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December 22, 2006

A Life that Matters

Topics: Remembering Terri

Editor's Note: A book is often judged by its cover, or so the saying goes. In this day and age, a book is judged by it popularity. A Life that Matters is exceptional, and it is a must read for every supporter of Terri Schiavo as well as critics who have based their opinion on media reports. During this week, when we remember Terri's death one year ago and honor her memory, please support the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation that bears her name and help make a statement by purchasing A Life that Matters.

thumb.jpgA Life that Matters is a must read for anyone who says they are pro-life.

These are the words of Br. Paul O'Donnell, a man who worked closely with the Schindler family during the dark days of their battle for the life of their daughter, Terri Schiavo.

The Schindler's book has been released today, and according to O'Donnell, provides an inside view of the pain endured by the family as well as surprises and information that will provoke the reader to "cry" and to "hope".

"It is a great tribute to Terri, her life and death," O'Donnell revealed. "It is inspirational what the family set out to do and what they are currently doing. But it is heartbreaking. There are things revealed in the book that people simply didn't know about."

The dedication of the book reflects the Schindler's mission and message of hope:

Dedicated to Terri and to all with disabilities, wounded in body or spirit

May God always be your never ceasing fountain of strength, consolation and joy. May you be seen as our society's greatest treasure.

"They think about Terri and how she died and want to make sure doesn't happen to anyone else." O'Donnell explained. All proceeds from the book's sales will be given to the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation, an organization dedicated to serve the disabled and fight euthanasia.

The 251-page text includes never before published affidavits of doctors who came forward after the release of Terri's autopsy to testify that therapy and rehabilitation would have helped her. "To a trained neurologist is was clear ... she functioned at a high level," stated O'Donnell, pointing to one doctor whose 38-year career included the position of Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Physicians.

The reader may be surprised by the many unsuccessful attempts by the Schindler's to resolve their conflict with Michael outside of court " to simply to care for Terri". The revelation of the close relationship between Mary Schindler and Michael Schiavo helps identify with the betrayal she felt when Terri was "basically abandoned."

"Someone she once trusted as a friend now became an executioner," remarked O'Donnell.

One of the most heart wrenching portions of the book is a description of Terri's appearance shortly before her death by her brother, Bobby Schindler. "Her sunken teeth, eyes pooled with blood, darting back and forth... I can't believe what they are doing to my sister..."

The fight for Terri's life changed Bobby Schindler in a profound manner. He left his job as a math and science teacher and has dedicated the rest of his life to fighting for the rights of the disabled and lobbying to change laws so this does not happen to others.

Faced with public attacks by Michael Schiavo and a book he describes as his attempt to "settle some scores", the Schindlers remain focused on their mission to help others. Terri's father, appearing on the FoxNews program Hannity and Colmes explained,

After Terri passed away, we tried to move on with our lives and dedicated ourselves to the [Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation] and we feel we could do some good with the foundation. And all this other stuff has been stirred up since then and is perpetuating itself. We're not trying to do that.

We're focusing now on what we can do for other people.

Sean Hannity asked Robert and his wife Mary if they feel anger and resentment. "Well there's scars, naturally there's scars," responded Robert Schindler. "But you can't dwell on that, you have to move forward and we're moving forward... we're helping people

"For those who fought for Terri's life and are distraught and still angry, we need to channel those thoughts into positive avenues that will make a difference and will help others," add O'Donnell.

The book is the only work that provides a detailed view of the Schindler family and their relationship with Terri and her husband, Michael. "I think the public knew the Schindler family through the eyes of the media," said O'Donnell. "The public will be interested in seeing who the Schindler family is, their relationship to Terri and the truth about what happened.".

A Life that Matters provides a unique opportunity to remember Terri Schiavo on the anniversary of her death and is a way to support the Terri-Schindler Schiavo foundation as they help others avoid the terrible fate suffered by Terri.

"It would make a statement that our society is against the killing of the disabled, is against euthanasia," said O'Donnell. "If , by the grace of God, this could be a NY times best seller it would make a profound statement."

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