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February 15, 2006

You Know It is Coming


rememberterri.jpgThe anniversary of the murder of Terri Schiavo. Scuttlebutt has it a book by Mikey and another by the Schindler family are slated for release around the end of March. So the media will be allover it allover again...

It will appear to come into the spotlight and fade away but for many it has never truly gone away and truly never will.

Not a day passes I don't think about Terri Schaivo and feel sick to my stomach about all the different issues and all the lies that still float around to this day. It disturbs me greatly people think or use it in terms of people feeling politicians were using it for party gain. It bothers me people are more upset about the government interfering than a disabled woman being starved to death by order of Schiavo and Greer who had no moral or true legal standing. It bothers me people don't have a complete picture of all the wrongdoings and mishandling of the case. It enfuriates me to see Greer and Schiavo recognized with awards by organizations thus having their actions appear laudable and legitimate.

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Posted by tim at February 15, 2006 1:13 PM

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Guess what? You won't believe it, but Judge Greer is a speaker and appearing with Schiavo and Felos at a conference!

This is the biggest slap in the face America has been forced to endure.

Pinellas' probate court judge Greer has done more, in our opinion, to erode the public confidence in the judiciary than any other judicial officer in the United States of America today.

He has made a mockery of the entire judicial system and he just keeps rubbing the public's nose in it, claiming he followed the rule of law, flaunting his arrogance, surfeited by himself. Does George Greer know the law or is just so callous he and all of his bar association affiliates believe he is above it?


Posted by: SherlockRWBShoes [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 16, 2006 8:15 PM