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May 8, 2005

TLC Defies British Law To Arrange Murders for Hire

From the pages of Life Matters! . . . "A secret organisation headed by a retired family doctor is illegally providing terminally ill British people with thousands of pounds to enable them to travel to a Swiss suicide clinic," Daniel... [more]

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Charlotte Wyatt: Two steps forward, one step back

Charlotte is continuing to get stronger, but today there was another set-back from the hospital. Though she spends most of the time in her oxygen box, she had been slowly introduced to nasel cannula for the past few weeks; going... [more]

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May 3, 2005

UK's Healthcare Setup Partly Blamed in 'Baby Charlotte' Saga

Dr. David Stevens with the Christian Medical & Dental Associations says although euthanasia is illegal in Britain, that does not change the control doctors are given. He explains that England has a national health service that provides free healthcare to... [more]

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April 30, 2005

Charlotte Wyatt: The new fight

Sometime in mid May Charlotte's Mum and Dad will go to the Appeals court, asking them to rescind the DNR order. If they fail there, they will try the European court. At this point we don't have much hope in... [more]

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April 25, 2005

Important Email Message Concerning Charlotte Wyatt

"Darren & Debbie are asking if it would be at all possible to bring in a pro-life doctor from elsewhere, with some knowledge in this field, to do an independent assessment on Charlotte.


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April 23, 2005

Charlotte Wyatt-- something more to do

Another request from Charlotte's parents-- would anyone who has been in a similar situation be able to write us about their case? He will give the letters to the judge for the next hearing. We need to prove the doctor's definition of 'hopeless' 'terminal' and 'not worth saving' wrong.


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April 21, 2005

Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help: She Wants To Live (Updated)

Because she would likely never have the chance to run and play like other children, doctors decided that it was in her best interest to let her die.


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British Courts Rule Against Charlotte Wyatt

There is a caveat in the judge's ruling-- he notes that this new decision is not open-ended and is subject to review. What evidence will he need, I wonder, to decide in her favor?
But Charlotte hasn't given up, and we won't either.



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April 20, 2005

Italian Court Keeps Girl's Feeding Tube in Place

In Italy, the Supreme Judges made the right decision:Italy's Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a man's appeal to remove a feeding tube keeping his daughter alive, weeks after a bitter row over brain-damaged Terri Schiavo divided the United States. The... [more]

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April 12, 2005

How "Terri's case" was Handled in Argentina

The husband asked for the disconnection of the feeding tube and the parents and brother were opposed. The court ruled in favor of keeping the woman alive and denied the husband's request to have the feeding tube removed.


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