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July 19, 2007

Keep Dr. Death Away from our Campuses!

From the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation: He's at it again. You might have heard that Jack Kevorkian, a.k.a. Dr. Death, was released early from prison on June 1, for "good behavior" following his conviction for second degree murder. Not surprisingly, our... [more]

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October 27, 2006

A Family in Need

On October 1, 2006, Eric Dyke and Danyale Lloyd were injured in a motorcycle accident. The driver of the vehicle was blinded by the sun and pulled out in front of him. Eric is suffering from massive head trauma, punctures... [more]

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September 13, 2006

Petition to Gov. Jeb Bush Requesting Special Prosecutor re: Judge Greer

Terri supporters are urged to sign the petition to Gov. Jeb Bush requesting that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the 2004 election campaign of Judge George Greer. Click on the following link for the Petition to Gov. Jeb... [more]

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May 19, 2006

Her Feeding Tube was Pulled Last Friday

Kelly Meyer, 44, suffered strokes on both sides of her brain. According to a friend, she is responsive, sequeezes hands and blinks in response to questions. Her feeding tube was pulled last Friday. I spoke briefly with Missouri Right to... [more]

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May 17, 2006

Help Yenlang Vo

Visit the North Country Gazette for a detailed update. Please do take the time to read about the desperate situation involving Yenlang Vo and consider publicizing her case. St. David's North Austin Medical Center in Austin informed Mrs. Vo's family... [more]

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April 29, 2006

Problem with Andrea Clark's Transfer - Updated

Andrea's family has run into a significant problem with her transfer. There is apparently a question as to whether the level of care needed by Andrea can be provided by the IL facility. Please ask St. Luke's [832-355-1000 - more... [more]

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April 25, 2006

More On Andrea Clark - URGENT Action Needed!

"Ethics" committee votes to pull the plug against family's wishes ... Last night we posted on the incredible application of a Texas law by St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas to use their "ethics" (sic) committee to essentially committ... [more]

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March 31, 2006

A Life That Matters

Although some judge a book by its cover, many look at real-time sales and popularity as an indicator of public support. Consequently, Br. Paul O'Donnell, the Schindler's spiritual advisor, urges Schindler supporters to purchase their book. "It would make a... [more]

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March 28, 2006

Action Item: Get the Schindler's Book

Editor's Note: A book is often judged by its cover, or so the saying goes. In this day and age, a book is judged by it popularity. A Life that Matters is exceptional, and it is a must read for... [more]

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March 15, 2006

The Will To Live Project

From TerrisFight: Protects your own life and the lives of your family members when you cannot speak for yourselves: Names someone you trust to safeguard your life when you cannot speak for yourself as your "health care agent" Names backup... [more]

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Terri's Day Celebrates the Culture of Life

Bob Schindler, father of Terri Schiavo, has joined Kevin Fobbs, President of the National Urban Policy Action Council (NuPac) and host of "The Kevin Fobbs Show" on News Talk 1400 WDTK in Detroit, Michigan, to announce the launch of a... [more]

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February 24, 2006

Charlotte Wyatt in need of urgent prayers!!!

Mary, from Olive Branch Press writes: I just wanted to let you know that Charlotte Wyatt is in dire need of prayer. She has contracted a virus that is making breathing difficult for her. Judge Hedley has reversed his prior... [more]

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January 26, 2006

Schiavo Remarriage Debacle

It has been less than 10 months after Terri's barbaric death by "starvation and dehydration over 13 grueling days with the whole world watching." During Terri's struggle for life, the Diocese of St. Petersburg did nothing and now her husband,... [more]

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November 11, 2005

Empire Journal Publisher's Father Needs Help

Update (11/12/2005): From June Maxam - "My father died this evening about 7 p.m. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and efforts on his behalf. He died with dignity, not dehydration." Our thoughts and prayers are with you... [more]

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June 5, 2005

On BlogsForTerri, Truth & Action, And 'Freedom's Zone

Freedom's Zone is establishing a blogroll that will list all aggregated blogs, and is presently selecting the first ten posting authors, five from the U.S., and five from Italy.


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May 5, 2005

Banquet to Honor Terri Schiavo Judge Draws Protestors

When: Thursday, May 5, at 5 PM Where: In front of the Heritage Springs Golf and Country Club, 11345 Robert Trent Jones Parkway, New Port Richy, Florida Why: "This protest is against Judge George Greer who wrote the order to... [more]

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April 28, 2005

Will Judge Decree Death for Teron? An Urgent Appeal

The New York Daily News reports today: The family of a brain-dead [sic] Bronx boy said last night it has made the agonizing decision to officially end his life today. Teron Francis, 13, is expected to be removed from a... [more]

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April 25, 2005

Important Email Message Concerning Charlotte Wyatt

"Darren & Debbie are asking if it would be at all possible to bring in a pro-life doctor from elsewhere, with some knowledge in this field, to do an independent assessment on Charlotte.


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April 23, 2005

Charlotte Wyatt-- something more to do

Another request from Charlotte's parents-- would anyone who has been in a similar situation be able to write us about their case? He will give the letters to the judge for the next hearing. We need to prove the doctor's definition of 'hopeless' 'terminal' and 'not worth saving' wrong.


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April 21, 2005

Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help: She Wants To Live (Updated)

Because she would likely never have the chance to run and play like other children, doctors decided that it was in her best interest to let her die.


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April 17, 2005

Senator Sandoval - Will You Help Clara?

Yesterday morning I spoke with the press agent for Martin A. Sandoval, Illinois State Senator to the 12th district. He represents Clara Martinez and lives just blocks away from her. I haven't received a public statement from his office, which... [more]

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Help Clara - Protest Prayer Meeting TODAY

Action Item - Please distribute: What: Join Pastor Espinoza at a Prayer and Protest Why: To pray for Clara Martinez (who has been without food for 29 days) and make known her plight to the community Where: 3939 West 59th... [more]

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April 16, 2005

Updated - Calling Governor Rod Blagojevich

StaightupwSherri blogged about an Illinois hotline that we republished. I've now taken the phone number down because I received news from a reliable source that your calls are working. The Human Services Inspector General's Office of Illinois is already taking... [more]

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Taking Action for Clara Against the Odds - Schiavo-Like Case Addressed by Local Pastor

Action Item - Please distribute: What: Join Pastor Espinoza at a Prayer Meeting Why: To pray for Clara Martinez (who has been without food for 29 days) and make known her plight to the community Where: 3939 West 59th Place,... [more]

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April 14, 2005

General Announcement For BlogsForTerri Crew

Expect several upcoming action announcements to come very soon. BlogsForTerri will continue to coordinate very closely with the Terri Schiavo Foundation and The Terri Schiavo team is about to take on a more activist role, and will be coordinating... [more]

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April 8, 2005

List of Contacts to SAVE MISS MAE!

List of people and places to contact to SAVE MAE! Division of Aging Services at 404-657-5319 or go to the Division's website at and click on Publications on the left. For information, contact: Edna Jackson; 404-657-1386 Sonja Flanagan... [more]

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UPDATED Helping Mae Magouirk: More cages to rattle

Sherri has done it again. She's compiled a list of people to contact who have authority to do something about the parching and starvation of Mae Magouirk. Please take the time to let these people know how you feel about... [more]

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April 7, 2005

Lagrange Hospice and Mae Magouirk: What does it have in common with the Woodside Hospice?

this is the same center that was over Woodside Hospice were Terri was held if I'm not badly mistaken.


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New Message From Ken Mullinax Regarding Mae Magouirk

Nothing is settled in this case until my Aunt Mae is given nourishment and fluids! This is far from settled and far from over. The doctors did not meet Monday...that is Bull!


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Additional Contact Information From Reader On Mae Magouirk Case In LaGrange, Ga. (Updated)

The following has been assembled from several comments in order to facilitate easier use of the information.


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Email all media outlets about Mae Magourik's situation

Cross-posted on Powers That Blog. A good place to start with helping Mae Margourik would be to contact the media outlets to get her story publicized, especially targeting media personalities who tried to help Terri. Here is a link to... [more]

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April 5, 2005

Wikipedia has negative slant on Terri Schiavo

PLease help. There is an article by wikipedia that has a very negatively biased article about Terri's story.


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April 2, 2005

There is no statute of limitations for murder

NOW is the time for Governor Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the entire sad saga of the court-ordered starvation and dehydration of Terri Schiavo, and to empanel a grand jury to indict whoever needs to be indicted.


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March 30, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Life: For America it's either a new begining or the begining of the end - our choice!

What the judges and politicians have done through their inaction has disgraced America in the eyes of the world. In view of today's dark events. a partial re-post is in order - with additional commentary. All BlogsForTerri bloggers are reminded... [more]

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March 28, 2005

Demand an Autopsy - Reminder

If Terri were to pass away the only way many of the unanswered questions could be addressed is through an autopsy, a post-mortem examination. Coroners must investigate and medical examiners must decide whether a crime was committed or not.... [more]

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Let's Stand on Common Ground and Save Some Lives

In a previous post I brought out how support for saving Terri's life is coming from both sides of the political spectrum. To some this is an issue of discrimination against the disabled, as an able person in Terri's general... [more]

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Call to Action Now: If Terri dies, "Demand Autopsy" to discover not only the immediate cause of death, but the proximate cause of death. (Updated with Sample Letter)

In fact, when she dies, the crime will be covered up by cremation without autopsy unless we act immediately to assure this is not the case.


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March 27, 2005

BlogsForTerri Heads-up On Upcoming Announcement

BlogsForTerri and the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation are planning to join forces in a long-term mission to support life, and to defeat the emerging culture of death in America and the judicial system that supports it. The effort, still in... [more]

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March 25, 2005

Email Media Outlets

This comes from Sherri. It's certainly worth a shot. Check back with her for more information: Cross-posted on Powers That Blog. According to news reports, Attorney Gibbs has filed a motion today with Judge Greer on testimony about Terri's attempt... [more]

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"Symbolic Support" Update

From Megan, who has been working tirelessly on this project: UPDATE: 2:57 pm 3-25-05 Michael Schiavo stops even the very small gestures. To get you up to speed, I contacted the individual carriers and was told that the Woodside Hospice,... [more]

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We are continuing to fight for Terri - and ask you not to give up

Cheryl Ford gives us an update from the Federal Court House: We just arrived home from the federal court house in Tampa. The hearing began at 6 PM. Several of us were there waiting to be called as witnesses, should... [more]

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Packages sent to Woodside Hospice NOT being delivered!

Megan reports the following about our "Symbolic Support" action: * * * * * Regarding our deliveries of food and water. We have each sent our own deliveries, via different methods. But in following up (netgrocer--fed ex) no deliveries are... [more]

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March 24, 2005

Information And Directions To The Woodside Hospice

We are getting numerous emails requesting information on how to get to the Hospice. he Woodside Hospice, is located at 6774 102nd Avenue N. (near 66th Street N and 102nd Avenue N) in Pinellas Park, Florida. If you are coming... [more]

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Florida Judiciary Defines the Rule: State Constitution Be Damned! Florida Constitution, Article I Section 2: All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend... [more]

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Gov. Jeb Bush - Take Action Now (please)

Governor Bush's email: Phone: 850-488-4441 Fax: 850-487-0801 As commenter Sirena said, Be polite, don't cuss or swear, and plead for him to get her... Beth writes, Appeal to Governor Bush with gratitude for his respect for life and his... [more]

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National Call For Action: Come to Woodside Now - Go To Washington Now

Terri is about to die. Many are now feeling very frustrated and helpless about what is happening. Let's let the world know how we feel about what our system of injustice has done to an innocent woman.


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March 22, 2005

Key Florida Senators To Contact



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Please Call Nancy Argenziano Now! (Updated)

just got a personal response from Senator Nancy Argenziano! She asked where I got the info about Terri being able to sip some water.


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URGENT REQUEST FOR ACTION - Terri Schiavo is now over 91 hours without food and water.

A Call to Action - Terri Schiavo is now over 91 hours without food and water.


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Florida Legislature - ACTION ITEM Part 2

We need EVERYONE READING THIS to call the following Florida state Senators ASAP, and ask them to do one simple thing: “HAVE MERCY ON TERRI SCHIAVO — PLEASE VOTE TO SAVE TERRI’S LIFE TODAY.” TAKE ACTION: Call these ten Senators:... [more]

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March 21, 2005

Support Terri at the Courthouse

Anyone who can go to Tampa in show of support must get there by 2:30. Leave your phones, pagers and most everything in the car because will not be allowed in the building. Their security is much more strict than... [more]

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March 20, 2005




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Complete List of Senators

The Empire Journal has provided a complete list of US senators with their contact information here. This should make contacting them easier.... [more]

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Terri Groggy and Unresponsive: High fever last night likely due to infection caused by improper removal of the feeding tube

Terri developed a high fever last night, most likely due to infection caused by improper removal of the feeding tube... she is groggy and unresponsive, and may not make it much longer.


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SenatorCongressman Robert Wexler (Fl) and Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR) Are Leading The Effort To Cause Terri Schiavo To Die (Updated)

They need to be totally overwhelmed NOW with telephone calls and emails.


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MOST URGENT ACTION REQUIRED: Contact Democratic Senators Now (UPDATED)

It has become MOST URGENT that all Democratic US Senators be contacted all day long by telephone and email.


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Bobby Schindler Sunday Update - Fry the phones Again!

Just got off phone with Bobby and he's still in Washington. He asks that we focus tightly on frying the phones all day long.


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MORE on "Symbolic Stand for Terri"

Regarding the post below about sending boxes of food and water to Woodside Hospice for symbolic support of Terri... First, don't worry about it going to waste. Remember there are other patients there who could probably use what is sent,... [more]

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March 19, 2005

Symbolic Stand for Terri

I've found a BRILLIANT proposal for a Symbolic Stand For Terri--LET'S DO IT! I would like to suggest an extension of our voices in opposition to the crimes being committed against Terri. I say we make a strong and symbolic... [more]

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Some Concise Facts for Congress

It's looking like congressional action is the most likely hope for Terri right now. Soon, the US house and senate are going to vote on a compromised bill that will insure Terri gets an appeal in federal courts. I think... [more]

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New URGENT Action Item - Bobby Schindler Update

Blogs: Please expedite posting and pass around. Readers, please help to create tsunami of telephone calls and emails


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Latest Update From Bobby Schindler in Washington: "Keep Frying the Phones"

Bobby Schindler is still in Washington, fighting for his sister's life. He said to "please have the blogs keep up the pressure


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Suggestion For Protestors In Pinellas Park: Bring your MRI/PET Scan Sign

Maybe someone bring big posters to the hospice campers that says "WHERE ARE THE MRI & PET RESULTS? HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE'S IN PVS?


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This is an urgent congressional action alert from the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) in Washington, D.C.


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Bloggers: Please help to announce a prayer vigil for Terri in Dallas

A candlelight prayer vigil for Terri will be held in Dallas on Saturday, March 19, 2005. Gather at 6:00 pm-Candles lit at 6:30


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March 18, 2005

Michael Schiavo and his attorney on offensive

Felos held a press conference this afternoon and urged people to call congress to tell them to not pass any measure that would protect Terri Schiavo's life.


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Terri told what is happening: Terri cried

Attorney Barbara Weller was with Terri earlier today. She told the media that, during his visit with Terri, she explained to her what was happening.


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Bobby Schindler: "Please Fry Those Phones"

When I spoke with Terri's brother this morning he sounded very tired and discouraged, yet hopeful that somehow ...


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March 17, 2005

Vote Needed on AOL Online Poll - Help Terri



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Receptionist answering telephone of Fl. Senator Dennis L. Jones Tells Caller "It isn't going to happen!" (Urgent Update)

It appears that his office doesn't want Terri to live and has no intention of supporting any law to save her.


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ACTION ALERT: The Following Florida Senators Could Vote Either Way - Please contact (UPDATED)

The following Florida Senators that might go either way! Please contact them IMMEDIATELY to PLEASE SUPPORT TERRI SCHIAVO'S LIFE AND HER RIGHT TO BE REHABILITATED.


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Alert For Bloggers on Upcoming Terri Schiavo Action Item

This post is to alert Blogs that an important action item for Terri Schiavo is forthcoming.


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Your help is urgently needed to pass the Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act (H.R. 1151 and S. 539 )


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March 16, 2005


Crystal at Crystal Clear offers the following comments and suggestions with regards to the demonstrations and vigils...


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March 15, 2005

Contact Amnesty International About Terri Schiavo (Updated)

Update: Amnesty International called back and said that they only get involved in death penalty cases, and declined to help Terri. More updated info below post> Just what in the hell is Terri under if not a death sentence by... [more]

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March 13, 2005

Schiavo Fight Goes To Washington, Tallahassee

Seventeen pro-family groups along with Jacksonville Justice Coalition members and founder Ted Hires will conduct a “Rose Rally for Terri” Sunday, March 13 in Tallahassee


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March 12, 2005

Let's ask the Sheriff to do his duty! Save Terri

An email from a reader of Subject: Terri: Let's ask the Sheriff to do his duty! Hi - Just listening to Officer Jack McLamb's show here and he had some very timely advice for pressuring local officials to intervene... [more]

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March 10, 2005

Bloggers Best for Terri #3

To continue for the third edition of Bloggers Best for Terri, please send your best post about Terri to /at/ gmail -dot- com by Friday night at midnight and I'll post the montage here. Thanks and keep up the... [more]

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March 8, 2005

Urgent: Encourage Passage Of The "Incapacitated Person's Legal Protection Act"

Encourage favorable consideration of the Incapacitated Person's Legal Protection Act.


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March 7, 2005

Another (easy) way to contact Florida lawmakers

RightMarch has an online form you can fill out to instantly send a message to Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senate President Tom Lee, and Florida House Speaker Allan G. Bense. All you have to do is fill out your information and you can either send the prepared message or send your own.


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Reminder to sign "Impeach Judge George Greer" petition

Impeach Judge George Greer Petition


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Email From Bobby Schindler: Blogs Please Swarm Need For Habeas Corpus Protection For Terri

this Bill is going to be introduced tomorrow in Washington, please ask Terri's bloggers to swarm the need of emphasizing the importantance of this legislation in saving her life.


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Terri Schiavo Action Items - March 7

March 7, 2005 – As you may already know, Terri’s case has reached a critical point. Judge George W. Greer has ordered that her nutrition and hydration be removed on March 18, 2005. This will begin a long and painful... [more]

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March 5, 2005

Sign Petition For President Bush To Save Terri (Updated)

Among the flurry of actions to save Terri, it certainly wouldn't hurt to ask President Bush to wade in and save Terri by exectutive order.


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March 4, 2005

Sample Letter to the Editor Addressing Eating Disorder

Recently, the AP ran an article claiming that Terri Schiavo's collapse and subsequent brain damage was caused by an eating disorder


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February 28, 2005

Please Email Amnesty International On Behalf Of Terri Schindler-Schiavo

Please send an email to Amnesty International on behalf of Terri Schindler-Schiavo and ask for their intervention in saving this woman from a death by torture.


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BlogsForTerri Prepares For USA Today Ad

Blogs are encouraged to help get the word out. Pledges are requested immediately in order to be prepared for the placement of the ad next Tuesday for the Friday, March 15, just three days before Judge Greer has scheduled Terri's execution to begin.


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Jacksonville Justice Coalition Initiates Emergency Schiavo Petition, click on link below

the Justice Coalition is launching this EMERGENCY PETITION to rally grassroots support to save Terri’s life and affirm the value of life for all Americans.


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February 26, 2005

Bloggers Best for Terri #2

On Friday Judge Greer put us on notice that he has ordered Michael Schiavo to remove the feeding tube in three weeks (as opposed to allowing him to do it, now he is ordering him to do it). From now... [more]

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Impeach Judge George Greer Petition

sign the impeach Judge George Greer petition


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February 25, 2005

Protect Terri Schiavo

Kevin McCullough holds no punches in his latest column, "Why Terri Schiavo is pro-choice", published in WorldNetDaily. He takes Michael Schiavo to task, concluding, "Why can't Terri be given the same courtesy and protection under law that the man who... [more]

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February 24, 2005


GREAT NEWS! The Franciscan Brothers of Peace can now accept your PLEDGED DONATIONS via PayPal! Click the button to make your donation:... [more]

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Don't Forget To Call President Bush: Please intervene to save Terri Schiavo

I just called the White House comment line listed below. You actually get to speak to someone, it's not just a recording. I was told that the calls do help and to get more people to call.


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February 23, 2005

BlogsforTerri Pledges Need To Be Overnighted

o pledge a contribution click here. (all personal information will be kept confidential)

If you’ve already pledged, please overnight your donations to:


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BlogsforTerri Meets Pledge Goal in 36 hours

Our pledge drive will continue as long as she is alive and ads will be placed in targets that are deemed most appropriate by the Schindler advisers and their attorneys.


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February 22, 2005

Email Campaign Update

WriteWingBlog has put together an email for our bloggers and readers to use. Please visit her site [click here], cut and paste the sample letter, customize it and email it to everyone you can. Alternately, a copy of the email... [more]

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Pledge tally for Terri Schiavo ad - 2/22/04 10:30 Update

We are now at $6,150.00.


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Pledge tally for Terri Schiavo ad

As of this morning we have received $1,125 in pledges, and we've just begun. A total of $10,000 is needed. The donations are tax deductible. Try to encourage businesses to and organizations to contribute as well. [ use the online... [more]

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St. Petersburg Times Advertisement

We have an aggressive timeline (we are out of time) and need to get the word out to the community that will make the greatest impact. The St. Petersburg Times, with 450,000+ paid subscribers, is the ideal vehicle. The 150+... [more]

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February 21, 2005

The Battle has only begun - stay organized, focused, and targeted - updated

Folks, we are in for a battle and it will take all of us to defend the life of Terri Schiavo.


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Help Needed: Invite Bloggers to Join BlogsforTerri

PowersthatBlog has located a large list of friends that don’t know about our coalition of Blogs for Terri. She has an aggressive goal and needs 5-10 bloggers who can help contact individuals and invite them to join our team. To... [more]

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Action Item – A Call to all Blogs for Terri

Updated: We have an aggressive timeline (we are out of time) and need to get the word out to the community that will make the greatest impact. The St. Petersburg Times, with 450,000 paid subscribers, is the ideal vehicle. The... [more]

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February 20, 2005

Updated: BlogsforTerri Attack Plan


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URGENT REPOST-Action Requested: Florida HB 701 Email Support Needed

URGENT REPOST-Action Requested: Florida HB 701 Email Support Needed- directly affects Terri Schiavo..


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Jeb Bush Could Save Terri Schiavo’s Life…If He Wanted

Wittenburg Gate reproduces an article by Doc Washburn, a Florida radio talk show host who asserts that Gov. Jeb Bush has the right and authority to intervene and save Terri Schiavo's life right now.... [more]

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February 19, 2005

"BlogsForTerri" Attack Plan - Updated

The BlogsforTerri attack plan has been updated, please read the ad details that have just been added


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February 18, 2005

Flash From Bobby Schindler: Terri's parents on TV tonight

-via telephone call from Bobby Schindler - Terri's parents will be on Paula Zahn (CNN) at 8PM tonight (tape). They will be on EWTN - live at 8 PM tonight. The Schindlers are asking BlogsForTerri to get the word out fast.


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Action Item: Blogging of Bobby Schindler Interview

As a next step bloggers are needed to take different questions and answers one by one, blog on them, and give all of us the links to pass around to blogs and readers alike.


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