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March 25, 2006

New Book! A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo

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life_matters.jpgTerri's parents, brother, and sister speak out--for Terri and themselves. A LIFE THAT MATTERS may well change every assumption you have about Terri's too-brief life and and prolonged, agonizing death.

Here the people who loved her and knew her best tell the story not only of the fifteen years Terri struggled to stay alive, but of a gentle child who brought happiness to everyone she touched.

This is the story of a normal adolescent who blossomed into the beautiful young woman who captured Michael Schiavo's heart. And it is the inside story of their troubled relationship, for the members of Terri's family were witnesses to a growing tension--and were her confidants as she struggled in her marriage with the husband who would later crusade for her premature and unnecessary death.

A book that stakes clear moral ground without a political aim, A LIFE THAT MATTERS takes us inside Terri's family when the courts ordered her feeding tube removed, and it leads inexorably to a scene that will haunt readers forever: a bereft family barred by the police from their daughter's hospice room in the final moments of her life.

A LIFE THAT MATTERS separates lies from truth, myth from facts, and politics from people. It challenges us to hear the words and feel the emotions of the warm, intensely private family who never sought the media storm that accosted them, or the devastating legal battle that broke their hearts. The book asks us what we would do if we found ourselves, as the Schindlers did, wanting nothing more than to love and care for a daughter as long as she could live.

More information: TerrisFight

Posted by tim at March 25, 2006 3:23 PM

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I bought the book on Tuesday (the day it hit the shelves) and it was like I relived what the Schindler family endured. This book spoke to you; it was not like your everyday book, but a book about a life, the strength and courage of a family, and the imminent death that the media overplayed. This family is blessed and graced with the gifts of one another and their Faith; it's an account told by the people who knew Terri and loved her the most. Everyone MUST buy this!

Posted by: Theresa de Vera at March 27, 2006 11:58 AM

Dear Schindler Family
Thank you for being on television today and for writing the book, which I have just purchased. You are a lovely family and I am behind you a million percent.

While I am grateful that you are more at peace and coming to terms with all this, I am extremely aggitated and angry watching that criminal Michael Shiavo and his girlfriend,now wife, trying to fool the American public. As far as I'm concerned, he and his criminal lawyer(s) should be behind bars for what they did and how they falsely portrayed their role in the murderous death of Terry.

Thank you for your website/foundation/and the opportunity to vent.

Sincerely, Barbara

Posted by: Barbara at March 28, 2006 12:20 PM

my prayers are with you all. i do beleive micheal murdered her and his jodi or what ever name is also to blame as much as he...i would love to be able to tell her dont go to hospitol jodi because your life well be taken just like terri...he is a murder and he well do it again,as he got by with it ..he thinks it well be easy now..i love you all..

Posted by: dorothy starks at March 30, 2006 12:18 AM

My heart goes out to The Schindler family and you have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Last year I sat sending and resending emails to Gov. Bush for days...he ignored that. Michael is a liar and murderer and he can write all the books he likes and try to convince the world he is not a murderer but God knows....he will have to answer for the murder of his wife. The "new" wife better watch her back!

May Terri rest in peace and she will forever be in my thoughts and prayers as well as her family...

Of course that totally excludes "Michael-Murderer-Supreme-Schiavo" and anyone associated with him. What goes around, comes around....with interest and you reap what you sow.....Just remember that Michael

Posted by: Dee at March 30, 2006 3:29 PM