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March 21, 2007

My op ed today: "Politicians still wrong on Terri's case"

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Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney
recently stated, "My view was a case like this would normally be left in the hands of a court."

Romney was referring to the attempt by Congress to help save the life of my sister, Terri Schiavo. He mistakenly assumed passing the buck on this issue would gain him political capital. He could not be more wrong, morally or politically....

Romney's comments and similar remarks made by other politicians about Terri's situation have, in my opinion, been prejudiced by a media that have oversimplified what Congress did by spinning it as "meddling in a private family affair."

In reality, Congress enacted a law to afford my sister's constitutional and statutory civil rights claims to be heard in federal court. This law already exists for every convicted murderer on death row.

If monsters like Ted Bundy or Scott Peterson are afforded this right after their cases have gone through the state court system, why shouldn't an innocent disabled woman be given that same chance before she is cruelly starved and dehydrated to death?

Congress was not only justified in getting involved, I believe it was their duty.

Read my complete op ed today at www.WorldNetDaily.com.

Posted by bobby at March 21, 2007 2:44 PM

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Reasons why Congress intervened

While I won't deny that some involved themselves purely for political purposes, below are some of the reason why Congress felt that they should have involved themselves in the Schiavo case.

When it was discovered that an innocent, disabled young woman was going to be starved and dehydrated to death by the order of a court, Congress decided to step in. Upon entering the arena many discovered some disturbing facts that prompted Congress to create federal involvement from the court level.

1. Some realized that Terri wasn't dying. She wasn't being kept alive artificially. She was receiving the provision of food and water because she had trouble swallowing (remember she could swallow but docs feared aspiration so no attempts were made). This wasn't a right to die case. Terri was disabled. Many looked at this from a disability POV.

2. Some looked at the video tapes claiming she was PVS, Comatosed, or brain dead. After seeing evidence of an aware person and consulting neurologists who examined her and consulting the Schindlers and dozens of doctor affidavits, Congress clearly become concerned. There was more the shadow of doubt to doubt Terri's PVS diagnosis.

3. When Congress saw that a human was going to be starved and dehydrated to death and realized that death row inmates were protected from this by the 8th amendment, Congress really became concerned. They further became concerned when they realized that this act couldn't be done to an animal without persecution.

5. Many became concerned based on Terri's wishes on the fact that there was nothing in writing. They became concerned when a adultorous husband was making the decision and the parents only wanted to care for her. Further troubling were caregivers affidavits claiming that Michael was not as sincere as we were lead to believe. Further troubling was fact that when Michael had submitted his 1998 petition to remove Terri's feeding tube, he poised to inherit $750,000 and was poised to marry his financee Jodi.

6. Many became concerned when they discovered that Terri had no lawyer and that Judge Greer acted as the Judge, Jury, and Executionor in the case. They realized that even death row inmates were entitled to legal representation. Terri never had any legal representation. The Schindlers were represented, Michael was represented but Terri was never represented.

7. Congress became concerned that Terri was being sentenced to death when a great deal of doubt was there concerning her condition. Some were disturbed by the cursory examintions by docs claiming she was PVS (1 hour or less). Others realized that Terri wasn't recieving the best medical tests available (no fMRI or PET scans). Further they saw that Terri hadn't been examined in 3 years. They also took note that Terri never had a swallowing test in over 10 years even though GAL Pearse and many others strongly urged Terri to undergo swallowing tests.

8. Some realized the care of Terri was horrible liking of being locked up in a hospice room for 3 years.

9. Congress also realized that Terri never recieved a federal review or a trial by jury, 2 things entitled to death row inmates.

Just some reasons why Congress probably got involved.

Posted by: James at April 1, 2007 10:03 PM