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September 22, 2006

What did Terri know?

Topics: Euthanasia
On March 18, 2005, when the feeding tube was removed from Terri Schiavo after years of legal wrangling prompted by her husband's desire to end her tragic life, what did Terri know?

How aware was she that the clock had begun ticking and the withdrawal of food and hydration was for the purpose of ending her life, which would come 13 days later?

Florida Baptist Witness asks a haunting question: What did Terri know when her feeding tube was removed?

What did Terri know?

I've often pondered this question in the 18 months since Terri Schiavo died-quite unnaturally. It's a question that should haunt every person involved in this saga-every citizen, every elected official, every judge, and, not the least of which, Michael Schiavo who today is a celebrity campaigning for politicians who have earned his political action committee's support.

Posted by Mary at September 22, 2006 8:15 AM

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