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August 8, 2005

Celebrating Guardians who Kill

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In what only can be considered bizarre, the Florida State Guardianship Association honored Michael Schiavo as Guardian of the Year for being a hero in "mercifully" killing his wife in a method that would be illegal to apply to most animals. It shouldn't be surprising that the Florida Bar Association gave Judge Greer the Judge of the Year Award for his part in defining separation of powers as prohibiting any check from the Legislature or Executive Branches against the juristocracy. In a society that celebrates people who abort their kids, is it any surprise that people celebrate guardians who delete their charges?

It's a society that is outraged by stories of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy, but remains silent when Planned Parenthood covers up about the same number of child rape cases in 1 year in the state of Illinois than the Catholic Church "covered up" in 50 years nationwide. It's a society that couldn't care less that child sex abuse takes place in public schools in much larger proportions.

So while Michael Schiavo and the Florida Lawyers and Guardians associations are celebrating their power to put the powerless to death, the rest of us can celebrate the miracle of birth of Susan Torres to a courageous father who kept his wife on life support so the child could be born.

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Posted by john at August 8, 2005 4:41 PM

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