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May 17, 2006

Help Yenlang Vo

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Visit the North Country Gazette for a detailed update.

Please do take the time to read about the desperate situation involving Yenlang Vo and consider publicizing her case. St. David's North Austin Medical Center in Austin informed Mrs. Vo's family that they will end her medical treatment (and therefore her life) on June 5th under the Texas futile care statute. Yes, the circumstances are very similar to what happened to Andrea Clark and Andrea's family is speaking out.

Mrs. Vo's daughter and husband are frantically searching for another licensed care facility and a nephrologist who will meet Mrs. Vo's medical needs. As it stands, there are very few prospects and your prayers would be appreciated. If you have information about possible treatment options or know a physician in Texas you we urge you to contact the family.


St. David's main phone number is 512-901-1000. If you call to express concern, please be polite.

Another Desperate Case in Texas: Yenlang Vo

Yenlang Vo's Struggle for Life

Andrea Clark Is Not the Only One

Commenting on this case and others Bob Kafka, Texas NDY Organizer, states, "I have come to the conclusion that the essence of any futility law embraces involuntary euthanasia."

"The ability of a doctor to overrule both the patient and their surrogate in withdrawing life-sustaining treatment is in violation of the principle of patient autonomy. There's no way to 'fix' this law. It just needs to be killed - or euthanized, for those who prefer softer language. I am increasingly suspicious of the willingness of the medical community to honor 'autonomy' of old, ill and disabled people ONLY in those cases where they want to die."

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