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December 13, 2006

Attorney for Terri Schiavo's Parents Still Speaks Up for Disabled People

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The final attorney for the parents of Terri Schiavo is continuing his battle to speak up for disabled patients. After helping the disabled woman's parents try to prevent her former husband from killing her via euthanasia, David Gibbs says other pro-life people must join him in serving as their voice.

With the court's allowing Michael Schiavo to kill his wife, Gibbs, a leading pro-life attorney who heads up the Christian Law Association, says he's worried America will become a "disposable society."

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Posted by tim at December 13, 2006 1:53 PM

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I am in the same situation as Mrs. Patton and her son Scott Thomas. Only my ex husband of 17 years illegally obtained temporary guardianship of our 19 yr-old son, with a brain injury. He has had Luke for 19 months and refuses to let me see him. He had no sworn statement, didn't post bond until 16 days after he moved my son to a secret place without telling me, I was never served, it was never posted at the courthouse, he lied in court and has never filed an annual accounting, or report on the condition of the ward. after 3 attorney's and $30,000.00. I am pursuing the case in Pro pria persona. after 11 heaarings, I have never been allowed to testify, I have been denied the right to present evidence or object or give any rebuttal. My sister and I have turned evidence over to the state bar, state commission on judicial conduct, FBI, attorney General. All with no response. We have clear and convincing evidence of conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud on the court, perjury of the ad litem, tampering with witnesses, tampering with evidence (changing the transcripts) extortion, neglect and abuse of the ward (with pictures of bruises) willful and deliberate misconduct, failing in their fiduciary duty to the ward, bias, prejudice, loss of consortium with my child. We can not only prove this with the court transcripts, but with the medical records. We can also prove intent and malice. We need the media or some help. We have managed to have the judge recused. but the ad litem is representing my husband and won't give up the fight. He has never spoken to me in 19 months, but there are several very large lawsuits, with the hospital. I got some copies of my son's MRI and other records by the night nurse and when I went to administration to tell them, I had theses reports and went and talked to Luke's neurosurgeon at his ICU hospital and Luke was to be assigned one the very week he arrived at acute care and it had been six weeks and all Luke had was a pediatric internist. Luke was becoming sicker and losing even more weight the whole time this doctor was there. I asked for a new doctor and a neurologist to look at my son. the hospital immediately called my ex-husband and secretly told him to come to the hospital immediately. they told him to go file for temporary guardianship because I was a lawsuit waiting to happen since It was against HIPPA laws for me to have any of my sons records. I raised him since he was 2 without his father even hardly seeing him. the hospital felt I could sue them since Luke was 19.
After 11 hearings the judge would not rule on anything. Would not even hear my motion for removal of the temporary guardian, his direct contempt, indirect contempt, emergency hearing to appoint a guardian since his fathers have long expired, yet he put a surprise Temporary injunction, not noticed again, the day i was to have my visitation motion heard. We filed for a statatory probate judge to hear our case and it has been three weeks and nothing has been done, the court coordinatoer refuses to talk to us. we are getting nowhere. a report just came back from DADS saying his father wants to take his peg feed out. I cannot even see my son or I will be arrested. I need help and don't know where to go

Posted by: Susan at December 15, 2006 2:52 PM