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September 10, 2006

Hiding their Agenda

Topics: Euthanasia

The language suicide advocates use is truly good marketing. Heavy sale, if you will. We know what they're after, but they color things with 'kind' and 'compassionate' schmuck. We need to find the appropriate and true words to call out this movement for what it is -- riddance of people with needs. - Pamela Hennessy

Wesley Smith provides a recent example:

Euthanasia Radicals Show Their True Colors in Canada

Euthanasia radicals are always trying to pretend that all they want is access to assisted suicide for the terminally ill in unbearable pain for whom nothing can be done to alleviate suffering. This is a false premise, of course. But it is not the true agenda of the movement, which is really about eventually getting to the place of near death on demand.

The false premise is the entrance to the slippery slope we often talk about. If euthanasia radicals can get the public to accept an invalid justification or a subtle presupposition, on the basis of an extreme example, they will be well on their way to winning the day. However, it is the expose' of their presuppositions and the radical death oriented consistency of their agenda that will be their greatest downfall. Simply representing and exposing their belief system for what it really is.

"If the public got a true whiff of the ultimate agenda, the euthanasia political movement would be doomed," concludes Wesley Smith.

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