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September 25, 2006

The Execution of an Innocent

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Carrie Hutchins wrote a commentary on the media bias against Terri Schiavo.

I still remember writing to an editor and asking her to make some corrections to an editorial she had written on Terri Schiavo. Though I had actual proof of her errors, she wrote back and said she was standing by the facts as written in the editorial. "Standing by the facts as written in the editorial"? Inaccurate information became fact because she wrote that it was? How interesting. I didn't ask her to take my word. I offered to send her a copy of the actual autopsy report. My offer was met with silence. And so goes the saga of the Terri Schiavo case. How many care about the truth any ways?

In recent days, I read a comment that suggested that Terri Schiavo was in fact brain dead or the religious right would have jumped right on that issue, they didn't (supposedly) and therefore she was. I wonder where he was or where he hopes we were?

How many times have people made it a big deal that "three" people said that Terri made statements that she would not want to be kept alive on life support? Test time. How many can name who the three people were and what their relationship was to Michael?

Test over. Now... Is it really THAT big a deal when one considers that the three people were Michael himself, his brother and his sister-in-law? (Not like they were independent and unbiased witnesses as often suggested in news reports and/or on the forums.)

How many times have we been told that the republicans are exploiting the case of Terri Schiavo for political gain, while we are actually seeing something quite different?

It is Michael that is running all over the place seeking his revenge. How dare the republicans (and some democrats never or not often mentioned) have requested an emergency bill that would have allowed Terri Schiavo to have a case review at least equal to death row inmates. How dare anyone think she deserved at least that much consideration and review of facts?

Terri Schiavo wasn't allowed to pass on. She was executed in a most horrendous manner that would not, and is not, allowed for the most vile of convicted murderers.

That is fact!

Posted by Mary at September 25, 2006 9:14 AM

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