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August 1, 2005

Charlotte Paige Wyatt Update

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Charlotte Paige Wyatt was born prematurely at St. Mary's hospital on the 21st of October 2003. She weighed 458 grams (about a pound) and was barely five inches long. Three times in her short life she had to be re-ventilated.

Despite here doctor's predictions and a court ruling last Fall imposing a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order on her, Charlotte lived and is thriving.

Remarkably, on 21 April, the Judge again decided against removing the DNR from Charlotte and her parents are appealing.

Here is the latest from Save Charlotte:

The court date is continually being postponed, but little Charlotte is getting better by the day and we are looking forward to the time when she can come home. On Wednesday she was for 7 hours on nasel cannula, a huge step in the right direction.

We have a new home-made video of Charlotte in the hospital, narrated by Darren, here.

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