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May 1, 2006

Michael Schiavo Attacks Pro-Life Advocates

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LifeNews reports that Michael Schiavo told a bioethics conference at the University of Pennsylvania that he should have pressed for his former wife Terri's euthanasia death sooner than he did. He also attacked pro-life advocates who he says have constantly criticized him and his character.

Michael told those at the conference that bioethicists, church leaders and other have no right to intervene in a familial dispute about someone's lifesaving medical treatment.

He also took aim at pro-life bloggers (he's not talking about us, is he?):

Schiavo is still dogged by protesters a year after his wife's death.

"Every day, the pro-life blogs continue to bash me, as they are outside today," Schiavo said as a small group of demonstrators gathered outside the University of Pennsylvania symposium.

If condemning the purposeful starvation/dehydration death of his wife and his advocacy of euthanasia and assisted suicide is "bashing", perhaps Michael is correct. However, beyond his present role as a modern day icon of the culture of death we have little interest in him. I do hope, for the sake of his wife and children, that he is a good husband and father and that he will someday experience freedom from this controversy through repentence and peace with God.

Posted by tim at May 1, 2006 11:14 PM

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