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March 10, 2006

Terri's Brother to Speak at Life Conference

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The Fourth International Conference Life and the Family, being held in Dublin, Ireland, is now just two weeks away. Amazing speakers have all confirmed their attendance and are looking forward to this exciting opportunity to meet supporters of life and family from around the world.

This year's conference will also focus on issues facing families, parents and young people today. One of the most inspiring speakers will be Brandi Swindell, who has long been a campaigner for the rights of the unborn. Brandi will speak on one of the hardest and most pressing issues to face young people today; chastity.

Also focusing on the family also will be Dr Sean O Domhnaill and journalist John Waters. But in order to make this a real family event the organisers have arranged activities for children throughout the weekend. Face-painting, bouncy castles and more will ensure that they are also kept busy.

True to the feisty nature of Irish pro-lifers, a number of activities have been arranged leading up to the conference weekend and in the days afterwards. The Good News for Life will be celebrated as YD congratulate South Dakota on their abortion ban and hope to encourage other states to do the same.

Pro-life speakers will share their inspirational testimonies with delegates throughout the weekend. Dr. Eshan Dias, Sri Lanka's foremost pro-life leader, will relate the awesome effect his work is having in his country.

No pro-life conference would be complete without the exposure of the lies that the pro-abortion lobby want to spread. At the Fourth International Conference Joan Appleton will lift the lid on what really goes on behind closed doors. Her story is made even more captivating as it so personal. Personal stories will also play a part during the weekend (March 24th to 26th) as we are honoured to invite Bobby Schindler, brother to the late Terri Schiavo, whose death at the hands of the US judiciary rocked the world.

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