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December 7, 2005

Michael Schiavo To Start PAC in Terri's Name


I don't know how Terri's family stands it. If I, someone totally unrelated to Terri, can get this angry every time Michael pulls something like this, I can't imagine what it must do to her family. Hasn't he done enough to hurt them? He won. He murdered his wife. But that wasn't enough. Nothing is ever enough for this evil man.

Now comes this news from CNSNews.com:

    Salon.com reports that Michael Schiavo plans to launch a new political action committee, called Terri PAC, with the intent of defeating the (conservative Republican) politicians who tried to intervene in the life-or-death legal battle over his severely brain-damaged wife. Terri Schiavo died of court-ordered dehydration at Michael's request last March 31. "For 15 years, I have been watching the politicians working their ways into my case. I felt I needed to do something when this was all said and done," Schiavo told Salon on Tuesday.

Can you imagine being abused by your husband so badly that you end up with severe brain damage? Then, said husband wins all political battles to ensure your silence by ending your life. Then, he goes and starts a political action committee IN YOUR NAME to get the people out of office who tried to save your life.

May God bless Terri's family with the peace, strength, and grace they need to deal with yet another attack from Michael.

Posted by writewingnut at December 7, 2005 12:37 PM

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Maybe Michael is being "Sheehaned" by the Democrats. Looks like they're well behind the PAC: http://texasrainmaker.blogspot.com/2005/12/using-terri-it-was-only-matter-of-time.html

A rare example of Democrats keeping their promise.

Posted by: Jason Smith [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 8, 2005 12:06 AM

Schiavo isn't doing it for the democrats, he is doing it for his pocket. (Heck, it was the republicans that made the law, changed the law, and voted NO)http://www.newswithviews.com/McGinley/kelly13.htm

He is such a megalomaniac he just cannot stop his EGO. He is such a liar and phony. He acts just like a sociopath! How stupid can this country be to believe a word he says. He doesn't care about his fellow American's or marriage, oh please, he is revolting!

Schiavo must laugh himself to sleep every night. He got away with attempted murdered in 1990-and managed to get the State of Florida to finish the job-and now he is pandering for money to support his new found celebrity/lifestyle. Michael Schiavo, the lobbyist with tips on, "How to kill your wife and make your state pay for it and get rich while doing it and stay out of jail"

This is really horrible. I wish the Schindlers would file a wrongful death suit. They would win, the real truth would come out. I keep hoping!

Posted by: SherlockRWBShoes [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 8, 2005 1:01 AM

I am a stranger to Terri and her family, but I felt that earlier this year I got to know Terri very well. The woman created by Michael Schiavo does not exist at all. The real Terri did not want to be euthanaised, to have her life ended by starvation and dehydration. The real Terri wanted to live, and she wanted to be loved by her parents, siblings and friends.

The evidence that Terri wanted to live is presented by the fact of her will to live, despite the psychological abuse that was dished out over 15 long years.

The media was successful in causing a subterfuge over the facts of the Schindler-Schiavo case. Even now there are people who will ask the question: Was this case just about two families fighting each other? Watch this woman explode and exclaim that such an idea is total "mushroom fodder", but more expressively stated. No, it was not about two families fighting. It was and is about the rights of every disabled person in the United States and the rest of the world.

I have no doubt that Michael Schiavo is a sociopath and that he alone carries the burden of the death of his wife. However, George Greer and George Felos are also responsible.

Schiavo thinks that he can make a difference and that these people will be voted out because of him - bah humbug.

Posted by: Maggie4Life [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 8, 2005 5:42 PM

Hi Maggie!

I know you from Code Blue Blogger and the save Terri days! Glad to see you!

Yes, you are right, every word you say is correct! I couldn't sleep last night, was so upset over the latest Michael Schiavo JAB. He tortured Terri and her family for 15 plus years and now he is going to torture America! He has been unleashed on the most vunerable people in our society and he has the fellow big hitter ghouls to assist him. He could care a less about the rights of anyone, he is just using this as an excuse for his desperate need for attention, fame and money. I suspect he will eventually run for office, and we have idiots stupid enough to vote for him. I feel like I have the flu today and I am sure it is because I got so upset with his latest stunt.

Tonight Judge Greer is getting an (another) award from the ACLU for murdering Terri at the country club that used to employ Michael Schiavo. The ACLU is on the tax dole and everytime they win a case they are paid by the USG, taxpayer green backs. I am just wondering if they were paid on Terri's case. They were the underwriter of the Felos/Schiavo fight to kill Terri. Makes me sick. Bah Humbug is right!

The Empire Journal is not writing too much about Terri but you can keep up with the latest news at


Merry Christmas Maggie!!

Posted by: SherlockRWBShoes [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 8, 2005 6:48 PM

I cannot stand this. Michael Schiavo did not allow his wife to have peace during her life, and now after her death he will not leave her memory to be at peace.

Notice, too, he is on one of his ego trips again: he makes sure we all know he is the Chairman of the PAC by placing his name in nice big letters within PAC's logo.

I do not understand how anyone can see anything good about what this man does "in Terri's name," when it is so obviously self-serving.

Posted by: Chana Meira [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 10, 2005 8:56 PM

It saddens me to know that this evil has reared it's ulgy head during this holy season of Advent. I had the honor to see Bob and Mary speak in Omaha on All Saints Day about Terri and the 13 days of hell on earth they had to watch Terri endure. Not only was it humbling to see such corageous people speak, but it was wonderful to know that so many people care about this worthy cause. Christians and non-Christians alike must band together and pray for a conversion of all those involved in the cause for death.

Posted by: Erika [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 13, 2005 4:24 PM