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March 16, 2006

My Husband Recovered

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From time to time we've received testimonials from readers who identified with the Schindler family and watched with great saddness as their daughter was lost. We appreciate the following letter from Caryn:

As the sole caregiver for my brain damaged spouse over 15 yrs it pains me greatly how Terri's husband has been able to treat her and her family. Even when I was angry with my husband's family, my mother always reminded me that was being selfish and I should never deny him from his family. My husband was slow to recover but with therapy it was found that he is very aware. He would respond to me before others unless they spent time with him. He couldn't repond to doctors quick commands.

His processing speech and motor skills were damaged (Apraxia) and has no initiation (frontal lobe). Doctors wrote that I was not dealing with reality. They wanted me to walk away. He is still severe but he "knows" and needs to be cued. When asked if he ever wanted to be this way? He shakes his head "NO" . Have we been happy together ? "YES" Do you want to die? "NO". Every nite he mouths "I LOVE YOU" he is also a register voter. There will never be any help for those who are caregivers or disabled, if insurance companies and doctors don't stop brainwashing and making it convenient to believe that denying nutrition is a dignified solution.

Posted by tim at March 16, 2006 3:03 AM

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