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June 24, 2005

'The Death of Terri Schiavo' Now Online

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My article "The Death of Terri Schiavo", which appeared in the May issue of Catholic World Report, is now available online.

In this article, I describe and analyze the events and circumstances surrounding Terri's tragic death, and uncover some information you may not have seen before, such as:

Judge Greer took it upon himself to decide which tests Terri could or could not have, prompting one attorney to say that the judge "practiced quite a bit of medicine" in Terri's case.

Terri's death did not take place in quite the manner which the mainstream media reported.

I also explained, almost two months before the autopsy results came out, why the contention that "Terri was bulimic" was nonsense.

Terri's death, like much of the information concerning her condition while alive, was the object of spin and outright disinformation. In this Catholic World Report article, I try to unpack the distortions and give you the truth.

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Posted by Fr. Rob at June 24, 2005 1:17 PM

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Dear Father Robert J. Johansen,

Please accept my humble sympathies over the passing of Ms Schaivo. Please also extend these to her family.

Please also Father, take notice of many of the postings here on this website.

Perhaps Father Johansen, you'll notice there is a lot of passion here? There is a lot of emotion here? That there is a cry out for justice??

Perhaps Father Johansen, you can take a message to the Schindler family? Inform them of the outrage? The anger, hurt, betrayel, demands for justice??? Perhaps, you can convince them of peoples support for them? Beyond the grieving part??

Perhaps Father Johansen, you can inform them of a need to bring this case, in full, to a new court?
See it not as revenge, but as an inquiry?

Perhaps Father Johansen, you can understand WHY this is needed??

" Forgive us Father, for as a Nation, we know not what we do. "

I said that a while back.....when there was a chance to save Terri's life, instead of witnessing her death. I know where I stood on this issue, and I sleep knowing my conscious is clear. Many others on this board, I'm sure, sleep with clean conscious as well. Others??
Only GOD can help them.

GOD has HIS child in HIS keeping and kingdom. It's time for MAN, to right this wrong perpatrated here on Earth.

Posted by: LNaranjoiv at June 24, 2005 2:41 PM

Will we ever see justice for Terri? Like Fr. Johansen I have stuck to my belief that Terri was not bulimic. I have been vindicated as a result of the outcome of the autopsy report.

That means that one man and his lawyers have not been vindicated because the lies are now very apparent. Michael obtained money under false pretences. He had no intention of spending that money on Terri and that is why he made at least 5 attempts to end Terri's life prior to the judicial homicide that has taken place.

Quite frankly I believe that George Greer and George Felos, should by their very complicity in the death of Theresa Schindler should be brought before the criminal courts on charges of homicide of Theresa.

There never was any justification for murdering a cognizant woman who could feel every bit of pain of what was happening to her. Dehydration to death is so excruciatingly painful that it makes me so very angry when I hear these "w...ers" stating that it is a painless procedure. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Earlier this week I had what can only be described as a very disturbing conversation with my mother concerning my sister's illness and death. My mother described the pain that my sister was experiencing because she could not eat or drink, and this is before the cancer of the bone was discovered. She had spent the time between Christmas and Easter in agony, and the pain prior to her admittance to hospital so that she could receive fluid via a drip was excruciating. The description of the pain she experienced in the weeks leading up to her death have left me feeling very angry because the doctors had not done their job properly. Her death from bone cancer was inevitable; my beef is the fact that she suffered unnecessary pain prior to diagnosis and her eventual death. She did not want to die. She fought very hard not to die but she had to give in and enter into Eternal Life.

What makes me extremely angry is the way in which a man attempted to asphyxiate his wife, causing her brain injury and collapse and then he talks about his alleged noble effort to keep "his promise". What promise. Terri never asked to be dehydrated to death. That means the real promise is "I am going to kill you". It is the only promise that was ever made.

Posted by: Maggie4life at June 25, 2005 1:59 AM


"I am going to kill you!" is likely the only promise michael ever kept.

I am sorry for your sister's pain. The only peace we have when we see someone die in pain is that upon death, their pain ends. And sometimes, pain is one way we have to share in Jesus' suffering. I believe that those who suffer most when they die, rejoice greatly upon their death.

One of my favorite saints of all time is St Pio (Padre Pio of Pietrelcina). He suffered the stigmata for over 50 years. He walked with Jesus and now he lives with Jesus. I think if asked, he would not have wanted to live any other way; for his suffering brought him closer to Jesus.

I think that if we were to ask Terri now, would she have wanted to live any other way, she would say "no" She would tell us, that her suffering united her with the ONE person who she loved above all, with Jesus. If we were to ask her if she would want to suffer as she did before she died, she would tell us, that her suffering ended on March 30th, and the pain of michaels betrayal ended then too. I also think that she would tell us that the only reason she wouldn't want to suffer as she did again, was because of the pain it caused her mother and father, brother and sister. Terri's pain is ended; she is at peace, but she lives in Heaven knowing how her family will always suffer because of her death. I think that is why Terri would cry now...not for herself, but for those she loves. And I think the same is true of your sister. She cries not for herself and the pain she suffered, but for you and her family who still suffer because of her death.

Peace to you.

Posted by: Tress at June 25, 2005 9:39 PM

Tress, I have no doubt that Terri is in Heaven with the Lord. I have no doubt that during those long painful 15 years she was comforted by the Lord. I wonder whether she was given the choice to be a victim soul, but we had no way of knowing whether this happened. What I do know is that when Barbara Weller mentioned Jesus on the day that the tube was taken from Terri, she laughed. That joyful laugh is something that reminds me that Jesus was there as she lay dying because of the heartlessness of an unfaithful husband.

Yes, Terri is at peace. Her peace has given a new direction to Bobby and Suzanne and now they are ready to become advocates for the disabled. I will be praying for their ministry, because they will need our prayers to carry on their task of making sure that others do not suffer in the same way.

The Culture of Death did not triumph as a result of the death of Terri. In fact the Culture of Death is the big time loser as a result of the publicity given to Theresa and her battle to remain alive against her husband's wishes.

Terri is the face of all who are facing a similar situation. Her memory will live on because her story is a turning point in the secrecy that has been attached to the activities of those who have been involved in the Culture of Death.

This is not a right vs. left issue. One of Terri's advocates is an atheist left-winger by the name of Matt Hentoff (spelling). He is not the only one on the left side of politics who saw through the veneer of this case and recognized that it had been an attempt to kill a woman who was cognitively aware. All the pretence in the world will not shelter those who promoted the Felos-Schiavo view of Terri's condition.

I am a realist in matters of life and death. July 1 will be the sixth anniversary of my grandmother's death. When she died my nana was almost 99 years old. I was prepared for the idea of her dying but when she continued on in years I more or less hoped that she would reach 100. Then she had a series of heart attacks. She was placed on life support, which in my opinion was a waste of time, considering that she was ready for death. One person whose position in the family is still uncertain wanted her to remain on life support. That to me is futile treatment. My dad passed away November 2003 after yet another stroke. He was considered by the doctors to be beyond help when he was taken to the hospital for the last time. He was taken back to the nursing home and then went through a day long process of dying. I am uncertain whether it was right to give him morphine as he lay there dying because I know that it hastened his death just a little bit. Yet, for all the tea in China, I know that my dad is better off being in Paradise with the Lord. My late sister's death is much more contentious. However, she too is out of pain and at peace. I would rather she was at peace than continuing to suffer.

It is the awareness of my sister's suffering that has brought home to me the fact that Terri suffered unnecessarily as she was forced to die. The people responsible for her death must pay for that death. If not in this life, then they will face a severe judgement in the next life.

Posted by: Maggie4life at June 26, 2005 1:43 AM