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February 24, 2006

Charlotte Wyatt in need of urgent prayers!!!

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charlotte.jpgMary, from Olive Branch Press writes:

I just wanted to let you know that Charlotte Wyatt is in dire need of prayer. She has contracted a virus that is making breathing difficult for her. Judge Hedley has reversed his prior decision regarding the use of a respirator. Please add her to your prayer lists. For more information you can visit

Baby Charlotte's life back in doctor's hands
ITN - London,UK
The High Court has ruled that doctors should be allowed to let baby Charlotte Wyatt die if they feel it is necessary. Mr Justice ...
More information here.

Update from --Coyote (Sounding the Trumpet):

I thought you would like to know about baby Charlotte's worsening condition:

New ruling as Charlotte worsens:

A judge has ruled that doctors treating toddler Charlotte Wyatt can decide not to resuscitate her if they feel it would not be in her best interests.
The order came after an emergency hearing on Thursday, as Charlotte's condition deteriorated.

She has been suffering from an aggressive virus and doctors say the next few hours are "crucial".

Baby Charlotte 'extremely serious':
The judge, who heard an emergency application on Thursday evening from the hospital treating Charlotte, said the girl's mother, Debbie, still believes that if the child was ventilated she would recover.

But he said there had been a "very significant deterioration in Charlotte's condition".

Our thoughts and prayers are with Charlotte and her family.

Posted by tim at February 24, 2006 4:17 PM

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