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March 18, 2006

Should Have Been So Simple

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Terri Schindler-Schiavo Blogburst 2006 Day One:Simple

Crystal Clear the care for Terri Schindler-Schiavo should have been very simple.

  • Effective and Efficient: Her Mother, her Father, her Sister,  and her Brother all wanted to care for her and love her.
    • Direct-Nothing is as everlasting and pure as a Mother's love for her child.Nothing.
    • Economical-No hospice care was ever necessary or required. It bucked the whole system contemptuously to put her in a hospice Felos and Greer were connected with.
    • Comfortable-Life at home with family and love instead of 24/7 clinical care by those serving those entering the final stages of life with death waiting on the doorstep
    • Few Steps- Judge Greer could have legally, ethically, and morally bestowed guardianship on one or both of her siblings as requested early in the proceedings if he hadn't had another interest
    • Fast-Could have been done and over with in one hearing
    • Suitable-Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy at home instead of receiving NONE of the above and LESS on account of your husband's  legals guardian's demand
    • Adapted-Could have recognized the change in Mikey's guardianship eligibility as there was a Crystal Clear conflict of interest as Mikey was living with his concubine and fathered 2 children .. ya' think?
  • Simple,Reduced: Her Mother, Father, Brother and Sister and COUNTLESS OTHERS all wanted her to live and there was absolutely NOTHING in writing and only a few hearsay comments  (from biased and connected witnesses) and not even RELEVANT comments or statements that allegedly alluded to her saying she wouldn't want to "live like that" when the "that " of her situation (with a feeding tube) wasn't even considered extraordinary means and would not have been considered when she made the alleged statement by interested parties!

  • Transparent & Learnable
    • Behaves as Expected- A husband who would like to supposedly get on with his life with a new family and has the option to do so would take the path of least resistance and... relinquish guardianship to her family and would have let her live. Mikey has stated he and NONE of us know what Terri would have wanted ...it should have been an assumption of life with care by family who would be devastated and were by her starving...He was and is no hero... it was not expected behavior...
    • Familiar: There had been no so hotly contested case as this... logic and morality and life should have been default. Life and the presumption of life when loved and wanted by others is a familiar assumption and was until Terri...
    • Consistent: Terri's Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister and countless supporters always supported Terri's life. Mikey on the other hand went from asking for millions to care for her to using the million plus to finally finish her off...Remembering after receiving the malpractice settlement that she had said she wouldn't want to live like that...
    • Intuitive/Understandable/: The public can understand a promise a husband makes to a wife. However, it is intuitive and understandable a wife in a similar predicament would not only understand but WANT her husband to let her live and let her family care for her and love her and take her home. It is beyond intuitive a woman who was in no pain and whose family wanted to take her home and care for her would want the family to do so and have her husband go on with his life. It is against common sense and not intuitive or  understandable an otherwise healthy woman would want to put her Mother, her Father, her Brother, her Sister, and countless millions through such a horrific death. It just does not compute. It does not match up with the person her family OR Mikey describe.

Instead we had this...Schiavo_web_1

The Web of Lies

Murder with the world watching.

More to follow tomorrow.

Posted by crystal at March 18, 2006 3:19 AM

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...this country is now a frightening place for anyone who is disabled,because life now has no value, unless you are 'fortunate' enough to be young,healthy,and prosperous. if not, your quality of life and length of same is steadily being decreased,and dramatically so,now that the precident of killing poor Terri has been set. what chance do we have now, that we are racing toward fulfilling Hitler's dream of destroying all who 'are of no value to society,but to drain it of resources'? this is no longer the America i grew up in...it is the rise of a new country with Hitler's values. ...and i am so afraid,for my kids and for myself,since literally half our family is on the autistic spectrum,and autistics are considered to be of no value at all...we are tested for in utero,and murdered before birth, and some countries do not even consider us to have minds or be human at all....

...Terri, please pray for us? We need your help.

Posted by: LadyDeerskin [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 18, 2006 1:37 PM

LadyDeerSkin if you are so frightened by life in America then please leave.

This is a great country! And other than my having to share it with the likes of you I love this country.

Thankfully the Supreme Court is not influenced by misinformed public opinion and was able to clearly see the central and paramount issue: Do Americans have a right to self determination? Do Americans have the freedom of choice?

The resounding answer from the Supreme Court was YES!

Mrs Schiavo was no longer a child. She was no longer a "baby".

She was an adult and as an adult she was entitled to make her own choices. Even choices that her parents (and their supporters) did not agree with.

It is too bad that the Schindler family was not able to respect or support the choices of their ADULT daughter. It is too bad they had to try and force their will upon their ADULT daughter.

But then control and the family of origin are at the very heart of eating disorders.

Seeing how the Schindler family treated their daughter as an adult its not too hard to picture the kind of childhood Mrs Schiavo had and why she developed an eating disorder.

This is a great country but it would be an even better country if more people would think for themselves, do their own investigating and draw their own conclusions.

In this great country people are allowed to come together and debate issues. Freedom of speech.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom of choice- the right to self determination.

America- love it or leave it!

Posted by: Truth at March 18, 2006 11:52 PM

Your reference to an eating disorder just shows how little of the truth you know about this case. Take a long, hard look at the facts of this case - ALL OF THEM - and the truth of this case is very ugly. I agree that we live in a great country, but it is not a perfect country, and the laws and justice can be manipulated and misused. Take your own advice and think for yourself, do some investigating and don't discount out of hand those who have come to different conclusions. The truth will set you free and all that ......

Posted by: CeCe [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 20, 2006 11:35 AM

Actually I have a great grasp of the facts- the Schindler family did NOT dispute the eating disorder theory during the medical malpractice case. If they didn't suspect Mrs Schiavo suffered from an eating disorder then why didn't they dispute this claim?

An eating disorder was NOT disproved at autopsy, the medical examiner simply stated he could not PROVE it at autopsy (after so many years).

While the ME took great pains to offer a theory other than eating disorder for the potassium imbalance he was careful not to discredit himself and his alternative theory by not mentioning the SEVEN defibrillation attempts that were necessary to restore an effective heart beat.

The general public doesn't get this. The medical community understands it quite clearly. Just as the medical community understands quite clearly how the BONE SCAN information was misused.

Why was Mrs Schiavo seeing a fertility specialist if she was being abused by her husband or thinking about divorcing him? Seems odd that an abused and fearful woman would keep such doctors appointments.

If Mrs Schiavo had actually discussed divorce and abuse with friends and family why didn't any of these friends or family members bring it up in their testimony at the original hearings?

If Nurse Iyer had actually called the Schindlers in the 90's about murder attempts against their daughter then why didn't the Schindlers call Nurse Iyer as a witness in the 2000 hearing?

Apparently Mary Schindler couldn't recall any of the talk of abuse or divorce at the medical malpractice trial as she was praising him under oath, on the record and before God as her witness.

I'm not here to trash a greiving family. The whole matter should have been private and out of the public spotlight. This blog and all the others on this topic wouldn't exist at all except that the Schindler family decided to turn their daughters tragedy into a public spectacle and debate.

Can they live with themselves knowing they did everything possible? I hope so. I can't see as how they left any avenue unpursued in their attempts to save their daughter and I applaud their efforts.

Can they claim that everything they had to say to the media was truthful? Can they claim they never knowingly lied about the facts, testimony, evidence or science? Can they claim they never twisted the truth and manipulated the public, media or the politicians in order to get what they wanted?

It is not that I fault the Schindler family for what they did. I do however fault CeCe and many of the others at this site, and others, for trying to elevate the Schindlers to some holy or angelic position on earth.

I am afraid they are just as human and sinful as everyone else. The end does NOT justify the means.

Posted by: TRUTH at March 20, 2006 4:47 PM

Truth, why didn't Michael get Terri a PET scan which would have proved his point? Aren't you at all curious as to why? Why didn't he release her medical records?

Abused women will do many things to please their abusers, even keep doctors appointments. You said you weren't trashing the Schindlers, yet that is all you are doing. Are they angelic and holy, no. Just ordinary people who tried heroically to save their daughter.

Anyway, when we all get to that place that is angelic and holy, you'll have an opportunity to hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth, to your sorrow or to your joy, but not a syllable to your twisting ideology.

Posted by: CeCe [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 21, 2006 9:19 AM