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December 20, 2006

Charlotte Wyatt to be Discharged

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After spending the first three years of her life in a hospital, Charlotte Wyatt is to be discharged into foster care. It is a bitter sweet day for her parents, Darren and Debbie, who fought the courts and the hospital for their daughter's life and now are told to say good-bye:

Leaving the hospital is a milestone we have waited long and prayed earnestly for her to reach, but while we rejoice with her we feel at the same time as if our hearts were torn out as we're told to say goodbye. We will continue fighting for her, and hope and pray she will soon be truly at home, among people who know and love her.

Darren was at the hospital this morning for an emotional goodbye. I wish I could post the pictures taken then, but the regulations are still in force and I don't want to make new trouble, so I will do my best with description.

Our little girl is quite well after the last illness, and her face is bright and alert. Only the oxygen tubing for her nasal cannula mark her as an oxygen dependent baby as she sits on Darren's lap in the hospital room, by the little cot she had so long slept in. She is peaceful but alert, moving her chubby arms about. Close by is a colored crate with her toys, and on the other side, the small bed... a simple metal frame such as is common in hospitals, but decorated and framed with many little mementos of love for the little one who was here so long, fighting so hard.

As much of her soft dark hair as they could gather is drawn back to a tiny plait at the top of her head. The rest frames her little face; sometimes frowning and stubborn-looking, sometimes bright and eager as she responds to the world around her.

Read more about Charlotte's story here.

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