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February 22, 2006

Is hospice movement going beyond end-of-life care to hastening death?

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STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (National Catholic Register) - Families who have contacted the nonprofit Hospice Patients Alliance are raising important questions about hospice as a movement.

Although hospice's stated mission remains that of providing compassionate and dignified care to people at the end of life, some are asking whether hospices are starting to go beyond that role by hastening death instead.

Since the first hospice program was started in the United States in 1974, hospice organizations have served more than 1 million patients at the end of life by providing a range of services dealing with management of pain and physical symptoms and psycho-social needs. Read More . . .

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Posted by tim at February 22, 2006 4:34 AM

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I live in British Columbia Canada, I was seriously injured and hospitalized 10 yrs ago in the province of Alberta, Canada. I experience awful things while in hospital and I ain't the only one, people around the world are taking advantage of when they become weak mentally or physically they get abuse as well in hospices and many other place where it is suppose to be a safe place where there is respect for life. Sadly enough a lot of nurses, doctors and people who works with the weak and vulnerable ones becomes monsters and abusers more often then anyone likes to believe. My daughter has been volonteering at the local hospital for about a year, she tells me about the careless, senseless nurses at the hospital and how they treat the old patients.As soon as someone shows weakness, there is predators just like in the wild, we ain't there yet, although some of us cares there is as you guys call it death culture and Terri's life and death is a reminder of the blood thirsty killers existing among us and it is scary because when they gang up it is like anything more of us more power we need more of us caring people and yes not be afraid to show love and it's power. We need to get stronger mentally and physically to protect the ones in need.Life is beautiful and let everyone have a chance at it that is what we need to do for Terri. Her smile speaks for itself, she died but I want to celebrate her existance in this world by helping and caring for life. I am here and I am going to take advantage of this time on earth to help others. God Bless You and Terri and family are in my mind today. Anne Marie Benoit.

Posted by: anne marie benoit at March 18, 2006 5:15 PM