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April 5, 2005

Terri is not the only one targeted for starvation

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Years before he categorized Terri Schindler Schiavo in the persistent vegetative state, which led to her death by dehydration, neurologist Dr. Ronald Cranford was building the case for removing feeding tubes from society's vulnerable.

"...The United States has thousands or tens of thousands of patients in vegetative states; nobody knows for sure exactly how many," Cranford wrote in a 1997 Minneapolis Star Tribune opinion piece titled: When a feeding tube borders on the barbaric. (WorldNetDaily. Com, March 23, 2005). "But before long, this country will have several million patients with Alzheimer's dementia. The challenges and costs of maintaining vegetative state patients will pale in comparison to the problems presented by Alzheimer's disease.

"The answer, he suggested, was physician-assisted suicide."

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Posted by tim at April 5, 2005 8:07 AM

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Dr Cranford is from the Minneapolis/St Paul area.

Here is his bio from the Univ of Minnesota

He refers to himself as "Dr Death". YIKES!! It's scarey to think of him practicing medicine. His patients should be made aware of his leadership in the death camp. Cranford has also been a key player in PVS death cases around the country.

Posted by: kay at April 5, 2005 10:47 AM

Coming soon to a city near you...

the Nazi Invasion!!!

Posted by: JIHC at April 5, 2005 11:43 AM




Posted by: juleni at April 5, 2005 12:09 PM

You make short and succinct, to the point comments, JHIC, could use your help cutting thro my rhetoric and getting to the point. Ha!

Posted by: mary et. al. at April 5, 2005 1:17 PM

> Dr Cranford is from the Minneapolis/St Paul area.
> ...
> He refers to himself as "Dr Death".

Blahahahaha.... that name is already taken, by Dr. Kevorkian. Guess they'll have to sue each other. Or perhaps duel to the death. Where's the signup for holding their coats?

(Ok, ok, bad taste, but sometimes ya just gotta...)

Posted by: Suzanne. at April 5, 2005 2:44 PM


He would have murdered Ronald Reagan in his last years. G-d bless Nancy Reagan for showing the right path. Looks like the most important decision of your life is marrying the right person. Thoroughly check out his/her midot (character tratits) BEFORE you make it legal. You do not want to be stuck with a rasha (wicked person) making life and death decisions for you.

Posted by: Stephen Mendelsohn at April 5, 2005 3:03 PM

Mary et al:
As I was reading the excerpt from his book, I kept hearing a German accent... :-S If he has his way, soon we will be seeing short propoganda movies advocating a "supreme race", anytime we go to the movie theatre.

I guess we should also be thankful that "Doctor" Cranford was not Pope John Paul's personal "physician."

Does Kavorkian refer to himself as just "Dr. Death," or "Dr. Humane Death?" Because I have heard that Cranford calls himself "Dr. Humane Death." Hmmm...I would be curious to know exactly for WHOM his method of death is humane, because I certainly don't think it's the person being starved to death.

Posted by: JIHC at April 5, 2005 6:05 PM

I am pretty sure there are Millions of Disabled and VoiceLess, Brain Damaged but pretty healthy body-wise had died due to inhumane death. That is why this is when we step in and say "enough"! The sad thing it is all done behind closed doors. :(

There are proven cases that they had came out of their state and started rehabilitation. They should ask themselves, "What If" they are really there temporary, and in fact Healthy, but they died anyways? There is no going back, but we can correct it, by saving one each Life. All Miracles are possible. They seems to validate and put them to death without thinking the possiblity that they could come out of it. That is what I feared, is that Terri could have come out of it, once they take the Electrodes out of her Brain and she can start extensive therapy, she would be walking around alive. But the sad thing, it cannot be possible so we can save others like Terri. ;)

Did you hear about Pat Boone's Grand Son? He came out of PVS or Brain Damage, and he is doing alright, he is doing extensive therapy. God bless his Soul and I admire for his Family to never give him up. Not one second. I wished Micheal Schivao would be like Pat Boone, if he was like him, Terri would be alive Today. But isn't. That just to show what kind of Personality Micheal has. Such Evil and has no compassion. Without thinking of the consquences, he killed her and does not want to hear the possiblity that she could come out of it. If that was the case, then WHY did Micheal asked for an Autospy to determine for the extent of her Brain Damage? He is questioning himself or doubting himself, or it is just a manveur to throw everybody's eyes off of him. By Far, I think it was a stupid move and had showed his true colors. I am Frustrated and Mad to know that he's gotten away with it. I just wished there is somebody that would step in and investigate and do SOMETHING. I am so sad they are forgetting all about Terri and moving on to the next subject. So we have to make it loud and clear that we will not let thousands of Disabled and Voiceless People go through the same wrath like Terri. Never again! This should be a quest for "Save one life, Save MANY".

Posted by: momforGod at April 5, 2005 7:21 PM