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April 26, 2006

More on the Killing of Andrea Clark

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Andrea Clark's sister, Melanie Childers, writes:

Imagine that you are sick and so you make sure that you are covered by really good health insurance. Your everyday life is a regimen of taking your medications, taking care of your young son, and keeping your appointements with your doctor. You're not real sophisticated about health insurance, but you know that your health has never been good, because of your heart, so you spend what little extra you've got on supplemental insurance policies, because you really need to be sure that, if you get sicker, you've got the coverage to take care of yourself. After all, you're alone in the world, just you and your young son.

What would you do? You would probably go with the best odds, even though those odds are not good at all. You'd have the surgery. You've got the insurance and you've got the doctors. You, quite literally, have to put your life in their hands. You trust them.

So...you undergo the surgery. And, miraculously, you survive. Your insurance is still in force. You've got good doctors. Everything is rosy.

Then, you get an infection. Because of the infection, you develop complications. You have to go on some medications that cause other problems. You get a bedsore. You get more complications. In the meantime, the insurance costs are rising. The doctors are becoming less optimistic about your chances.

You're fighting for your life. But the insurance company is still paying and getting mean about it. They start pressuring the hospital, which starts pressuring the doctor. The doctor had a patient who he could pull from the arms of death with surgery and he almost did it, but then these complications occurred. Things are not looking that rosy anymore. Pressure is mounting from the insurance company.

The doctor, caving to pressure from the hospital, which caved in to pressure from the insurance company, finally gets with the family to ask them for permission to pull the plug. But the family talked to you and you didn't want to give up the fight.

The doctor convenes a meeting with other doctors and they decide to medicate you into unconsciousness so that you can't say what you want anymore. Once they do that, they have another meeting, with other doctors and make the decision that they can unplug you, with or without your or your family's permission.

These people, the insurance company that you gave your money to, in the expectation that they would pay for your medical bills; the doctor, who you trusted in and believed in, to have your best interests at heart--these are the people who are bringing about your death, just when you are fighting for your life the hardest you've ever had to fight.

Isn't that one heck of a deal, guys? These are the people whose hands you put your life into and they are going to kill you. That's the Texas Futile Care Law. And my sister is going to die because of it.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrea and her family. Melanie asks that those concerned contact Andrea's hospital:

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