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May 2, 2006

Andrea Clark Safe at Last

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Sunday was the day Andrea Clark's hospital originally said they would end her life sustaining medical treatment. As a result of the efforts of her family and friends, Andrea's sister sent us the following email today:

How am I doing? I am doing FABULOUS! My sister, Andrea, is GETTING WELL. Her white blood cell count has been down to normal for the FOURTH day in a ROW now, and she has been able to get off of the blood pressure raising drugs that she has had to be on for MONTHS. She is doing GREAT. Her new doctor ... has also halved the amount of pain medications that she is taking, so that she can talk to her family. He says that her condition is "serious," but that she does have the ability to get much better.

The futility proceedings are stopped now. Because this new doctor took over her case, it is all stopped.

I'm so happy I don't know what to think, or say, or do. Not only is my sister NOT going to be put to death by St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, but it also looks like she is RECOVERING from her heart surgery, finally.


Andrea's attorney, Jerri Ward, writes:
I want to let you know that St. Luke's is doing the right thing in this case now. The physician team met with the new attending and it went well. The team is on board and the medical futility procedure has been stopped. For the time being, Andrea will continue to receive life-sustaining and appropriate treatment at St. Luke's.

St. Luke's, and the involved physicians, are to be commended for reconsidering and deciding to continue Andrea's care.

In a follow-up email, Jerri wrote:
Thank YOU and everybody who helped, including pro-life bloggers, Terri Schindler's family and all your readers. God Bless you all.
Praise God! Yes, miracles do happen. We couldn't be happier for Andrea and her family.

While Andrea safe others remain in peril - consider Yenlang Vo's struggle for life and Naaman's article on the culture of death.

Source: ProLifeBlogs

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