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August 29, 2006

Florida voters: Don't forget Terri!

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Joseph Farah warns Floridians not to forget Terri during this election season.

Excerpts from Farah's article:

Florida voters have a chance next week to avenge the cold-blooded, public execution of a handicapped woman by depriving her of water and food for 13 long, harrowing days that captivated not just the attention of the nation, but the whole world.
Instead, I fear, too many Americans have forgotten Terri Schiavo and all her killing represented about the declining moral standards of our nation and the cowardice of our public officials.
Tuesday, Sept. 5, is Election Day in Florida. A primary vote is being held to determine who will be the candidates for governor, succeeding Jeb Bush. The leading Republican candidate, Attorney General Charlie Crist, currently ahead in polls by some 20 points, played an instrumental role in the official neglect that snuffed out the life of Terri Schiavo.
Let me remind you about Crist's role in the dehydration death of Terri Schiavo.
Terri's father, Robert Schindler Sr., has this to say: "Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist let my daughter die. He had it within his authority to save her life, but he turned a blind eye to her suffering. Even worse, he worked to ensure her death."
Crist, like many Republican politicians, likes to play the role of "defender of life." But actions speak louder than words. You can always tell the phonies on this issue by what they do rather than what they say.
But even what Crist says on this issue is worth noting. Crist has even denounced Jeb Bush's meager efforts to avert the killing of Terri.
"There are some decisions that ought to be left to God and family," he said last spring. "Had I been governor, I would not have done the same thing (as Bush)."
Crist is the kind of power-hungry, ambitious politician we don't need in America. He will evidently do or say anything to achieve power.
Remember Judge George Greer - the black-robed god who ruled from on high as a county official to enforce Terri's death? Crist honored Greer and the other judges who backed his hideous decisions by saying: "You are heroes to all of us, and your defense of the judiciary and what is right is beyond admirable."

Read Farah's article at World Net Daily

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