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October 27, 2006

A Family in Need

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On October 1, 2006, Eric Dyke and Danyale Lloyd were injured in a motorcycle accident. The driver of the vehicle was blinded by the sun and pulled out in front of him. Eric is suffering from massive head trauma, punctures to the liver and kidney, bruised lungs, and numerous broken bones in his face. Other injuries include a broken arm, broken leg and many shattered bones. His mother lives in Ohio and his father lives in Iowa, and have both traveled a great distance to be with their son at this time.

Eric remains in critical condition and his father has published a blog to inform those concerned. Last Tuesday he wrote:

When he opens his eyes, and I look into them, I know that Eric is going to be OK. I can't give up on my son right now as it's only been 23 days and to me, every day is a gift from God and every little change is another hope and prayer answered. The doctors might not agree with the improvements I see but that's OK with me. I know that Eric is a fighter and I know that he has not given up yet. I will continue to fight for him. If and when the time comes to let him go, I will know it. This is not the time and he needs all his family and friends to believe in him and help him fight with a constant positive attitude and prayers. He needs to be surrounded by positive influence.
Please consider dropping the family a kind word of encouragement and bringing Eric before the Lord in prayer.

Posted by tim at October 27, 2006 4:17 AM

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