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June 29, 2005

Schiavo Autopsy Open for Criticism

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Christian Medical & Dental Associations president Dr. David Stevens believes that Terri Schiavo's autopsy "drew conclusions from anatomic evidence of functional inabilities."

Agape press reports the doctor's opinion that the medical examiner, in several cases, made conclusions that were beyond the reasonable scope of the data derived from the autopsy.

For instance, one of the medical examiner's conclusions was that Terri Schiavo was blind. But Stevens asserts, "You can't diagnose blindness by looking at the brain -- you actually have to test it." And, although the examiner said Schiavo was unable to nourish herself by eating, the CMDA spokesman points out, "There was no blockage to her esophagus, the tube going from her mouth to her stomach. Whether she could eat or not is really a functional issue; you don't know unless you try -- and they didn't let her try."
According to Stevens, the main issue is being overlooked by many in the mainstream media, politics, and public discourse. He asserts, "Do you dehydrate blind and disabled people to death? And that was the big moral issue which they have just side-stepped."

Source: Agape Press

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