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July 26, 2007

the growing problem of euthanasia

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Bobby Schindler was interviewed at a recent international conference titled "Sense and Obligation on the Present State of the Euthanasia Debate." The conference was organized in the Hartheim Castle, a site once used by the Nazis for euthanizing the handicapped:

Q: This conference took place at the emblematic location of Hartheim, one of the seven main euthanasia centers of the Nazi regime. Approximately 30,000 people -- mostly children -- were killed there. More than 60 years later, can you find any resemblance to that system of horror and the current tendencies of the so-called culture of death?

Schindler: Yes, you can. What happened here not so long ago was the killing of children because they were deemed physically or mentally inferior. This is exactly what happened to my sister Terri Schiavo in the United States.

What is more frightening is that this not only happened to Terri. This type of thing happened long before her case made the headlines, and it continues to happen every day in America.

Q: Do you think politics needs to consult ethics?

Schindler: Well, naturally. In the case of my sister, it went to a judge. He was the person responsible for why my sister died of dehydration and starvation. So the fact that a judge was involved, you have a branch of the government involved.

It was my family that fought the judge to simply bring my sister home and care for her. But we were denied that and ultimately the court ordered that my sister die a horrible death.

Laws have been changed in the United States to enable feeding tubes to be removed from persons like my sister.

One must remember that Terri was not dying. She was physically healthy; she could have lived many, many years. The laws have been changed and feeding tubes are now recognized as extraordinary care, as artificial life support, whereas once they were recognized as basic care.

But because the laws have been changed, the lives of tens of thousands people who are disabled like Terri are now threatened.

So, I think we have to change public policy, we have to get involved in public policy to do a better job of protecting the disabled because right now they are very vulnerable to the laws in the United States.

Additionally, I think euthanasia is a byproduct of abortion. We have euthanasia because abortion was legalized or decriminalized over 30 years ago.

We have to start politicians recognizing that they have to look at life as sacred so we can stop this horrible situation.

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Posted by tim at July 26, 2007 9:03 AM

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I just released my video to go with the song Save Me which I originally wrote for Terri. But Warren Zevon inspired me when he said on his death bed "I think it's a sin to not want to live".


Posted by: Ace at August 9, 2007 9:27 PM

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