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February 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Haleigh Poutre!

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A brain-injured Westfield girl the state sought to remove from life support turns 12-years-old tomorrow in a Boston rehab hospital.

Haleigh Poutre (HAY'-lee POOT'-Rah) has been in state custody since September. Authorities say she was beaten into a coma by her adoptive mother and stepfather.

About a week after taking custody, the Department of Social Services sought permission to remove her from life support.

But after a legal battle between the D-S-S and Haleigh's stepfather -- who was trying to keep her on life support -- Haleigh showed signs of improvement.

Haleigh's birth mother asked to visit her daughter at the Franciscan Hospital for Children on the girl's birthday, but her lawyer says the D-S-S never responded.

An agency spokeswoman says they won't change the birth mother's once-every-other-week visitation schedule.

You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Update: see Michelle Malkin

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