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June 5, 2005

California Group Launches Senior Advocacy

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Los Angeles, CA - A group of activists from the Los Angeles area has launched a web site directed at gaining government intervention in the controversial Conservatorship case of Dr. Rami N. Rodriguez.

Claiming possible abuse, neglect, healthcare and confinement issues, the group (calling themselves Rami's Rangers) is asking for public involvement in order to gain protective custody for the 64 year old American Veteran.

The group's founders are asking California's Adult Protective Services, Health and Human Services and the Governor to intervene on behalf of the Senior citizen and investigate what the group believes to be endangerment of his life and health.

According to the volunteers with Rami's Rangers, the elderly man has been confined to his home against his will, is not permitted to receive visitors, has lost a significant amount of weight and has been plagued with bouts of illnesses unrelated to his diagnosed condition of Alzheimer's disease.

The group fears that the life of Dr. Rodriguez could be in immediate danger.

They are calling upon elder care advocates, disability advocates and other related groups to take up Rami's cause and assist in creating awareness of his plight.

Statement of Volunteer Coordinator, Fay Franklin: A valuable human life may be at immediate risk. We hear about cases like this all too often. We are asking the appropriate authorities in California, under their statutory mandates, to provide immediate protection and a thorough investigation on behalf of Dr. Rami Rodriguez so that his well-being is ensured and so the well-being of all California Senior citizens is guaranteed.

More: The group's web site is www.ramisrangers.com


Fay Franklin
Volunteer Coordinator

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Posted by tim at June 5, 2005 5:57 PM

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I've gone to the web site and read the statement there.

People with Alzheimer's sometimes _are_ delusional. It's _possible_ the wife is not a danger to the husband.

_However_, this still appears to be being handled very badly. However painful it might be to an innocent wife to be suspected if she's just trying to care for her husband, she should not isolate him. That lends credibility to the idea that he has some reason to be afraid of her. And it provides a perfect place for real abuse to take place. It isn't at all clear that the husband's fear of his wife has been properly investigated in the first place. The stakes are too high to conclude lightly that he's just a delusional old guy with Alzheimer's.

Furthermore, his feelings deserve some consideration. Why should the judge allow the person he is afraid of--rightly or wrongly--great power over him. A more neutral party should have been appointed conservator, not some friend of his wife who was just going to take him back off to his wife again. And there should be court-ordered supervision--nurses' visits, visits from friends, and the like--to make sure he isn't being distressed unnecessarily and is being well-cared-for. But it sounds like nothing of the kind is taking place.

This has a very bad sound to it. I wonder what the legal situation is. E.g. Is there some way to get another judge or investigative authority involved to investigate his care, or are we back to the old thing--it's all up to one judge from start to finish?

Posted by: Lydia at June 6, 2005 11:26 AM