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March 22, 2007

HMOs Support Suicide

Topics: Assisted Suicide

California Association of Physicians Groups (CAPG), an organization representing HMO's responsible for 50 percent of the state's health care, are in support of assisted suicide legalization (AB 374). Wesley Smith comments:

This is one medical endorsement that I welcome for assisted suicide because it reflects an important truth about the whole movement: It is about money and "treating" the most expensive patients with a lethal overdose. Talk about cost containment!
Disability rights organizations have long said that assisted suicide would bring a low-cost alternative to providing quality medical care for people with chronic or terminal disease or disability. Fortunately this argument was acknowledged by numerous progressive legislators and has led to the defeat of assisted suicide in 2005 and 2006 (California Disability Alliance Press Release).

"This endorsement truly clarifies the complete implications of assisted suicide legalization," said Marilyn Golden, Policy Analyst at the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund.

"We intend to increase our fight against assisted suicide and mount an aggressive protest and information blitz against every member of California Association of Physicians Groups. The public must know what this would do to the most vulnerable of our society -- a quick hundred dollar lethal prescription is vastly cheaper than offering long term care."

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