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May 3, 2005

S.A. hospital won't cut off man's life support

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Good news for the family of Spiro Nikolouzos:

An agreement was reached Friday that ended a standoff between the family of an East Texas man and a local hospital that planned to remove him from life support.

Spiro Nikolouzos, critically ill and in a persistent vegetative state, will be returned to Avalon Place, a long-term care facility that came to his aid after a Houston hospital also decided to end life support.

"Many thanks to Avalon Place -- I can't say enough kind words about those people. They deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor for saving Spiro's life," his wife said.

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Posted by tim at May 3, 2005 12:14 AM

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Ahhhhhhh! ....finally exhaling....

A shelter! A first known shelter with a name - in Texas, where it is so needed!

God bless Avalon Place a million times!! We should keep track of there name.

And should we write them some emails of thanks?!

I'm still not sure which Avalon Place that it is as there seem to be about 4 of them in various parts of Texas.

However...this did point me to an important web location for finding safe locations for the elderly!! What a find! They keep an up to date rating system on the health care providers that they list for each state, on how well the elderly are treated there, including **giving them fluids**! It is at: http://www.abuse.com/elder_abuse/

You can select to find a location, by state.

Posted by: juleni at May 3, 2005 5:39 AM