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March 10, 2006

The Party of Death: The Assault on the Sanctity of Life

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party_of_death.jpgRecently one of the editors from Regnery Publishing kindly sent me an excerpt from the upcoming book, The Party of Death, by Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review. The book's title refers to the Democratic party as the "party of death" because of its acceptance, leadership, and advocacy of abortion on demand, embryo killing and euthanasia.

Ponnuru has a point, considering that the party's leadership is comprised of individuals who deny the sanctity of human life by categorizing groups of individuals as disposable non-persons and others as having a life that is not worth living. The "party of death" label is used, not in an emotive or pejorative manner, but descriptively, on the basis of party platforms, historical record, political actions and the forthright views of the leadership.

The books starts with a stunning description of the impact Roe v. Wade has had on American courts, politics, culture and society. Ponnuru weeds through rhetoric to examine the legal and factual basis for the ruling and thereby destroys many of the myths, built upon deceit and misdirection, that continue to be propagated by abortion proponents and in particular the Democratic party and their media accomplices.

Leon H Wolf at RedStates comments, "Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review has a new book coming out - his first. It's called The Party of Death. I've had a chance to read over much of it, and it's the most powerful and significant book on abortion, euthanasia, stem cells, and other sanctity of life issues in a generation."

From what I've read to date, Leon's statements are on the mark and I'm looking forward to receiving my print copy. You can order yours via Amazon - click here.

Additional Info from the Publisher:

The Party of Death: The Assault on the Sanctity of Life
By Ramesh Ponnuru

Are Democrats "the Party of Death"? If you look at their agenda they are.

It's not just abortion-on-demand. It's euthanasia, embryo destruction, even infanticide--and a potentially deadly concern with "the quality of life" of disabled people.

If you think these issues don't concern you--guess again. The Party of Death could be roaring into the White House, as National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru shows, in the person of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In The Party of Death, Ponnuru details how leftwing radicals, using abortion as their lever, took over the Democratic Party--and how they have used their power to corrupt our law and politics, abolish our fundamental right to life, and push the envelope in ever more dangerous directions.

Ponnuru reveals:

  • How Hillary Clinton could use the abortion issue (but not in the way you think) to become president

  • Why the conventional wisdom about Roe v. Wade is a lie

  • Why Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, and other leading liberals gave up being pro-life

  • How the party of death--a coalition of special interests ranging from Planned Parenthood to Hollywood--came to own the Democratic Party

  • The Democratic presidential candidate who said that infanticide is a mother's "choice"

  • How the mainstream media promotes the party of death

  • How liberals use animal rights to displace human rights

  • How doctors--and other health care professionals--are being coerced, by law, into violating their consciences.

  • The ultrasound revolution: why there's hope to stop the party of death

Ponnuru also explains how figures such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Mario Cuomo, and Barbara Boxer have camouflaged that extremism--with help from the media. He exposes historians who have lied about the history of abortion, and philosophers who support infanticide. He debunks myths about the courts, showing how they block even common-sense restrictions on abortion. And he draws lessons from the debate over the killing of Laci Peterson and her unborn son, and the Terri Schiavo affair.

Ponnuru's shocking expose shows just how extreme the Party of Death has become as they seek to destroy every inconvenient life, demand fealty to their radical agenda, and punish anyone who defies them. But he also shows how the tide is turning, how the Party of Death can be defeated, and why its last victim might be the Democratic Party itself.

Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor at National Review , is a graduate of Princeton University and has covered politics as a reporter for more than a dozen years. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Washington Times, Weekly Standard, and Financial Times. He is also a frequent guest on television and radio political programs. A native of St. Louis, Missouri , he now lives in northern Virginia with his family.

Posted by tim at March 10, 2006 12:55 PM

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The Democrat party is the Party of Death, but by the same logic the Republicans are the party of Partial Death, as they have plenty of Specters and Snowes in their ranks.

Posted by: thedegu [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 15, 2006 2:52 AM

I'm sure Ponnuru acknowledges this, I just caution anyone from taking an overly Manichean view of the parties...plenty of dirt to go around, but more on the D side.

Sorry for double post.

Posted by: thedegu [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 15, 2006 2:54 AM

I don't disagree - in Terri's case the Republican party did not come out looking like the noble defender of life....

Posted by: tim [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 15, 2006 2:57 AM