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April 7, 2005

Today in Jewish History

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Choni the Circle Maker prays for rain (1st Century BCE)
"One year, most of Adar went by and it didn't rain. They sent for Choni the Circle Maker. He prayed and the rains didn't come. He drew a circle, stood in it and said: 'Master of The World! Your children have turned to me; I swear in Your great name that I won't move from here until You have pity on Your children.' The rains came down." (Talmud, Taanit 23a)

Passing of "Bach" (1640)
Adar 20 is the yahtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of Rabbi Yoel Sirkes (1560?-1640), author of the Bayit Chadash ("Bach") commentary on the great Halachic work, Beit Yosef.

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