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June 15, 2005

Autopsy Does Not Change Moral Aspects of Terri Schiavo's Murder says Priest Who Was With Terri Moments Before Her Death

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Fr. Frank Pavone, who was with Terri Schiavo in the final hours and moments of her life and has called her death a murder, issued the following statement upon today's release of her autopsy report:

"No details of this autopsy change the moral evaluation of what happened to Terri. Her physical injuries and disabilities never made her less of a person. No amount of brain injury ever justifies denying a person proper humane care. That includes food and water.

"A person with a 'profoundly atrophied' brain needs profound care and love. Terri did not die from an atrophied brain. She died from an atrophy of compassion on the part of her estranged husband and those who helped him to have her deliberately killed."

Posted by tim at June 15, 2005 1:55 PM

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Please stop politicizing the death of this poor women. This is, and aways was, a issue that is between the families and their God. The government has no right to be involved. Our bodies do not belong to the state. Our bodies belong to God. And God shall instruct St Peter at the pearly gates as to his decision. It is presumptuous and arrogant for anyone, especially a preacher, to say you know if anybody will go to hell. You are not God and you do not have the right to that decision!

Posted by: ernestreyes at June 15, 2005 3:48 PM


Like most of the people who were in favor of allowing Terri to be starved to death, you talk of her family while completely ignoring that Terri's father Robert Schindler, Terri's mother Mary Schindler, Terri's brother Bobby Schindler, Terri's sister Suzanne Vitadamo, and Terri's brother-in-law Michael Vitadamo all wanted her to be kept alive so that they could take care of her. They did not believe Michael Schiavo's claim that Terri didn't want to be kept alive by 'artificial means', and they do not believe that ANYONE should EVER be denied water until she dies of thirst.

Also, what in the world are you talking about, saying that Fr. Pavone has condemned Michael Schiavo to Hell? Fr. Pavone said no such thing. All he did was say the truth - that no person should ever be put to death by dehydration. We would not do it to the worst criminals, the worst terrorists, and not even to an animal, and we should not do it to innocent brain damaged people, no matter how brain damaged they are.

Also, I ask that all of you read the autopsy report which is linked to on this blog. The autopsy report reveals that the question of whether or not Terri was in a Persistent Vegetative State is still unanswered, since an autopsy can't answer that question. The autopsy also fails to explain why Terri suffered brain damage, as there is no evidence that she was strangled, no evidence that she had a heart attack, and no evidence that she had an eating disorder.

Yes, the autopsy did show that Terri was severely brain damaged, but we already knew that. That was not a matter of debate, but now Terri is dead and there are still unanswered questions. Congress and the President just wanted these questions to be answered BEFORE we deprived this woman of water, resulting in her death. Nobody forced their religion on anyone, but thanks to hysterical the-sky-is-falling "theocracy watch" people, the attempt to get all of the facts (which we'll NEVER have, now) before this woman was killed was stopped. We erred on the side of death.

Posted by: JWL at June 15, 2005 5:03 PM

For those who can read Italian, I recommend the excellent exposition of the Terri Schindler tragedy by Oriana Fallaci in an issue of Il Foglio (the most excellent newspaper in Italy) a week or so after Terri died. Fallaci focused on the ruthless cynicism of Judge Greer, as well as other judges. They were completely heedless of the value of life. Il Foglio accompanied the interview with Fallaci with illustrations by Honore de Daumier ridiculing the smug and pompous French jurists of the 19th century. Fallaci pointed out that her own father was in a near comatose state for two years due to a traffic accident, and then suddenly came to, stating "I'm hungry." Dr HaLevi, the director of Sha`arey Tsedeq Hospital here in Jerusalem, explained -- in a panel discussion on Israel Radio Network B-- that Terri was not in a vegetative state and not brain dead. He also said that Israeli law would not have allowed removal of life support in her case. I certainly hope that he was right about that. The way the judges handled the case is really terrifying, as Fallaci pointed out.

Posted by: Eliyahu at June 15, 2005 5:08 PM

What was done to Terri was morally wrong. She was a living, breathing human being. Period. She deserved life no matter how her quality of life appeared to others as insignificant. She didn't deserved to be dehydrated to death as the autopsy stated.

Posted by: Bella at June 16, 2005 2:09 PM

The reason that this case became our business and did not remain a private family matter is that this is a clear cut case of attempted murder.

The Medical Examiner has recorded an open finding. In other words I suspect that he suspects foul play and he wants the hard evidence to prove what happened in the first place.

Michael Schiavo, by virtue of this report has been branded a liar. I personally feel vindicated in my own stance that there was never any evidence to support the hypothesis of Bulimia Nervosa. That is not bad for a non-professional. I know a few people who have egg on their faces over their persistence that Bulimia is the only explanation. Others have egg on their faces because they believed the MSM and refused to look beyond what they were told from that source.

I cannot stand what I term "prissy" Christianity where people use the weak statement "Let her go home to Jesus". That woman who has caught the attention of so many of us, lived for 15 years after her collapse. There were several attempts upon her life. These attempts were not adequately dealt with by the Medical Examiner and it is an area where he has made an error of judgement based upon the information provided to him.

I am sick of that prissy Christianity where people seem to think that it is ok to kill others because "they would not want to live that way". People who think that way need to go and read all of the Scripture, especially the texts that are forbidden to Protestants (the Deuterocanonical Books) because it is in those books that there is truth about our whole status in life.

Posted by: Maggie4life at June 16, 2005 3:32 PM

Egg on their faces........Hmmmmmmmm
Well, definately more tactful that I would/could say.

Before I even knew of HALF of this story, I didn't buy the Bulimia crap part of it.
That's dispelled. What I'm bothered by now, is this blatant attempt to SAY she was BLIND!
BLIND?? Well, well...when did THIS happen. I never heard the hype about her blindness. Said who? Says who? Since when?
Blind?? Judge Greer's own court order in his OWN hand, stated ( and he concurred ) she SHOWED response to stimuli.....why, how could that be?! IF, she were blind?
Already, the fabrication and lies are commencing.
THIS< is what pisses me off to the point of nearly being BANNED off sites such as this.

BLIND??!!?!?! How could a persons response, " be akin to that of a person removing their hands from a hot flame " , KNOW that, if they couldn't see in the first place? That quote btw?? was from a Judge Greer document in a court proceeding HE presided over.


Part 8, on the Final page of the Autopsy says it all, CAUSE: Underminable.

Michael Schaivo? You've been ANYTHING but vindicated. The time for YOU, is coming and coming soon.

You thought TERRI was alone? Wait till the charges and the scrutiny pile upon YOUR shoulders.
Terri's plight will pale in comparrison.
Already, you bring dishonor to our courts, by your defiance of the orders given to you.
TELL THE PARENTS WHERE SHE RESTS. THAT was court ordered....you're so G*******M hot about the LAW......follow it then.
Like the slime you are....you THINK, you're untouchable now, that SHE"S dead.

Think again Michael, think again.

Posted by: LNaranjoiv at June 16, 2005 6:05 PM

Leo, it is more than likely that her head injury caused no doubt by attempted strangulation did damage to the area of her brain that controls her eyesight. It is more than likely that she was legally blind but maintained peripheral vision. This is what happens with people who have macular occular degeneration. They do retain some sight.

I still need to get the time to read the report more thoroughly. I am not taking any notice of the news reports from the reporters who are in league with the culture of death. There are lots of questions that need to be answered.

One possibility is that Terri lost the balance of her sight within a day of her death because of the damage caused to her body by the dehydration.

Posted by: Maggie4life at June 20, 2005 9:40 PM