 1:34 PM | Comments (29)

CBS Releases Schiavo Obituary

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has posted an obituary of Terri Schiavo that was accidentally released by CBS. This story originally appeared on the CBS News website on Monday, March 28th at the following URL. You can find a... [more]

Posted by tim at 11:35 AM | Comments (12)

March 28, 2005

Felos Suggests that Michael Schiavo Wants an Autopsy

Felos [Michael's lawyer] also said the chief medical examiner for Pinellas County, Dr. John Thogmartin, had agreed to perform an autopsy on Schiavo. He said that her husband wants proof of the extent of her brain damage. - MSNBC According... [more]

Posted by tim at 7:26 PM | Comments (81) | TrackBack (5)

Terri's Dad Keeps Fighting

THE father of Terri Schiavo today made an emotional appeal for US authorities to reconnect a feeding tube to his severely brain-damaged daughter and said he feared doctors might try to hasten her death. "I have a grave concern that... [more]

Posted by tim at 3:10 PM | Comments (37)

More on Terri's reaction to visit by her friends



Posted by richard at 11:13 AM | Comments (41)

Terri Schiavo's Reaction to Friend's Visit Yesterday

Miami Herald - Terri Schiavo had an 'extraordinary' reaction to a friend's Sunday night visit, her parents' spokesman claimed Monday morning.... [more]

Posted by tim at 10:59 AM | Comments (9)

March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo Allowed to Receive Communion

Terri Schiavo's parents appeared quietly resigned Sunday to watching her die but could claim one Easter victory: The severely brain-damaged woman received a drop of communion wine on her tongue


Posted by richard at 9:58 PM | Comments (22)

March 26, 2005

Greer Rejects Petition (again)

Circuit Judge George Greer, the state judge who has presided over the seven-year legal dispute between Schiavo's husband and guardian, Michael, and her parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, rejected a petition that alleged Terri had tried to say that she... [more]

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Roses of Protest on Easter

On Easter Sunday, starting at 3 PM, supporters of Terri Schiavo will leave roses in front of Michael Schiavo's home. Starting at 3 PM, individuals will each leave a rose for in honor of Terri. "We are leaving these roses... [more]

Posted by tim at 5:20 PM | Comments (3)

People with Disabilities Speak for Terri

Schiavo Case: Disability Rights Issue! Let People With "WE LOVE OUR TUBES!" Disabled Activists are Demonstrating in Florida. Disability activists are returning to Florida to tell the simple truths about tubes, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, peeing tubes and other tubes... [more]

Posted by tim at 4:16 PM | TrackBack (1)

Terri Schiavo Has Not Given Up, Neither Are We, says Attorneys and Family

An All-Writs Petition to the Florida Supreme Court will be filed by David Gibbs on behalf of Bob and Mary Schindler this afternoon. This is an appeal of today's decision by Judge Greer. Source: Schindler press release... [more]

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Report: Jeb Bush Tried to Intervene

The Sydney Daily Herald and Miami Herald are reporting that Gov. Jeb Bush tried to seize Terri Schiavo but abandoned the effort when it became clear that local law enforcement officers would resist his efforts. The article states (registration required):... [more]

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Michael Schiavo Plans to Cremate Terri

Michael Schiavo has taken steps that will prevent investigators from examining Terri Schiavo's body for evidence of abuse after she dies - a suspicion her family has repeatedly raised as her death grows more imminent. Schiavo's attorney George Felos told... [more]

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March 25, 2005

Down to Her Last Hours

``Terri is weakening. She's down to her last hours. Something has to be done and has to be done quick,'' said Bob Schindler, who visited his daughter Friday morning. The Schindlers took their case back to the 11th U.S. Circuit... [more]

Posted by tim at 5:03 PM | TrackBack (2)

On Our Black Robed Masters And The "Evolving Standards of Decency"

I must admit to falling short in understanding why the very same "evolving standards of decency" applied to saving the life of a killer, doesn't in turn allow Terri Schiavo to be kept alive until the case was argued in federal court.


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Terri Schiavo has begun to die

her skin is flaking, her tongue is drying out. This, according to those who saw her yesterday in a Pinellas Park hospice where she lies bedridden


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Terri's Health Wanes

Associated Press - As Terri Schiavo's health waned, her parents pushed on to restore the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube after the nation's highest court and judges in Florida defeated their latest legal appeals.... [more]

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Gov. Jeb Bush - Not Possible?

Those hoping Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will step forward to save Terri Schiavo from imminent, court-ordered starvation death are likely to be disappointed, based on his comments to a group of reporters following county court Judge George Greer's ruling against... [more]

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March 24, 2005

Quick updates

Florida State Supreme Court denies Schindlers' appeal (via Fox News TV). AP: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday refused to overturn a judge's order blocking the state from taking temporary custody of Terri Schiavo, another setback... [more]

Posted by beth at 9:44 PM


Schiavo parents back in federal court (CNN) -- Hours after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected pleas to intervene in the case of Terri Schiavo on Thursday, her parents again asked a federal judge in Florida to order the brain-damaged woman's... [more]

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The Right to Life: Protecting One Woman

Although much of the media have portrayed Terri Schiavo's plight as a right-to-die, as has also been the characterization by the euthanasia community, I believe that on the contrary, it is all about the right to live and to always... [more]

Posted by richard at 3:32 PM

Greer denies DCF petition

I just learned from listening to Rush Limbaugh that Greer has denied the DCF petition. That's a stunner! Come on, Governor Bush. It's up to you!... [more]

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FREE BARRABAS: Texas high court blocks scheduled Wednesday execution

Texas' highest appeals court stopped the scheduled execution Wednesday of a man about five hours before he could have been put to death in the 1989 slaying of a restaurant manager.


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Bush Faces Showdown at Pinellas Park

Source: The Empire Journal A constitutional showdown looms in Florida today at high noon [more]... [more]

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The whole Terri Schiavo story

The little-publicized nuances of her 15-year saga often get lost amid the smoldering, post-election political warfare reignited by the intervention of Congress on behalf of Terri.


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Judge Greer's Latest Abuse of Justice

This article is interesting reading, to say the least.... [more]

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Scarborough Country's Passionate Plea For Terri

"We see a beautiful young woman made in the image of God. A God who will not bless this or any country that kills it's weakest or most vulnerable citizens. May God forgive us all."


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Video: Randall Terry "Judge Greer is Corrupt"

Joe Scarborough's interview with him in which he has a lot to say about Judge George "kill Terri at all costs" Greer.


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March 23, 2005

Fl Senate Update: Gov. Bush Poised To Act

Gov Bush has agreed that if Senate can come to an agreement in her favor....that he will go in by force and take her and give her food and water.


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Demonstrators beginning civil disobedience

Already one being arrested right now for "trespassing," trying to take water to the Hospice. A group of demonstrators are gathered to try to do this as a group... Fox News has live coverage!... [more]

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UPDATE from Press Conference

Here's the latest update from the press conference (Still underway? Expect further details later): * Pleaded with Justice Kennedy and the US Supreme Court to "not rush to judgement," hoping for a stay so the case can be fully investigated.... [more]

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BlogsforTerri in Today's News

Financial TimesOne site,, offered directions to a candlelight vigil this evening in Dallas and called on supporters to protest at the office of a Florida prosecutor, hoping he will charge a state judge with "aiding and abetting" Ms Schiavo's... [more]

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THE COURT HAS RULED AGAINST REINSERTING THE FEEDING TUBE. Reported on a Fox News Alert. Details: ATLANTA (AP) -- A federal appeals court refused early Wednesday to order the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, denying an emergency request by... [more]

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March 22, 2005

Michael Schiavo of Tom Delay: "He's a slithering snake"

I was surprised to read in WorldNetDaily that Tom Delay is not Michael Schiavo's favorite person. Can't imagine why.


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Starving Cows seems to be a crime...

Hat tip: Amsiriano Amsiriano comments: It's World Hypocrisy Day! March 22, 2005 06:59 A rancher in Florida has been arrested for starving a bunch of cows. But, hey, let's give this guy a break! After all, maybe he took his... [more]

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Vatican paper criticizes ruling in brain-damaged woman's case

In its editorial, L'Osservatore Romano said Whittemore had condemned Schiavo to an "atrocious death: death from hunger and thirst."


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Coalition Calls Upon Bush to Save Schiavo's Life by Using Police Powers; Press Conferences in Washington, Tallahassee March 23

There are two people in the United States who can save Terri Schiavo's life right now. The president of the United States and the governor of Florida


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Witness Protection Program

According to The Empire Journal, Terri qualifies for the Witness Protection program. It is possible she may be placed in this program under the Witness Security Program Act of 1984. Read the Empire Journal's story for more details. UPDATE: AG... [more]

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Hospice Nurse Fired

I just found out a nurse at the Hospice who was caring for Terri got fired for protesting what is being done to her. More here. Hannity also mentioned this a few minutes ago. UPDATE: I'm listening to the Sean... [more]

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Candlelight Vigil For Terri In Dallas

We've been asked to announce another Candlelight Vigil Service for Terri in Dallas:


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Regarding This Morning's Terri Schiavo Ruling

The state of Florida, through its judiciary, has ordered the termination of Terri Schiavo's life. This is an interest clearly protected by the due process clause of the 14th Amendment.


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New Democratic Party Leader's Moral Relativism

With their moral relativism firmly in hand, members of the New Democrat Party are railing at the idea of Terri Schiavo being allowed to live.


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what puzzles me is what US District Judge James Whittemore said to the press moments ago: "I will not tell you when, how or how long it will take.


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FOX NEWS: Judge Declines to Order Reinsertion of Feeding Tube

Fox News: Judge Whittemore has declined to order reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, as requested by the Schindlers. No further information is available at this time. Update: U.S. District Judge James Whittemore said the 41-year-old woman's parents had not... [more]

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March 21, 2005

Hammesfahr: Terri could be fed orally if it were allowed

In an article today in BP News, "The important thing for people to understand is that she can eat and swallow right now,” said William Hammesfahr, a neurologist who has examined Schiavo. He is in many of the videos circulated... [more]

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Media Bias in Terri Schiavo Case at Extreme Levels in AP, Reuters Reports

on Terri Schiavo, the media has picked up on the story of her plight. However, some say the bias in the news reporting has reached extreme levels as media outlets attempt to shape public opinion...


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Fox News: Terri is PVS and has a liquified brain

Shep Smith (NY) just assured the public that Terri is PVS and has a
liquified brain.


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Judge Considers, the Public Waits

ABC News - A federal judge weighed the fate of a brain-damaged Florida woman on Monday, acting hours after the U.S. Congress and President Bush intervened to push the highly charged right-to-die case back into court. U.S. District Judge James... [more]

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Republicans Scheduled For The Terri Schiavo "Wall of Shame"

there were five House republicans who voted 'nay' on S.686 tonight. They will go to the head of the list when it is assembled later this afternoon.


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Court Hearing For Terri Schiavo Scheduled For 3:00 PM ET

There is a hearing scheduled in court today at 3:00 PM ET before Honorable Judge James D Whittemore in Tampa today for a restraining order


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Feeding Tube Not Reinserted Yet

Apparently, the bill President Bush signed into law early this morning allows for the Schindler family to file a motion with a federal court asking for Terri's feeding tube to be reinserted. The judge has yet to rule on the... [more]

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Attorney General Gonzalez Asked To Intervene

This is directly from the Empire Journal: A formal request has been made to the U.S. Attorney General to initiate an investigation into the alleged civil rights violations of Terri Schindler-Schiavo.... [more]

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Terri's feeding tube may be reinserted (Update)

Sherri had this to say early this morning: President Bush Signs the Bill! Bush has signed the bill. Terri will be taken to a local hospital for a 90 minute procedure to re-insert her feeding tube. This must be done... [more]

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Bush Signs Terri's Bill Into Law

President Bush signed emergency legislation sent to him by Congress early Monday to allow Terri Schiavo's parents ask a federal judge to prolong their daughter's life, capping days of emotional debate over who should decide life and death. "In cases... [more]

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Bill Passes: Schindlers Want Terri's Feeding Tube Reinserted

An attorney for Schiavo's parents filed a request for an emergency injunction with a federal appellate court to have her feeding tube reinserted once the bill is passed.


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Democrats of Death For Terri

Here are the Democrats for Death. All of them will be placed on the BlogsForTerri "Wall of Shame" when it is established tomorow.


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March 20, 2005

Futile Care: The Terri Schiavo Case

Terri's parents want her to live, and after viewing the videos and talking to people, so do I.


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On the matter of Judicial terrorism

The court-ordered starvation death of Terri Schindler-Schiavo has begun.


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Does Michael Know What Terri Wanted?

Michael Schiavo has publicly stated that his goal in withholding treatment from his wife and removing her feeding tube (leading to death-by-starvation) is in accord with her wishes. During his recent appearance on the Larry King Show he gave a... [more]

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Gibbs says Ready to Reinsert Feeding Tube

From Straight Up With Sherri, who is in Florida now. Attorney Gibbs came out and said that he filed the required briefs with the federal court and they will be poised and ready to reinsert the feeding tube right away... [more]

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Michael Schiavo: NO VISITORS PERIOD! (Updated)



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Nurse: Terri Can Eat Normally

Law testified that the only reason she didn't attempt to feed Ms. Schiavo more frequently was "because I was so afraid of being caught by Michael."


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BlogsForTerri being interviewed on BBC Radio this afternoon

Apparently there is as much or more interest in Europe regarding Terri's plight, as there is in the US. I was interviewed on the phone this morning by BBC Radio and will be interviewed live about 5 PM ET this afternoon.


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If Terri Schiavo Dies...

Before Terri Schiavo dies of starvation and thirst, there are two questions that must be answered.


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March 19, 2005

MSNBC's Caplan All Wrong on Schiavo

In the course of his brief article, Arthur Caplan has demonstrated that he is unfamiliar with important facts of the case, unfamiliar with the moral authority of marital relations and the ways such authority can be compromised


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Update from Hospice Woodside – March 19, 2005

There is a woman who runs a small shop across the road from the hospice by the name of Stephanie. She has, essentially, closed down her shop and moved her inventory aside to give the Schindler family a place to sit and rest


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On 'I Have Personal Knowledge Of This Case'

This is an excerpt written by a woman who worked with a former attorney for the Schindlers, and it's posted on this blog. The blog that carries this account also reprinted the Empire Journal's article describing intimate connections between some... [more]

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Judge Greer Leaves Church After Criticism

Lifenews - The judge in the Terri Schaivo case who reissued an order Friday that prompted Terri's feeding tube to be removed for a third time has withdrawn his membership in a local Baptist Church. William Rice, the pastor of... [more]

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Patricia Heaton Pleads for Terri Schiavo

Patricia Heaton pled for the life of Terri Schiavo today as Terri's life-sustaining feeding tube was removed.


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Video of Tom Delay Press Conference

video - Tom Delay, along with other members of congress, just held a press conference to announce they have reached agreement on a bill that will: (1) guarantee Terri Schiavo...


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Senate to Convene at 5pm Saturday

The US Senate will convene in a special session on Saturday evening at 5:00 to consider passage of the Incapacitated Persons Protection Act.... [more]

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The following are Terri Schiavo's sister, Suzanne Vitadamo's and Attorney Barbara Weller's sworn testimony submitted to Judge Greer in Pinellas County Court today. Barbara Weller, Esq., is putting her entire professional reputation as an officer of the court on the... [more]

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Captain's Quarters Email: Callers can call in and discuss Terri (updated)

We'll be discussing it until 1:00 Pm CT if callers want to keep it going. Callers can reach us at 651-289-4488.


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An Arrest Record to Be Proud Of

Three men were arrested today in Pinellas Park, Florida. Their crime? They attempted to bring water to a thirsty woman. ...I was thirsty and you gave me drink... Matthew 25:35... [more]

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Terri's Mom to Address the Press

For the first time since the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, her mother Mary Schindler, will address the press. Mary Schindler and Randall Terry will hold the noon press conference --- in front of the Woodside Hospice, where Terri... [more]

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March 18, 2005

Amber Dolle: Terri Schiavo sentenced to slow, painful death

Despite what Judge George Greer, the lawyers and the news media want the public to think, Terri Schiavo is not a 'vegetable,' nor is she 'terminally ill.' Terri functions as a living, breathing, human


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Peggy Noonan on Terri Schiavo: 'Don't Kick It'

On the political implications of Terri's case: "If Terri Schiavo is killed, Republicans will pay a political price. "


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Terri info: Terri speaks

According to Sherri's sources "Terri Schiavo speaks!" When the Federal Marshal appeared at the hospice to serve subpoenas, they were accompanied by local police. In serving Terri, she was asked twice, "Do you want to live?" Twice, she responded, "Yes".... [more]

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Tube is out: Michaels common law wife says he is very distraught - poor Michael

Jodie Centonze, according to Bay News 9, informed the media that Terri's tube has been removed. Centonze is Michael Schiavo's fiancé. The Schindler family was forced to leave when this took place.


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Via Fox News TV-- Just minutes ago, the order to remove Terri's feeding tube has BEEN REINSTATED. Don't stop the phone calls, emails, and faxes! And pray!... [more]

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Joint Statement of Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

WASHINGTON, March 17 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay today released the following statement: "It's unconscionable that Senate Democrats led by Senators Harry Reid and Ron Wyden would not... [more]

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The Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pension (HELP) Committee, Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) has requested Terri Schiavo to testify before his congressional committee, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.


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March 17, 2005

Terri Schiavo Updates and Links

Dory at Wittenberg Gate has a nice synopsis on the news on Terri ...


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Latest Update on US Senate (Updated)



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Statement by the President

March 17, 2005 The case of Terri Schiavo raises complex issues. Yet in instances like this one, where there are serious questions and substantial doubts, our society, our laws, and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life.... [more]

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On the Torturing of Terri Schiavo

It is not, moreover, meant to be brief and non-lethal: The torture will take about two excruciating weeks, and its sole and only purpose is to kill the victim.


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House Unanimously Passes 'Terri's Law II'

Christian Coalition of America commends the United States House of Representatives for unanimously passing "Terri's Law II"


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As Florida legislators compromised on a bill aimed at saving the life of Terri Schindler-Schiavo, the Second District Court of Appeals in Lakeland refused to grant a stay in the death order issued by Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer.


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March 16, 2005

What did you think about the Nightline "softball" interview of Michael Schiavo? ABC News wants to know!

You can read the transcript of the "softball" delicate questioning of Michael Schiavo. You can send Email ABC your closing thought.... [more]

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Hopefuly someone has sent this affadait by registered mail to Judge Greer, Associated Press, CNN, Fox News, etc. etc.


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Center For Reclaiming America urges 400,000 to "Contact Tallahassee Now!"

The Florida Senate is stalled," said Cass. "I am gravely concerned that the bill will not pass before Friday's deadline. If the feeding tube is removed, Judge Greer may block any attempt to restore food and water to Terri.


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Saving Terri: Col. Bo Gritz will arrive in Pinellas Park later today

Former Green Beret Commander Bo Gritz is charging-in once again. The 66 year-old retired Army Lt. Colonel with his wife, Judy, drove straight through from their Southern Nevada home to Pinellas Park, Florida in their own effort to rescue Terri Schindler-Shiavo


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GOP bill to save life of Schiavo

Republican leaders in the Senate are preparing to move legislation this week if necessary to give federal courts jurisdiction over the life of Terri Schiavo


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Michael, is Starvation Really Painless?

Last night Michael Schiavo and his attorney, George Felos, appeared on Nightline to discuss their bid to withhold nourishment and hydration from Terri Schiavo for the purpose of ending her life. Michael’s statements included the following assertionsTerry will not be... [more]

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Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite Swallows the MSM Distortions 'Hook, Line, and Sinker'

Responding to our email requesting her support for saving Terri Schiavo, Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite included the following text,in her apparently automatic reply:


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March 15, 2005


The Empire Journal has learned that days before leaving office as Pinellas County sheriff, Rice hired Schiavo, a registered nurse, to work in the Inmates Medical Care Division of the Pinellas County Jail.


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Congress makes last-minute try to save Terri Schiavo

Under the bill, Mrs. Schiavo -- who is incapacitated and has been the center of a bitter legal battle for years between her husband and her parents -- would be granted a chance at federal habeas corpus review, typically only used to review death-row cases before an execution.


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Outrageous item of the day: Pinellas Park city officials block hospice from protestors

Pinellas County, Florida - the death camp capital of the world and home of the euthanasia-supporting St Petersburg Times and city officials who support killing the innocent


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David Limbaugh: Prayers for Terri

Absent a further court order, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube will be removed on Friday, and she will starve -- painfully, many say -- to death. Doesn't it strike you as eerie that the court relied on the testimony of an "estranged" husband in making its decision?


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Schiavo bill a race against time

The new proposal says a feeding tube could not be withheld unless a patient signed a living will opposing artificial sustenance, or met one of several other narrowly drawn exceptions.


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Americans are watching with concern the plight of Terri Schindler Schiavo in Florida. It is a tragic situation that has grave implications for the future treatment of those who are vulnerable and reliant upon someone else to provide their sustenance and decide the level of medical care they receive.


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While pro-life supporters nationwide fight for the life of brain-damaged Terri Schiavo, whose feeding tube is scheduled to be removed March 18th, New York's Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are staging a different kind of campaign.


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March 14, 2005

Terri Schiavo ‘should matter to us,’ Judge Greer's new pastor says

He made me and redeemed me and that is the heart of our conviction about human life—everyone matters to God. Which brings us to Terri Schiavo.


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HB 701 Passes

House Bill 701 has passed through the House Judiciary Committee and goes to the Health and Families Counsel tomorrow morning at 9.30 am.... [more]

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Rose Rally for Terri Schiavo

ABC News has published an article and video coverage of the Rose rally for Terri Schiavo. - click here... [more]

Posted by tim at 3:27 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)


The judge presiding over the life of Terri Schiavo has ignored potentially explosive claims detailing what those making them believe is a pattern of unusual and allegedly perhaps even violent behavior by her husband


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Ted Hires of "The Justice Coalition:" Speech at the Rally for Terri Schiavo in Tallahassee

After a thorough review of Terri Schiavo’s case and seeking the opinion of legal counsel, I have concluded that Terri Schiavo is most certainly a victim.


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On Terri Schiavo: Vatican bioethicist says patient's tube 'direct euthanasia'

Removing the feeding tube from Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged Florida woman, or other patients in a similar condition amounts to "direct euthanasia


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On Terri Schiavo - It's murder ... that's the ugly truth

If Terri's feeding tube is removed and she dies, it will be a permanent stain on the honor of this country and our system of law.


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March 13, 2005

On "Every life is one worth keeping and holding on to"

Schiavo isn’t on life support; her heart beats and her lungs pump oxygen through her body without the intervention of medicine or machine. Like a baby or one who is severely handicapped, she can’t feed herself.


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Activities in Tallahassee to Support Legislation to Save Terri Schiavo's Life

Pro-family and faith and value organizations will kick off three days of activities in Tallahassee to generate support for the passage of legislation that will save Terri Schiavo's life. The campaign will begin with a rally at the State Capitol... [more]

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March 12, 2005

Mel Gibson Faxes Support Of Terri

In a fax to the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, dated March 11, 2005, actor and director Mel Gibson has made his feelings on the Terri Schiavo situation known.


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Schindler Family Responds to Rejection of $1 Million for Terri

A California businessman offered $1 million to Michael Schiavo in return for Terri's life. It was not a surprise that the offer was rejected. Here is the Schindler's response:It was with tremendous surprise that we learned yesterday of the offer... [more]

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March 10, 2005

Cardinal Keeler Issues Statement on Fla. Schiavo Case; Stresses Church Teaching on Feeding, Hydration

His remarks followed a statement by the bishops of Florida who recently spoke out regarding the case of Terri Schiavo, a woman at the heart of a controversy over withholding nutrition and hydration from people with cognitive disabilities.


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Terri Schiavo Deserves the Same Rights as Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy, the BTK killer and others like them currently receive more protection under the law than Terri Schiavo


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President Bush urged to intervene in Terri Schiavo Case

Healthcare and Eldercare advocates in Florida are urging President George W. Bush to take a stance in the Terri Schiavo case in Florida . Schiavo is the brain-injured woman whose husband has successfully won, through the courts, the authority to... [more]

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Businessman Offers $1 Million To Keep Terri Schiavo Alive (Updated)

the client is a businessman who has deposited $1 million into her law firm's trust account to offer Schiavo's husband, Michael, if he agrees to certain conditions to keep his comatose wife alive after the feeding tube is scheduled to be removed.


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March 8, 2005

The Sick and Injured's Perfect Storm: How will they fair in Euthanasia's Roe v. Wade?

And now in a perfect storm of euthanasia-related developments—the same week as the Schiavo decision and the euthanasia-fest at the Oscars—the Supreme Court, which refused to hear an appeal from Mrs. Schiavo's parents, announced that it will rule on Oregon's law permittin


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Disability Rights Groups Back Congressional Bill Helping Terri Schiavo

Disability rights groups announced Tuesday that they back new Congressional legislation that could provide Bob and Mary Schindler with another opportunity to save their daughter's life.


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National Women's Group Presents Schiavo Case Facts

Many stories in the media at this time are about Terri Schiavo in Florida. They center on the battle between her parents, who want her to live, and her estranged husband, who was ordered by a judge, in response to... [more]

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World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations: Schiavo Case Could Open "Floodgates,"

FIAMC "strongly appeals to the United States authorities to react immediately and effectively to save Terri's life" and urges U.S. bishops "to mobilize every resource and influence of the Catholic Church to counteract this impending tragedy."


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March 7, 2005

The Vatican Speaks Out About Terri Schiavo: Statement of Cardinal Renato Martino

It must stop here and now. The courts, the judges and everyone involved with this must understand that all of the questions involved in the case of Terri Schiavo have not yet been answered.


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March 4, 2005

Disability Rights Activist Has Experienced Medically Induced Starvation

Kate Adamson, award winning author and disability rights activist, by request of the Schindler family, has launched a campaign to save Terri Schiavo from starvation.


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March 3, 2005

Florida congressman to introduce bill which may provide hope for Terri Schiavo

The bill provides hope to her parents and other pro-lifers who are fighting to keep her alive, although there is some question as to whether it can pass Congress in time.


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Governor Jeb Bush Pledges To Do What He Can

Many of those who have emailed Gov. Bush's office received this response today. We are pleased to see he pledges to do what he can to protect Terri's life. Thank you for contacting Governor Bush to ask for his help... [more]

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Schiavo's brother pleads for right to life

A week after a Florida judge ruled that Terri Schiavo's feeding tube could be removed, her brother said that allowing her to die would put the United States on the path to Holocaust-style cruelties.


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Error Misled Judge, Schiavo Parents Say

A mistake about a famous precedent to the Terri Schiavo case may have caused the trial judge to wrongly conclude


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March 2, 2005

More from the Tampa Tribune

The Tampa Tribune is actively pursuing that Terri Schiavo story and today published a new statement by Michael Schiavo and a response by the Schindler family. As Richard notes, this is the newspaper where we placed the BlogsforTerri advertisement.... [more]

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Finally some attention, Ads Help: Media Outlets Want Filing on Abuse of Terri Schiavo Made Public

Guess which newspaper wants to see the documents! Answer: The Tampa Tribune.


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Making Food and Water Life Support: Who had the law changed and why?

The Hapless Misadventures of the Pinellas County Court System keeps getting stinkier and stinkier and scarier and scarier.


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March 1, 2005

Notice of Hearing - Terri Schiavo Guardianship Case

March 4, 2005 at 1.30pm ET (GMT-5) in Judge Greer's courtroom, the following will be heard:


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Bobby Schindler to Speak at Princeton University Pro-Life Group

There are many conflicting reports in the media, and we hope that Mr. Schindler will dispel the myths surrounding his sister, especially about her being in a vegetative state.


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Million Dollar Missed Opportunity

IF ACADEMY AWARDS were given for the greatest lost opportunity, Million Dollar Baby would have won them, too.


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Prior Schiavo Abuse Allegations Covered Up By AG Crist

equires the showing of "a pattern or practice of discrimination" on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, family status or religion.


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February 28, 2005

BlogsforTerri Tampa Tribune Advertisement

Thanks to My View of the World and Crystal Clear for digitizing our advertisement that appeared in the Tampa Tribune. And, thanks most especially to all who worked so hard publicizing the effort and giving sacrificially. This could not have... [more]

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Disability advocates are shocked that the latest ruling in the Schiavo case orders the time and date of her execution. The ruling has chilling implications for Terri Schiavo and many other people with disabilities.

n a shocking move, Judge George Greer ordered court-appointed guardian Michael Schiavo to begin starving and dehydrating Terri Schiavo on March 18, 2005 at 1:00 p.m. "This is not simply a court order removing a judicial stay and allowing the guardian to proceed as he sees fit,


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February 26, 2005

Justice Coalition will support family's side

"We believe Terri is a victim, and we are positioning ourselves to become involved in the case as victim advocates," said Ted Hires, founder of the influential victim rights group.


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February 25, 2005

BlogsforTerri Ad Campaign For Terri Begins Sunday

We are grateful to the Tampa Tribune for immediately accepting the ad as was presented to them, and also their special efforts to get it placed in this Sunday's edition with only one hour notice.


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Terri Schiavo's March 18 Death Order By Judge Greer

As I wrote in my previous post, Terri has been given a 3 week stay.

For the moment, Greer's order can be downloaded in PDF format.


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John Grogan | Second thoughts on Terri Schiavo: A Newspaper Columnist Changes His Mind

If the Schindlers want to dedicate the rest of their lives and resources to caring for their brain-damaged daughter, if they want to shower her with attention and affection she likely will never recognize, who among us will tell them they cannot?


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February 24, 2005

Terri Schiavo Possibly Abused, Florida Agency Wants 60 Days to Investigate

A Florida agency wants 60 days to conduct an investigation into new allegations that Terri Schiavo was abused or mistreated.


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Petition with 100,000 names to be delivered to Governor Bush tomorow

100,000 Names on Petition to Save Terri Schiavo to be Delivered to Representative of Gov. Bush in Tallahassee tomorow.


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Alan Keyes on the grassroots to save Terri

Dr. Alan Keyes has posted a number of petitions that request intervention on behalf of Terri Schiavo.


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Terri has committed no crime, yet she had her day in court without a trial by jury and the local circuit judge deemed her to be guilty of what? What crime?


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February 23, 2005


Some patients are not actually in PVS, but are "locked-in." They may be mute and immobile but mentally alert and able to communicate by blinking or through aids such as computers — if someone gives them that opportunity.


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Stay Extended in Schiavo Case

What we know for sure is that Charges of neglect, abuse, adultery and conflict of interest on the part of Michael Schiavo in his capacity as the guardian,


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Internet Traffic Overwhelms

After receiving an inordinate about of traffic, the servers hosting began having difficulties fulfilling network requests. Sources indicate the problem will be resolved shortly and ask readers to "check back later."... [more]

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Terri Schiavo Update - DCF jumps in

CLEARWATER -- A state circuit judge Wednesday extended until 5 p.m. Friday the stay keeping Terri Schiavo's feeding tube intact, saying he needed time to consider more arguments from her parents from her parents that she should undergo new medical... [more]

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There is a surprising last minute filing in the Theresa Schindler-Schiavo case from an unexpected source.


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February 22, 2005

Bobby Shindler To Governor Bush: Please Save My Sister

In a fast phone call on an extremely frustrating and gut-wrenching afternoon, knowing that his precious innocent sister that has never done anything


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Judge Greer Issues Stay Until Tomorrow - Updated

Judge Greer Issues Temporary Stay till 5:00 pm tomorrow! Attorneys for the Schindlers have just been notified that Judge Greer has granted their Emergency Motion for a Temporary Stay. The new Stay will hold over until after tomorrow's hearing and... [more]

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Breaking: Mandate Issued - No Stay or Action from lower court yet

Today, the 2nd DCA issued its mandate. This will be posted to the front page of Terri's site in minutes.


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Demonstrators in front of Michael Schiavo's home

A peaceful demonstration is being held this morning at the home of Michael Schiavo.


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Latest Update on Terri Schiavo situation: Media reports are wrong

At this moment, there is no stay. All of media are reporting that there is.


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February 21, 2005

Bob Schindler: "There Is NO Stay"

Previously we communicated that Judge Greer barred Michael Schiavo from withholding food from Terri Schiavo until Wednesday based upon an Empire Journal article. Lifenews reported the same information. It now appears that the information is in error and that Michael... [more]

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Breaking Information On Terri Schiavo with video - Updated

David Gibbs, attorney to Bob and Mary Schindler, will be on FOX News "On the Record with Greta van Susteren" tonight at 10.00pm ET (GMT-5).


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Press Conference Addresses Felos, Schiavo

A press conference is underway with Bob Schindler, Terri's Schindler Schiavo's father, and his attorney David Gibbs. WTSP-TV in Tampa-St. Petersburg will stream today’s news conference outside the Courthouse in Clearwater live at 2:30PM Eastern Time at [more]

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February 20, 2005

Press Conference to Follow Terri Schiavo Court Hearing Tomorrow

Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri's Schindler Schiavo's parents, and their attorney David Gibbs will hold a press conference immediately following their Monday, February 21, court hearing before Judge Greer. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 2:30 PM. Although not... [more]

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Email from Bobby Schindler: Responds to article in Tampa Tribune

I read this article and felt like the underlying message was that the courts haven't killed my sister fast enough.


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Mainstream Media still gets it WRONG

THIS is unconscious???
As usual, only one side of the story, and not the side that would spare her life.


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