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April 2, 2005

Mel Gibson: Florida Bishop Lynch Deserted Terri

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"Passion of the Christ" producer-director Mel Gibson is blasting St. Petersburg, Fla., Bishop Robert Lynch for "being quite indifferent" to the plight of Terri Schiavo.

Not only was Lynch silent while Terri Schiavo was forcibly starved to death - he issued a statement directly at odds with Church teaching that food and water is basic sustenance and can not be withheld by private choice.

(...) The bishop conveniently left the country on a trip just days before she died Thursday.

(...) in a statement posted to the Web site of his St. Petersburg diocese before Easter, he didn't sound particularly upset over Schiavo's death sentence.

(...) Bishop Lynch called for "mediation" between Michael Schiavo and Terri's parents, saying that the 41-year-old woman's plight is a "complex and tragic situation."

(...) The Vatican's position on Schiavo's starvation death was far stronger.

(...) Hours after Schiavo's death was announced on Thursday, Cardinal Martino called it "murder."

(...) "When you deprive somebody of food and water, what else is it? Nothing else but murder."

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Posted by richard at April 2, 2005 10:10 PM

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Well hell's bells, Mel. American Catholics have long learned to be cynical and expect very little from American bishops and cardinals in the fight for life and human dignity in this country, over abortion, and now over euthanasia. It has been ever thus, that the laity lead the charge, and only when the train pulls out of the station do the clergy pick up their skirts and run after us. This is nothing new. Perhaps you are only surprised because you grew up in Australia. We love you, Mel, but the American Church has been rotting from the inside for decades now.

Perhaps that's why the Vatican itself spoke out. It knew the leadership of the American Church was too lukewarm (see Rev. 3:15-17) to take any stand at all. Ya know what I heard from the alter this past Easter, while all of us were being slapped up and down by the courts? A schlock homily of "Rest Easy, Be Happy, God is in Control". Sure He is, but Terri was still suffering brutally 10 days into it, and we were all suffering with her. Would he have told the Mother of God to essentially get over it and abandon following her Son on His Way of the Cross?

No, only JUSTICE for TERRI will comfort me.

Mel, we love you, but I'm sorry you are surprised by all this.

Posted by: Suzanne. at April 2, 2005 11:13 PM


You got everything right except for the part about Mel being surprised by this. I Doubt that a lot. A Franciscan tertiary friend of mine told me years ago that Our Lady had said we weren't to wait for the clergy, but to wade into the battle at grass roots.

Read the homily Tress put in the comments, it's here somewhere. It will do your heart good. There are a few good priests and bishops yet, but as I understand it, the seminaries are working over time to see that such aren't ordained.

Enjoyed the way you put it, though. The greatest saints loved a good laugh and so do I, no self appointment intended.

Posted by: mary et. al. at April 3, 2005 12:16 AM

Mary et. al., I couldn't find the homily Tress posted. I did find the March 10th statement by Cardinal Keeler, following "statements by the bishops of Florida", here:


Perhaps Bishop Lynch believed he was covered by this, which was issued over a week before her feeding tube was pulled. But was it much comfort as Floridians, and all Americans, counted the hours with her?

Not for me, it wasn't.

Posted by: Suzanne. at April 3, 2005 2:14 AM

Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) has basically voiced his approval of killing Terri. He said Tom Delay was irresponsible for asking what kind of judicial system would kill an innocent American by starvation and dehydration? Kennedy's office is going to hear from me Monday morning. If anyone else wants to call and ask his office what his opinion is about Terri's murder and then let them know what you think, please do so. The Kennedy name is BIG in America, and we can't afford to have it associated with pro-death sympathy.

Posted by: Anna_Nordin at April 3, 2005 7:31 AM


I wish I had a memory worthy of the name, but I read somewhere that the attorneys for that diocese contributed money to greer's campaign. My daughter called and left a message that she wasn't happy with them for that.

Tress sent me that homily and if you will write me at tiptopd05@yahoo.com I will send it to you. Some of the comments were wiped out by the last breakdown and they may have been among them.

Posted by: mary et. al. at April 3, 2005 9:06 AM

A search through The Empire Journal turned up this incredible article:


I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't read it before, and it's no wonder Lynch didn't speak up more. Besides contributions by his diocese' law firm to Greer, some of his underlings had given unclear testimony 'on her behalf'.

Posted by: Suzanne. at April 3, 2005 9:54 AM