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April 8, 2005

List of Contacts to SAVE MISS MAE!

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List of people and places to contact to SAVE MAE!

Division of Aging Services at 404-657-5319
or go to the Division's website at
and click on Publications on the left.
For information, contact: Edna Jackson; 404-657-1386 edjackson@dhr.state.ga.us

Sonja Flanagan at the Georgia Department of Family and Children's services - she oversees all the hospices in Georgia.
Her telephone number is (404)657-5445
and her email address is stflanag@dhr.state.ga.us.

Mike Leavett Secretary The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W. Washington, D.C. 20201
Telephone: 202-619-0257
Toll Free: 1-877-696-6775

Probate Judge Donald Boyd
Phone: 706-883-1690
Email: dboyd@troupco.org

Office of the Attorney General
Thurbert E. Baker
Phone: 404-656-3300
Fax: 404-657-8733

Criminal Justice Division:
The State Healthcare Fraud Control Unit of the Law Department works in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Audits and is responsible for prosecuting cases of medicaid fraud and patient abuse in facilities receiving medicaid funding.
Mary Beth WestmorelandDeputy Attorney GeneralCriminal Justice Division
Phone : 404-656-3349
FAX : 404-651-6459

State Bar of Georgia.President Rob Reinhardt
Phone : 229-382-6135
FAX : 229-386-594
Email: rreinhardt@rwws.com

Georgia Dept of Human Resources
Phone : 404-657-9639
FAX WRITTEN REPORT TO : 404-657-5737

Troup County DFCS
504 East Depot StreetLaGrange, Georgia 30241-4631
Director: Willie Rutledge
Phone : 706-845-4200
FAX : 706-845-4221

Finally, there are City Officials:
Tom Hall, City Manager
Phone : 706-883-2010
Meg Kelsey, Assistant City ManagerCity Hall -
3rd Floor200 Ridley Avenue
Phone : 706-883-2000
Fax : 706-883-2020

Lukken, Jeff - Mayor 706-883-2010
Dekmar, Lou - Chief of Police 706-883-2612
Edmondson, Rev Willie - City Councilman 706-882-7817Gore,
Dr Tom - City Councilman 706-884-2641
Moore, George - Mayor Pro Tem 706-884-5923

The HHSC Office of Inspector General. It investigates Medicare/Medicaid fraud:
By Phone: 202 619-1343
By Fax: 202 260-8512By
E-Mail: paffairs@oig.hhs.gov
By Mail:
Office of Inspector GeneralOffice of Public AffairsDepartment of Health and Human Services
Room 5541 Cohen Building330 Independence Avenue,
S.W.Washington, D.C. 20201

Posted by sherri at April 8, 2005 3:46 PM

Articles Related to Action Items:


It is wonderful to see you here. Your hard work and dedication to this cause are significant. May the Holy Spirit Bless your efforts and guide you. I pray for Mae, her family, friends, and all those similarly abused.

Posted by: Right Wing Nut Job at April 8, 2005 4:42 PM

The La Grange Daily News has a somewhat different take on the substance of this story:


Woman, 81, at center of feeding tube feud

Kenneth Mullinax, the patient’s nephew in Birmingham, Ala., said a hospice nurse told him that Magouirk had not received substantial
nourishment since March 28. He wants a temporary feeding tube inserted until she can be evaluated for treatment at the University of Alabama
Medical Center. A living will states that nourishment should be withheld only if she were in a coma or vegetative state with no hope
of recovery.

Mullinax and the patient’s brother and sister – Lonnie Ruth Mullinax of Birmingham and A.B. McLeod of Anniston, Ala. – came here last
Friday to arrange for a feeding tube and take her to the Birmingham hospital. That same day Gaddy received emergency guardianship in Troup
County Probate Court.

(Note: Journalistic standards generally require the full name of a person, before they are referred to only by last name. It apparently
doesn't work that way in LaGrange.)

At a follow-up hearing Monday, the parties reached a settlement that awarded guardianship to Gaddy provided three cardiologists – James
Brennan and Thomas Gore, both of LaGrange, and Raed Aquel of Birmingham – evaluate the patient, who would receive whatever treatment two of the three recommended. A final decision had not yet
been reached.

“They were all hugging necks when they left court,” said Probate Judge Donald Boyd. “I don’t know what happened.”

Boyd said Gaddy testified at the hearing that she feeds her grandmother Jello, chips of ice and “anything else she’d be willing to eat.”

“I think all of Mrs. Magouirk’s family has her genuine best interests at heart, but unfortunately they disagree on what they believe would be best for her,” said Jack Kirby of LaGrange, attorney for the patient’s brother and sister.

“She (Gaddy) said, ‘I think it’s time she (her grandmother) goes home to Jesus, that’s she’s too sick and would not have a good quality of
life,” Kenneth Mullinax said.

His complaints have been posted on Internet Web logs that have been in overdrive since the Terri Schiavo case.

“All of the Terri Schiavo people have come to our rescue,” Mullinax said. “This thing’s going national.”

On Thursday, the Probate Office, West Georgia Health System and attorneys in the case were inundated with phone calls and e-mails.
“We need people surrounding that place (hospice), we need some activity,” one caller from Oregon told the Daily News, adding that she
had called the governor’s office and attorneys in the case. The probate office got an estimated 50 calls from people saying things like, “I understand y’all are murdering people in Troup County” and “You’re euthanizing people.”

“We’re taking the posture of refusing to deal with those people because they’re not representing the responsible parties,” said West
Georgia Health System President Jerry Fulks. “We’re focusing on taking care of the patient and her family.”

Fulks said he could not comment on an individual patient, but the health system’s policy calls for nourishment and hydration for hospice
patients, sometimes through a feeding tube because of throat cancer or some other condition that prevents the patient from swallowing.
He said there is a “reverence for life that our staff and our physicians and our volunteers all adhere to in doing the jobs they do.”

Mullinax said his aunt does not have a terminal condition, which is a requirement for admission to hospice.

Danny Daniel of LaGrange, the attorney for Gaddy and another grandchild, said doctors made the decision to admit Magourik into hospice.

Gaddy has been taking care of her grandmother for 10 years, he said. “They’re following the doctors’ recommendations and they want to do
what’s in the best interests of their grandmother,” Daniel said, adding that hospice is providing “excellent care” for Magourik, a
widow with no children.

Gaddy could not be reached for comment.

“The doctors can make her very comfortable again and give her a normal life,” Mullinax said. “That’s all we want for Aunt Mae ... My aunt can’t live much longer without substantial fluids or nourishment. “I want the world to know that at Hospice LaGrange you have people who
are not terminal being denied nourishment as a matter of course.

This national debate has reared its head in Troup County, Georgia. It’s the damndest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He said he will “pursue every available avenue” to get treatment for his aunt.

Joel Martin can be reached at jmartin@lagrangenews.
com or (706) 884-7311 ext. 235.

Posted by: Don at April 8, 2005 5:36 PM

The local newspaper in La Grange put the story on two different pages. It clears up who Beth Gaddy is, and discusses specific diagnoses more clearly.

First two paragraphs of previous story:

LaGrange has its own feeding tube controversy, with family members at odds over medical care for an 81-year-old woman at Hospice LaGrange.

Ora Mae Magouirk has been in hospice since March 22, suffering from what granddaughter Beth Gaddy described in court papers as dementia, an aortic aneurysm and a blood clot.

Posted by: Don at April 8, 2005 5:43 PM

Please consider giving this extremely powerful and detailed audio interview of Mae Magouirk's nephew some exposure on your site.


Posted by: Baldwin at April 8, 2005 6:02 PM

Could someone help get that link out to all the other blogs who care about this?

I can't do anything further for a couple hours and I've only got it posted on 4 blogs comments so far.

Posted by: Baldwin at April 8, 2005 6:08 PM

This is from Mary et.al.-she is going to be off line for a few days but I am posting this because it is soooooo good. First is her idea and then her meesage to me on how to implement it. While I do not want to get in the way of saving Mae’s life, I know that the day after the situation with Mae is resolved there will be another and then another, so something has to be done now. Please read and help us get started.

What if...
Mae had appointed a guardian ad lidem group of doctors and clergy to protect her? What if that group had teeth, in the form of a crack team of attorneys expert in these matters? (along the lines of the ACLU) What if the doctors in this group monitored the care she was being given and the attorneys in this group routinely prosecuted anyone who did anything detrimental to Mae or the others who had appointed them.
What if...these people weren't so very under protected by the rest of the sheep, but had a sheep dog to protect her? What if, by appointing this group as her guardian, Mae had placed herself in a shelter, BEFORE all this began, a shelter with the power to make the wolves take notice and back off?
When Terri died I knew they would become ever more brazen. With Mae we are watching their arrogance balloon outrageously. They no longer bother with any pretence or artifice. I am praying for a sheep dog for Mae, but I don't know who it would be outside of God, because we haven't gotten around calling this "dog" into existence yet.

Contact pro-life doctors and clergy in your area, and ask them if they would be a part of a guardian ad litem group. Explain the concept to them and if they are truly pro life, I think they will go for it. I also think there should be three doctors to a group if possible.
Start a prayer warriors group in your area and commit to praying for any one caught in hell, and for the healing and deliverance of those who are guilty of this.
Get the word out about this group. Really we need a central group that gets info printed up about all this, so people can go to Walmart and other high traffic areas to hand them out. It should contain the truth about the euthanasia movement, the living will, and this alternative group, etc.
AND, for those who for any reason don't have such a group to protect them, let us at least provide a jury of 12. First we must find out why this is being done without a jury, then apply the proper remedy, even if it means having congress make a new law. That shouldn't have to be the case, but if it is, then find a congress person to sponsor the bill and rag all legislative people to support it. And get it passed fast.

Posted by: alwayschooselife at April 8, 2005 7:06 PM

Baldwin, I posted your link at discardedlies.com and Thrown Back, both sympathetic blogs. Hope this helps!

Posted by: Mary in LA at April 8, 2005 7:33 PM

The story of Mae is yet another example of the state of ethical and moral well being that is spreading like a black mold across the world let alone in the United States or Canada....We have got to realize that injustice is injustice no matter how indefinable you try to paint it....The most troubling and frightening part of all this was the role of mass media with their experts and lawyers....and somebody knows everything type of educated individual all too glad to enjoy the spot light....give their opinion which in most cases is inaccurate or completely....unsubstantiated. Yet over and over again we saw big media parade experts ..and more experts even arguing about the feelings that Terri be having at the moment they
re are being interviewed...at one point some genious or other suggested a feeling of euphoria accompanies starvation in its latter stages...GIVE ME A BREAK..People wake up what will it take...When Terri Passed away suddenly their appeared to be more cases ...they
ve been there...we are not paying attention too busy just trying to get by....most of us getting our daily info at a glance..Internet, TV, Radio we are often just to overwhelmed to personalize these heartwrenching issues...But Terri brought it home for the Country and the World ...Couples, friends, co-workers, parents found themselves evoloped in the dispute ...the sad and cruel dispute that even a reluctant press found themselves unable to avoid....Yet life goes on but we can see when even just some pay attention as in Mae's case things can be turned around room for hope is always there...and God is always watching. Emrobins

Posted by: heartz4 at April 15, 2005 9:22 PM