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December 16, 2006

Jack Kevorkian Granted Parole

Topics: Assisted Suicide, Commentary, Euthanasia

Pamela Hennessy, founder of Partnership for Medical Ethics Reform, wrote a commentary on Jack Kevorkian's parole from jail.

Ms. Hennessy wrote:

"When I read the news that Jack Kevorkian was granted a parole because of his failing health, my head nearly exploded with the irony of it. Kevorkian, the pathologist who either assisted in the deaths or caused the deaths of over 130 people, is being pardoned by society and treated with compassion because of his illness. This is a guy who exploited and victimized others because of their illnesses."
"Wesley J. Smith (attorney, best-selling author, consumer advocate and voice for disabled and ailing people) summed it all up rather nicely in an editorial published by the Weekly Standard:"
"Kevorkian showed a special interest in helping to kill disabled people. In an interview on the Charles Grodin Show, he labeled people with serious disabilities who were not in despair to be "certifiably pathological" and urged that assisted suicide be made available to the disabled as 'a standard medical service.' "

Read more at Pamela Hennessy's blog.

Posted by Mary at December 16, 2006 7:05 AM

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