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February 19, 2007

Speaker of the California Assembly Flip Flops on Assisted Suicide

Democrat Fabian Nunez, speaker of the California assembly and a rising political star, is reversing his position on assisted suicide. After opposing bills that would allow terminally ill patients to end their own lives with medication, Nunez now says he... [more]

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February 13, 2007

The Media Continues To Get It Wrong on Terri Schiavo

Here is a response from Terri Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler, to an article by Steven Pinker, "The Mystery of Consciousness," appearing in a recent issue of TIME magazine. Mr. Pinker, I found the premise of much of what you wrote... [more]

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February 4, 2007

A Convenient Recollection

What do Scooter Libby (left) and Michael Schiavo (right) have in common? A bad memory. ... [He] repeatedly used the excuse that he has a bad memory when he contradicted himself, when his version of events changed but yet Pinellas... [more]

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Physician-Assisted Suicide for the Mentally Ill in Switzerland

By Dan (the Way Warriors) (...) the slope, if possible, has become even slipper and has turned, in a horrendous direction - physician-assisted suicide for mentally ill patients. A Swiss Federal Tribunal court decision added mental illnesses as another reason... [more]

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