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December 21, 2006

New Book "Tangled Web" Chronicles Schiavo Case

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What a tangled web they weave when first they practice to deceive.

It's a case built on lies and self-serving hearsay.

It's a case built on egregious violations of law and our Constitution.

It's a case overflowing with criminal wrongdoing.

It's a case built by the perpetuation of one wrong legal decision based on inadmissible evidence.

It's a case of raping the public trust.

It's judicial tyranny at its worst.

That is the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case.

Investigative journalist June Maxam, publisher of The North Country Gazette, has written and published over 500 articles relating to the legal, judicial, moral and ethical issues of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo case, the brain damaged Florida woman who was ordered to die by the judicial decree of a Florida probate court judge.

Supported by euthanasia advocates, Michael Schiavo, the conflicted husband in name only, said the handicapped woman wouldn't want to live by a feeding tube although there was no credible evidence of that. Her parents disagreed and desperately struggled to save her life, to obtain new testing for her, to obtain therapy which her husband had denied, to take her home and care for her.

While he claimed that he loved his wife, Schiavo had one affair after the other, fathering at least two illegitimate children. Money, greed, revenge---an intense hatred of the Schindler family, Terri's parents and siblings, fueled Schiavo's drive to end the life of Terri Schiavo.

For 15 years the battle played out in the courts, the Florida Legislature and ultimately Congress and the White House until her death at age 41 on March 31, 2005.

"The Tangled Web: The Schiavo Case", is a collection of nearly 250 of Maxam's previously published articles about the Schiavo case, of Maxam's in-depth analysis of the case and its issues, the Medicare and Medicaid fraud issues, the allegations of domestic abuse, the collusion in the courts, the Legislature, the local, state and federal agencies that failed to protect Terri Schiavo.

Maxam reported the Constitutional showdown in the case as the days and then the hours ticked by towards her death, the intertwining of executive, legislature and judicial branches, the manipulation of Florida law which changed the face of America.

These articles which chronicle the Schiavo case are no longer available on-line but are presented collectively in "The Tangled Web", an e-book of over 1,000 pages, offered at only $24.95, exclusively now at www.northcountrygazette.org

Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer in Pinellas County, Florida, acting in conjunction with Michael Schiavo, his right-to-die attorney George Felos and some public officials, flagrantly and repeatedly refused to allow the truth to come forward in the Schiavo case, acting in a conflicted, prohibited role as her guardian and the judge, never visiting his "ward" yet he claimed he was protecting her interests.

Judge George Greer, Pinellas state attorney Bernie McCabe, Pinellas County Sheriff Everett Rice, Attorney General Charlie Crist, blatantly refused to allow criminal investigations to go forward, thereby sanctioning the abuse, neglect and exploitation of a disabled adult.

Greer's brethren supported and endorsed taking the life of an innocent disabled woman in order to protect one of their own--a judge who even defied the Vatican, Congress and President of the United States, refusing to comply with federal subpoenas, in order to perpetuate the cover-up and his own culpability in this case.

George Greer claimed that he followed the rule of law which in the case of Theresa Marie Schiavo was that the "girl must die" because of greed and arrogance, cover-ups and violations of the law--criminal violations.

The controversy continues with the autopsy report and as many new issues and facts emerge.

There are many side issues in the Schiavo case including allegations of domestic violence and abuse, a corrupt and avaricious guardianship system, Medicaid and Medicare fraud in America today, the nation's Social Security system and politicizing compassion.

There are the medical issues---persistent vegetative state vs. minimally conscious state; the political, moral, religious and legal issues and in particular, issues of judicial and legal ethics.

Maxam first became involved in the case in June 2004. The articles which chronicle the events in the case through the summer of 2005 include the conflicts, the rulings, the emotionally charged final days and hours of Terri's life in the Constitutional showdown and the intertwining of executive, legislative and judicial branches in one of the most egregious violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act ever witnessed. The bias of the mainstream media contorted and misrepresented the facts of the case, manipulating the public's view and knowledge of the case, of euthanasia and living wills. It forever changed the face of America and forced America to confront its own mortality.

June Maxam, the editor and publisher of The North Country Gazette, has been a journalist, freelance writer and columnist for over 35 years. She founded The North Country Gazette in 1981 which operated as a weekly newspaper until 1994 and it now continues online as a daily publication.

She was co-publisher and editor of The Empire Journal and co-managing editor of Diogenes, magazine of the National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project.

Maxam also serves as the coordinator of the New York State Oaths Project. She is the recipient of a media award from the New York State Bar Association for her coverage of town and village courts and is the author of the book, "Complete Guide to Snowmobiling".

Her book on the Schiavo case, "Culture of Corruption" is nearly completion.

She holds Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in public affairs with a concentration in criminal justice and constitutional law from SUNY, Empire State College.

She resides in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.

To obtain your copy of "Tangled Web: The Schiavo Case", visit www.northcountrygazette.org today. It will soon be available at Amazon and other selected locations. 12-21-06

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