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November 21, 2005

The most appalling thing you'll ever read. Guaranteed

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This is a story about a young woman in NSW, Aus who was born both visually and hearing impaired because of suspected rubella in her mother during pregnancy. That's certainly sad, but it's surely not a hurdle that can't be overcome with a bit of pluck.

The sickening part of this story is that the young woman (now 24 and, seemingly, on the insistence of her mum) is suing the doctors who did not effectively diagnose rubella. Why? Because, had it been known, her mother would have terminated her pregnancy.

In no other instance beyond the Terri Schiavo case have I seen such an embrace of bigotry against a disabled person. To say that this young woman is better dead than deaf or blind is no different than saying a child born with any hurdle is not worthy of life. What's sicker still is that her mother seems to embrace this concept. How does that impact the young woman?

Now, we have a suit for 'wrongful life' which will surely influence a good number of doctors. I find the image of the mother 'embracing' the young woman the most ill-making thing I've ever seen. Does she really think this is a 'wrongful life'???? Could you if it were your child?

Is this a frivolous revenue-generation exercise, or is this just another chip at the stone? We certainly live in a sick, sick world.

Here is the article:

In 'wrongful life' suit, disabled woman blames doctor for letting her be born

A blind and deaf Australian woman who claims she never should have been born is suing a doctor for a lifetime of suffering in the country's first "wrongful life" suit.

Alexia Harriton, 24, is seeking compensation from the doctor who misdiagnosed rubella in the first trimester of her mother's pregnancy, claiming Olga Harriton would have aborted her had she been aware of the potential birth defects arising from the illness.


Source: Pamela Hennessy

Posted by tim at November 21, 2005 12:30 PM

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