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March 22, 2006

Why is Terri Smiling?

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Kevin Fobbs writes in Michigan News:

[For] Michael Schiavo to say recently in the New York Post that Terri might be "up there right now praising" him -- smiling down -- is truly a travesty of heroic measure. But perhaps he does have part of it right. Terri is up there smiling down although not on him but on all of us who understand the value of life and who have come to rally for the Culture of Life.

Terri is smiling down because there are millions of Americans who have a loved one in a hospital who have the will to live, or a young baby -- newly born -- being embraced by family for the first time because the baby's parents made a decision to embrace the Culture of Life. There are young children who are growing up with severe disabilities whose parents decided that Dr. Death and his prognosis would not be allowed into their life decision and that God -- not man -- decides what "quality of life" means because he -- not man -- created life and he -- not man -- decides when life begins and ends.

That is why Terri is smiling because "Terri's Day" and the national effort to create a national Day of Remembrance and a Celebration of the Culture of Life for March 31st draws a symbolic indelible line in the sand. The Culture of Death is being put on the ropes and the nation is fighting back by pledging to embrace the Culture of Life on May 12th by joining the Schindler family in Michigan to deal the death culture a knockout punch.

America is prepared to embrace a deep-seated right and a fundamental gift which begins with the first baby's breath taken and ends with the last whisper taken before death. The gift we cannot ignore is Life and the culture that surrounds it. Pledge your family and yourself to the gift, which is freely given by God. Celebrate the Culture of Life and demand that your state join you as well by passing the Terri's Day Resolution to officially commemorate March 31st as a day of remembrance for Terri and those like her. That is something that Terri and the angels in Heaven just have to be smiling about.

Posted by tim at March 22, 2006 10:55 AM

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Terri's only smiling because she's free of her suffering at the hands of Mike and the Two Georges. What a self-absorbed clod...

Posted by: thedegu [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 26, 2006 11:48 PM