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May 15, 2005

Scientology And Terri Schiavo - Is There A Connection?

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I've recently become more interested in what many believe to be an influence upon the Terri Schiavo murder by judicial fiat and scientology, and have previously written on the relationships and connections between various Pinellas county folks that beg for an investigation. Although a connection has long been suggested(not by me alone), no clarity exists on the matter, and there's certain to be many who will disagree, among them a close personal friend and fellow vet. However, the idea of there being a connection seems to be gathering a little steam, and we've received info about a few comments and posts on other sites. One of the more interesting comments was found at Title of Liberty. The entire comment follows; I've posted it here because I intend to follow-up on the matter with subsequent posts.

From an anonymous commentor via Title of Liberty:
I've read some web sites which say that there is a connection between Terri's plight and the Scientologists.

I find these web sites to be "Michael Moorish" in the way that they draw diabolical conclusions by drawing loose connections together.

Particularly the following site:


(I think whoever does that site is well meaning and the site has a lot of good factual points... but it is too "trigger happy" and, therefore, will come across as irrational or nutty... which is a shame considering what is at stake here and how much of a Scientology connection there really is that should be investigated and revealed.)

However, on the other hand, I do think that there is some merit to the argument which need to be presented in a more no-nonsense way and backed up by mainstream sources.

In particular:

(1) the scientologist's philosophy is very, very pro-euthanasia... in fact, to Nazi-like extremes.

(2) The scientologists probably have more political, legal, and economic power over Clearwater than the Mormons do over Salt Lake City. No kidding!

(3) The scientologists have long been in the habit of using the judiciary to accomplish their goals (policitical, economic, philosophical, etc).

Even if there is no specific grand conspiracy going on here, these facts alone indicate that there was probably some kind of "subliminal" influence of Scientology values on the judiciary in Clearwater regarding Terri's case.

But don't take my word for it... READ/WATCH the items below:

1981 60-Minutes report about Scientology just starting to move into Clearwater
(This also details their illegal mob-like tactics.)

Time Magazine Article
(Scientologists attempted to sue Time for this for millions of dollars)

St. Petersburg Time articles about Scientology: here, here, and here,

EXCERPT: "You can't separate Salt Lake City and the Mormons, and you can't separate Clearwater and Scientology," said Ray Cassano, a Scientologist whose 146-unit downtown condo tower will rise next door to the historic post office. "We may be a bigger presence here because Clearwater is a smaller city."

A St. Petersburg Times article (inadvertently) describes similarities to Terri in Lisa McPherson's mysterious death while in Scientologist's care.
EXCERPT: "Wood initially said McPherson had died of complications from dehydration"

L. Ron Hubbard own writings demonstrate an extremist Nazi-like philosophy about dealing with disabled or retarded or unstable individuals. Disturbing tactics are also revealed. There is an unmistakable connection between these tactics proposed in Hubbard's writings and the actual actions of the Scientologists as described in the 60-minutes and Time magazine reports. No doubt about it. here, here, and ESPECIALLY... here.
EXCERPT: "The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from 2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one would reason with a 3.0. There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow."

Answers.com general article about Scientologist's extensive use (and abuse) of the legal system.
"The Church of Scientology has made extensive use of the legal system to defend itself and attack its perceived enemies, including both critics and..."
"The Church of Scientology is often accused of barratry, the willful use of frivolous lawsuits for the purpose of harassment..."

Testimony from a writer who was harassed by Scientologists. She wrote 1 book back in 1971 and was harassed by the Scientologist with character assassinations and frivolous lawsuits for decades. Ironically, this testimony was before a commission in Clearwater at the time that they were concerned about scientologists moving into their town.

(They have since accepted the scientologists because the "assimilation" is practically complete.)

Lastly, there is this fictional movie that is supposedly about cults in general (not necessarily scientology.. but there are some similarities and the creator of the movies was a former scientologist for 20 years. He is also a former Universal Studios V.P.) This movie is currently blocked from release by a Pinellas County judge... has been for quite a while. See here, here, here, here. (Is this normal? I thought this was a free country with freedom of speech?)

Given the Scientologist's proven track record of attacking the messenger (with vengeance), I'm too fearful to post my name...

Definitely, something is not right in Clearwater/Pinellas County.

Keep in mind that the links I've provided make extensive use of mainstream media sources and direct quotes from L. Ron Hubbard. Check these out and draw your own conclusions.

...someone needs to get this information to the public...

- End item

Hat tip - Juleni and Title of Liberty

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Posted by richard at May 15, 2005 7:56 AM

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This facet of Terri's case is going to be investigated I think, even that it is in process of being investigated. However, I don't think that scientology had any reason to target Terri, per se, unless there is more here than we know about.

Posted by: mary et. al. at May 15, 2005 1:46 PM

Motive--that's what I'm trying to say. One needs motive.

Posted by: mary et. al. at May 15, 2005 1:54 PM

Motive? Tons of motive - their agenda, to clear the planet - of the base percentage of those at 2 OT or below (or some such measurement). To be able to do it with one, nationally, on TV, would be that initial public sacrifice possibly necessary to encourage confidence that they could go further with it. Not they, alone, granted. They are not powerful enough on their own, but as a part of others also pro-euthanasia, they would be encouraged by Terri's loss, proving that their beliefs are 'right'. 'Clearing the planet' is very important to them. Clearing it, at all costs. No, I too don't think they would be involved with Terri, if it weren't of some merit to them. But they have swamped Pinellas County's power positions, and would have controlled with their money (they are a rich group)to see their ends met; and would have lapped up such a public case to prove their point and 'clear' the way to go ahead with their venture of clearing the planet.

Sure, it's quite conceivable.

Posted by: juleni at May 15, 2005 2:28 PM

Scientology – The Secret Force Behind Terri Schindler Schiavo’s Murder?

What set the agenda for Terri to be starved/dehydrated to death right over the course of 13 days, with the world’s eyes ingrained hopelessly watching; begging anybody to help? That was the question haunting me as I returned from Not Dead Yet’s emergency action Easter Sunday outside of Woodside Hospice, where Terri then was on her 11th day without food and hydration. 8 of us had flown down there to protest in civil disobedience Terri’s right to life and her family’s right to take care of her. http://nation.com.pk/daily/mar-2005/29/international8.php
Upon returning home to Atlanta, Georgia, I watched non-stop Terri’s struggle to hold on until someone answered her call. When she died I began my search to find out what truly lead to the death of her. It was to large to be explained by the stupid insistence of some Judge who thought he abiding ‘her wishes.’ What I found lead to a 30,000 word series of articles that ends with what you are about to read. For the whole article go here: http://endeavorfreedom.org/Articles.htm
My research shocked me at first, enraging me later, but at least I felt I had found the key to the truth once I began my research of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and Dianetics. Could anybody believe the existence of an order to annihilate 2.5% of the world population considered better off dead by Hubbard in one his books, The Science of Survival, Book I, Chapter 27, page 157 "The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from 2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one would reason with a 3.0. There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes (reeducation, isolation, or relocation).”
“The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow. Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women. The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered.
It is not necessary to produce a world of ‘clears’ in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line--a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred--or simply quarantining them from the society. A venezuelan dictator once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.”- http://www.lermanet.com/cos/exterminate.html
Hubbard wished for, “A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater heights, are the aims of Scientology.” He also claimed that “Society, the bulk of which is bent upon survival, fails or refuses to recognize death or the urge of organisms toward it. Society passes laws against murder and suicide. Society provides hospitals. Society carries such people [the disabled] on its back. And society will not hear of euthanasia or "mercy killing." (Self Analysis by L. Ron Hubbard; pg. 28) "Perhaps at some distant date only the unaberrated person will be granted civil rights before law. Perhaps the goal will be reached at some future time when only the unaberrated person can attain to and benefit from citizenship. These are desirable goals..." Dianetics; the Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard (1987 edition, p.534)- http://www.libertytothecaptives.net/scientology_and_terri_schindler_schiavo_death_connection.html
Hubbard cheers an agenda for euthanasia, does so scientology? They have the resources to fund such an agenda. They, too, have the resources to fund developing support of local city, county, state, and even federal politicians, judges, and any necessary additional persons of interest. “To understand Scientology's methods of judge tampering, one must be aware of the `sacred scripture' behind Scientology's notorious intimidation tactics. It is called The Art of War by Sun Tzu. This text, written in China more than 2,400 years ago regarding the planning of military operations, has been adopted by Scientology as a training manual for its staff. Scientology requires its intelligence division to know the text inside and out.”- http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/judge_tampering.html?FACTNet
Factnet has interviewed Jesse Prince, Scientology’s once second in command of worldwide operations before defecting. He wanted to warn the world about Scientology's covert criminal activities as decreed by Scientology's top executives and law firms. There is much available on the web about the techniques scientology uses for securing support. Much was discovered when the FBI raided Scientology’s headquarters in Clearwater in 1977 and seized thousands of documents. The raids uncovered many operations by Scientology including- Operation Snow White, an elaborate plan to infiltrate various government and business offices and destroy negative or incriminating files pertaining to Scientology and/or its founder; Operation PC Freakout, a project to present the author of a book critical of Scientology as insane and discredit her through various overt and covert illegal activities; Operation China Shop, a project to gain control of the Clearwater Sun; Project Vatican Passport, which was a series of actions designed to establish legitimacy for the United Churches of Florida, one of the assumed names used by Scientology when they first arrived in Clearwater; and Operation Tricycle, or Hubbard's Guardian Office Program Order 261175, which instructs Scientologists to work to "take control of key points of Clearwater," including the Sun and Channel 13 TV. This kind of illegal and coercive practice has led the church to be banned from many countries.
Even being banned from some countries, the Church enjoys tax-exempt status in many and takes in a huge amount of money. Take into consideration documents filed by the church with the Internal Revenue Service in 1993 as they sought tax exemption- the church counts assets of about $400 million and appears to take in nearly $300 million a year from counseling fees, book sales, investments and other sources. In a local Clearwater court case against the church, it was revealed in a 1987 credit statement for the organization listed "Estimated annual sales" of more than $90-million. The 1987 statement also listed estimated annual purchases of $13-million and an operating cost of $26-million.- http://www.shipbrook.com/jeff/CoS/timeline.html These figures only apply to the main Clearwater-based Scientology group, called the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, not to the others based in California and abroad. Back in 1998, the "church" of Scientology generated from 1.5 to 2 million dollars of income per week! This material success enables them to maintain ownership of tens of millions of dollars worth of property (about 40 buildings) as well as many businesses:
To date, the church owns more than $50-million in Clearwater-area properties and is nearing completion of a $50-million Mediterranean Revival-style building nicknamed "Super Power." Additionally, the church now has 565 hotel rooms in and near downtown for visiting Scientologists who consider Clearwater their spiritual mecca.- http://www.sptimes.com/2004/05/29/Tampabay/Scientologists_settle.shtml
There is little doubt in my mind that someone very powerful, was able to influence all the right people, guarantying Terri’s right to life would be largely ignored. If you take a look at http://home.tampabay.rr.com/sp/FLA.html a website dedicated to tracking scientology’s influence at every level of the Florida government, one finds that indeed their influence is great enough to ensure participation at their events many of Florida’s politicians, judges, and public servants. The list includes Senator Mike Fasano and Majority leader Dennis L. Jones, Representative Gus Bilikaris, Governor Jeb Bush and "Mayor (Brian Aungst), Deputy Mayor and City Commissioner of Clearwater, the Clearwater and Hillsborough County Commissioners, the Sheriff (Everett Rice) and Deputy Sheriff of Pinellas County, mayors from seven surrounding cities, a representative from the Florida State Attorney's office, two former state senators, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (Johnnie Byrd), hundreds of local judges, attorneys, top business executives and other opinion leaders from throughout the community including Tampa City Council member Mary C. Alvarez and Hillsborough County Commissioner Ken Hagan.
George Felos and Dr. Ronald Cranford, whom George Greer relied upon for definition of PVS, are also scientologist as well as the screenwriter for ‘Million Dollar Baby’, Paul Haggis. When you study into scientology’s criminal past you learn about another woman Lisa McPherson, who as part of the church, too was starved and dehydrated to death while in the custody of church members.- http://www.sptimes.com/2004/05/29/Tampabay/Scientologists_settle.shtml
While no one can say for sure whether the church is actively in pursuit of an agenda to kill the 2.5% of people not valued by their founder, what can be stated with certainty is that 22 states currently exclude nutrition and hydration from the definition of "life-sustaining procedures" that may be included or excluded by the patient's "Living Will." However, with Terri’s passing we must remain vigilant of the right-to-die push to have food and hydration considered ‘artificial’ life support. It was the right-to-die groups who started the “Living Wills” as a way to make death acceptable in certain instances. They want people to believe as “Million Dollar Baby” concludes, that one is better off dead than disabled.- http://prolife.ath.cx:8000/plae111.htm
We must really study into these things as some are starved/dehydrated against their wishes as Mae Magouirk nearly was. If it weren’t for Not Dead Yet, she may be dead now. This signifies to all of the very serious nature of what we are up against. How Judge Greer was allowed to remain as the decisive decision maker in this case when he was asked to remove himself from the case 5 times, clearly demonstrated a bias in Michael Schiavo’s drive to end Terri’s life. Perhaps, we will learn more as a result of Texas businessman Michael Bradle’s formal complaint against Judge Greer with Brooke Kennedy, executive director of Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Committee. Bradle, senior managing partner of Tejas Corporate Partners, L.P., complained of “Judge Greer’s total mishandling of the Terri Schiavo case. I am also complaining of ex parte communications and his refusal to recuse himself amid obvious conflicts of interests”. Bradle believes that a grand jury should conduct an independent investigation in the Schiavo case.
If anybody else has any further information on the connections between the church of scientology and the murder of Terri Schiavo, please let me know, as I am compiling a book about the subject. I do appreciate anyone's help with this matter and I hope everyone will spread the word on this, as we must all understand that they have set precedents. They murdered her in front of the world, forcing us to watch, having changed the laws protecting human life. Terri was forced to endure starvation/dehydration on three occasions.

She fought vali9antly each time to survive as long as she could. She was a martyr and we must remember that now that the precedence is set and everyone watched it on non-stop t.v., the euthanasia agenda begins its count of people claimed all across our great country. This issue affects us all, touches everybody at the heart, because whether we realize it or not, Terri is a reflection of us all, begging anybody in the whole world to help, please, please give me food and water.

You can check out my site at www.endeavorfreedom.org

If you have not already, find out about 9-11. What is funny is that we were just talking about this yesterday...


Posted by: Zen Garcia at May 15, 2005 2:37 PM

Mary, please let me know what you think of what I said ~ did my above post make sense? I think they do have motive - and lots of it.

Though I think only in this particular case, because of the county it occurred in.

Posted by: juleni at May 15, 2005 2:45 PM

Juleni, you made perfect sense.

Posted by: Tom Spence at May 15, 2005 4:40 PM

Yes, Juleni, you make sense, esp. when you say that it isn't scientology alone. I just think they are too small to do an international deed in broad public. If it were just scientology they would kill in secret or mostly secret, thinking they had the power to brazen out whatever publicity without proof they had. When they killed the other girl they hushed the doctor up--that's the speed I see them cruising at. And always there would have to be something in it for them. Perhaps they would kill Terri as a test case, otherwise I don't see how she threatened them or enriched them in any way. Again, though, if it was a test case, I don't think scientology is big enough to think this will get them anywhere in the near future. So there MUST be something more to the story.

Posted by: mary et. al. at May 15, 2005 7:18 PM

Tom Cruise just opened up a new church in Spain.

Scientology – Clearwater Directory World Institute of Scientology Enterprises ... Church of Scientology Opens in Madrid - Tom Cruise & David Miscavige ...

Tom Cruise: Scientology The Answer To Worlds Problems
May 8, 2005, 10:44:41


From what I understand Greta and husband From Fox News is a Scientologist as well. Mever have heard her say that on Fox, just read it on CNN a while ago. It's a religion.

Posted by: Shaggy at May 15, 2005 8:31 PM

Hmmm..Mary, some good points. Indeed, they usually are secretive in their killings; they also did do the hush on the doctors and undid the life of the medical examiner after killing the other girl (Lisa). You're right about that.

Unless they were becoming more brazen in their misdeeds, perhaps - but that is a point: they would have to be growing to gain any kind of that sort of confidence, and in fact, they are losing members on a continued annual downward swing in numbers by the last reports I saw.

Posted by: juleni at May 15, 2005 11:43 PM

Yes, Shaggy, Greta's a scientologist from what I've read. And poor Tom Cruise; he's becoming a bit of a laughing stock around the fan magazines, etc., because he is so forceful upon agents to look into joining scientology; and his 'bad luck with women'. I know - he's dating a new one, and one who went over to start the auditing process the other day - but look at all he has lost in the meantime with his addiction to scientology. His real wife. His kids.

Posted by: juleni at May 15, 2005 11:47 PM


Their church is growing all over the world. It is a religion to them, and has the non profit IRS status like all other church's do. It took them 20 years to get it. I don't understand what happened to Lisa but they are a prominent religion in this country and world wide. I read Larry King and a some other celebrities wrote a letter to Helmut Kohl of Germany requesting that their religious freedom be honored to get back into their country, they were banned at one time, but according to that link, they have a Church in Germany. They have the backing of a lot of Politicians in DC for their drug addiction programs. I would have liked to see Greta have the same panel of lawyers looking at Terri’s case like she did for Laci Peterson. She did that for two years every night. I can’t slam a religion. It is not right for me to slam Islam either. Not all people for Islam are bad people. What happened 10 years ago to Lisa may not be the case today. I know the story and it is heart breaking. Jeb Bush fired that medical examiner for changing the cause of her death. Worse, her pictures after her death. Ron Hubbard was not a well man himself and as far as I know, was wanted by the FBI when he died. Could be a rumor. Don’t know, don’t care. I read some letters Ron Hubbard wrote to the government and he asked for mental health care. He also wanted to control the government and the media. But that was years ago. Yes, Tom seems to have lost his wife because of his choice but that is his choice. However, Mimi Rogers, a Cruise X, is a member. Anne Archer, Juliette Lewis, Kristy Alley, John Travolta, more. We do have Freedom of Religion in this country. My higher power is God and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, my savior. We all have our choices. Can’t really condemn anyone for what they believe in, not for me to decide. I don’t want them making fun of my God and I won’t make fun of their beliefs. They also do not like to be criticized and are very sensitive. Can you blame them? I just read about a Rep from that Church that spoke to the Tiger Bay Group in Tampa, SPTimes and she was happy to answer all their questions and quell rumors.

I didn't know Felos was a member, have never heard that before. He has not admitted that, that I know of.

Suncoast Hospice killed Terri.

Posted by: Shaggy at May 16, 2005 12:42 AM

Is there a connection between the Florida Suncoast Hospice and Scientology? This is the only connection at this point that I want resolved.

I think that there is a connection to the principles of Scientology as already mentioned by others who have made comments, and yes, I am seeking to investigate the connection between Terri and the death of Lisa McPherson.

The photographs of Lisa McPherson were horrendous. She died from dehydration and starvation. What is not clear is whether this was caused by the Scientologists or by Lisa's own actions whilst she was being held at Flag.

Whilst there are tenuous similarities between Lisa's situation and that of Terri, I do think that there is good reason to have a good look at the philosophy that lies behind the "disposal" of both women.

I do not know what went wrong for Lisa. Everything that I have been reading about Scientology indicates that this is a cult that is very dangerous and that its practices causes people to tip over the edge. I have read stories about suicides amongst fledgling members of the cult, as they are being fleeced of their money by a money-hungry organization. Yet this is not what sets the cases of Lisa McPherson and Terri Schindler apart such that they do require further investigation.

Posted by: Maggie4life at May 16, 2005 5:11 AM

It happened again. I had to go and pick up my son from work and was logged out of the typepad.

I do not think that George Felos is a Scientologist but it is probable that members of his law firm and also on his team acting for Michael Schiavo are Scientologist. I am going to guess that Hamblin Baskin III is a Scientologist. Also, I think that it might be worth while digging up Michael Schiavo's connection to Scientology. He was using the scientology techniques before George Felos came onto the scene.

I do not believe that George Greer was involved in Scientology. There is another more interesting connection to guardianship involving Greer (this is something else that needs investigation).

I suspect that there is a connection to Scientology with Everett Rice, and at a guess I think that Michael Schiavo's former employer at Agostino's restaurant was a Scientologist.

Other probable Scientologists involved in this case are members of DCF who worked so hard to stifle the complaints against Michael Schiavo. There are two names that were very prominent in the stifling of investigations, and I think that the finger could be pointed directly at their involvement in this cult.

As far as I am aware Cranford is not involved in Scientology. The connection for Cranford is the Hemlock Society (although it has a santized name to hide its purpose these days). It is this connection that involves George Felos, and more than like Michael Schiavo also joined the Hemlock Society since he found it so easy to pull the plug on his parents prior to pulling the plug on Terri. He has three deaths on his blood-stained (figurative) hands.

Posted by: Maggie4life at May 16, 2005 6:04 AM

Hello Everybody,
I have been reading over the article that I posted here and I want to clarify something that I mis-reported. This line that I included in the above post:
George Felos and Dr. Ronald Cranford, whom George Greer relied upon for definition of PVS, are also scientologist as well as the screenwriter for ‘Million Dollar Baby’, Paul Haggis
is wrong, George Felos is supposedly alleged to be a OT8 Scientologist, but it is not substantiated and can not be varified. And as far as Dr. Ronald Cranford, he is not, in my knowledge a scientologist either. When I looked on a membership list of associations affiliated to scientology, there was a Cranford and Associates listed in Washington D.C., however, this is not Ronald Cranford. So I apologize and wanted to clear this point up and will revise it in my article and on my website. I apologize for the error. I wanted to comment quickly on the things that have been said above. The church of scientology is a worldwide organization and draws in a lot of money, which allows it to contribute to the campaigns of those policy makers it needs for support in its endeavors. Even though I do not feel that the church of scientology is alone in pushing a euthanasia agenda, I find it interesting that its founder expressed openly, such disdain for people with disabilities. And I don't claim that all scientologists are bad, nor that all churches of scientology are bad. But those that do involve themselves in shady behavior become suspect to at least, this kind of questioning. And the fact that Clearwater is the base for scientology on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S., certainly makes Terri's death seem suspicious, especially if they are somehow tied to the ownership of any hospices in Florida, which I am not sure if they are. Does anyone have any ideas on this? On whether Scientology is involved like Felos in some of the hospices of Florida? That would be interesting to know. Anyways, I apologize again. Talk to everybody soon. Thanks, Juleni for inviting me to the group. I joined earlier.

Posted by: Zen Garcia at May 16, 2005 11:19 AM

I never really spent much time thinking about Scientology--didn't mean anything to me; until Terri Schindler's case came to the National Front. Michael Brown has posted several articles on Spirit Daily and these are exerpts from one of the articles: http://www.spiritdaily.org/MHB%20editorials/schiavocult.htm

>>>"The magical cults of the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th centuries in the Middle East were fascinating," Hubbard once wrote. "The only modern work that has anything to do with them is a trifle wild in spots, but is a fascinating work in itself, and that's the work of Aleister Crowley -- the late Aleister Crowley -- my very good friend."

Crowley was one of the blackest figures in history, a man his own mother called "The Beast," and one who is cited as the inspiration for the Church of Satan.

Said Hubbard's son in an interview: "I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don't realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology --and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you've got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan." <<<

There was a strong spirit of evil that prevailed when Terri was murdered in March; this spirit seems to have been loosed throughout the country. If LRon was as dedicated to the great evil spirit as his son indicates, then I have no doubt Scientology was instrumental in bringing about Terri's death. Satan hates nothing more than life; why would he ever be satisfied unless we begin to devalue the great gift that God gave us? One by one....it gets easier next time....and eventually no one will fight for life anymore. That is the goal; determine who is fit to live; eliminate those who are not, and eventually none of us will be fit."...in Scientology it's stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don't see it..." Eventually we will all have to die, because as we stretch our lives over our lifetime, we become less and less; our lives become more and more difficult--and who wants to live with the reduced quality of life????

I think this is just the beginning. We are seeing it every day--just the stories on this website; and by and by it's becoming more and more acceptable.

Posted by: Tress at May 16, 2005 2:37 PM

Can anyone answer this question - Is Larry King of CNN a Scientologist? Please say no.

Posted by: Bella at May 16, 2005 3:37 PM

Bela, I don't know. Google his name with COS and you get a lot of spots. I read that he signed a letter to Germany. Will try to find the link. Meanwhile, read this. I just don't know. In the past this church has been very sensitive so I prefer not to discuss them or accuse them of anything.


Posted by: Shaggy at May 16, 2005 6:50 PM

Here is the letter signed by Larry King. Ref the other link, didn't know LK had so much trouble with the law before. Wow.


Posted by: Shaggy at May 16, 2005 8:28 PM

The strong evidence is still missing as to who is and who is not a Scientologist. The ones who are up front about their involvement seem to be less of a threat than those who remain hidden.

Yes, it is true that Greta van Susteran (or whatever her name) is listed as a Scientologist. Larry King was not on the list of celebrity scientologists.

It might be worth investigating George Soros, since he seems to be the billionaire with the money to help spread euthanasia by whatever means are possible.

What we have is a very tangled web where there are several players adding to the confusion. Some of the players are motivated by their own ideas about who has a right to live. Hubbard's organization fits into this category.

Posted by: Maggie4life at May 17, 2005 3:27 AM

I give Scientology the benefit of the doubt. I'm a big fan of some of their publications, many of which may indicate they might be on our side:

Psychiatry's False Diagnoses
(evidence against those who would misdiagnose people as PVS)

Psychiatric Hoax:
The Subversion of Medicine

Eroding Justice:
Psychiatry's Corruption of Law

Unholy Assault:
Psychiatry Versus Religion
(definitely true)

The Real Crisis in Mental Health Today


...besides, if 60-Minutes and Time
don't like Scientology then Scientology is probably on our side.

Posted by: gopchristian at May 18, 2005 1:27 PM


You wrote, "I give Scientology the benefit of the doubt....they might be on our side" ~

How can this be, when L. Ron Hubbard was good friends with Alister Crowley who is cited as the inspiration for the church of Satan?

How can this be, when Hubbard's son said that his father incorporated satanism and black magic into the heart of scientology and that his father thought he was one with Satan?

And how can this be, when the primary goal of the Church of Scientology is to "clear the planet" in the following way (per L. Ron Hubbard's writings):

[T]he handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale...is to **dispose of them quietly and without sorrow**.
[I]t is only necessary to delete those individuals...either by processing them enough...or simply quarantining them from the society.
A Venezuelan dictator once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.

-L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival, 1951

(Those who will not accept Scientology will be "deleted" by the same "simple expedient".)

I am a committed Christian. I have definitely accepted the Messiah as my Saviour, as you have. I am strongly pro-life and believe in no way in doing people in or ever considering a person expendable for any reason ever, whatsoever, or in supporting those who do financially or with my voice. Sometimes, some groups may have one good thing to show for themselves when the overall or deep belief is in the whole not good, though. So many cults are this way.

Posted by: juleni at May 19, 2005 12:53 PM

A p.s. ~ the way that the Venezuelan dictator destroyed the beggars was by drowning them.

And gopchristian, I say all this to you humbly, and respectfully, because I admire you and your blogsite a lot. I am only praying for you that you might have 'ears to hear'.

Posted by: juleni at May 19, 2005 12:55 PM