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October 4, 2006


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compassion.jpgCommissioned by Stephen G. Peroutka, chairman of the National Pro-Life Action Center (NPLAC), and created by artist Ron Berry, this beautiful sculpture represents the compassion Terri Schiavo received during her last moments. An angel comforts and shields Terri with one wing and motions heavenward with the other in anticipation of the final outcome. The four cherubs perched around the base face away from Terri toward the four corners of the earth, charged with the judgment on humanity for allowing such a travesty to happen.

"If we are to ever heal the deep wound in our country that has been caused by the callous, calculating methodology of the proponents of the culture of death, then we must never forget the horrible, painful and undignified way that Terri was put to death," said Peroutka. "It is our sincere hope that this memorial will inspire others to take up the mantle of defending the disabled, the infirmed and the innocent unborn of this world who have been so targeted."


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