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December 20, 2005

Devastating Review of Michael Schiavo's PAC

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Schiavo Case Unpacked: Lies, Jesse Jackson, Aretha Franklin and "Terri-ism"

Special Commentary to LifeSiteNews.com by Anita Crane

It's easy to see why lies can be so tempting. For those intent on having things their own way regardless of the cost, lies are useful because they can injure and destroy people. They are especially useful when propagated by journalists; because under the guise of journalism, lies have an air of legitimacy, enabling them to influence untold millions.

Michael Scherer broke Salon.com's Dec. 7 story on Michael Schiavo's project Terri PAC, the political action committee he formed "with the hope of raising money to defeat the politicians who tried to intervene in the legal battle between Schiavo and Terri's parents."

Scherer opened his piece with these words: "At the height of the battle, Michael Schiavo appeared to be a reluctant cultural warrior. His wife, Terri, lay comatose, in her 15th year of vegetative slumber, connected to a feeding tube, but well beyond resuscitation." I daresay almost everyone who paid attention to the Terri Schiavo story saw video showing that she was anything but comatose. And any good reporter would be able to find exam reports verifying her consciousness and interaction with people.

Moreover, Robert Destro, an attorney who represents Terri's parents Bob and Mary Schindler in league with the Gibbs Law Firm, said this after Terri's autopsy: "We knew that Terri was severely brain damaged before she died. Though we did not know that she was blind, blind people can be just as responsive to their families as sighted people can. After the initial guardianship judgment was rendered, there were significant attempts to rehabilitate Terri. And if you look, as we did, very carefully into the medical record, you'd see there were occasions when Terri actually responded to direct questions: 'Do you want us to move your legs?' And she said, 'No.' We still believe she was MCS [in a minimally conscious state], and we had expert opinions to that effect."
Who's the victim?

Scherer persisted with material from Michael Schiavo's web site at TerriPAC.com: "'For 15 years, I have been watching the politicians working their ways into my case. I felt I needed to do something when this was all said and done,' Schiavo told Salon on Tuesday. 'I didn't ask for this fight, but now I am ready.'"

Furthermore, Schiavo makes this claim on his site: "Many observers believed this unprecedented political intrusion was purely political. During the debate in Congress, a memo surfaced from the office of Senator Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) outlining Republican political advantages that could be gained by intervening in the Schiavo case."

Yet neither Schiavo nor Scherer refer to the April 7 Washington Post report that the senator's legal counsel Brian Darling took responsibility for the memo and resigned his position.

Read the rest here at LifeSiteNews.com - note especially the Cranford connection.

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