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April 23, 2005

Behind the News: Why the Rush to Murder Taran Francis?

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The attack on young Taran Francis reported below—what the ABC New correctly dubbed "Terri in the Bronx"—-came to CURE's attention last night, and I have been endeavoring to contact the family's attorney, Robert Genis, to offer CURE's assistance and support for the family in defending the life of Taran Francis, who is very much alive.

Living organs must be harvested from living human beings, and the dehumanization of this young man by means of the medical and legal fiction of so-called "brain death" is a classic, if horrid, example of the utilitarian euthanasia referenced in my Author's Note below, introducing "Brain Death"—The Hoax That Won't Die," which should be read by anyone concerned with what is being done in this case. As the title notes, the lie of "brain death" will not die, but its innocent victims like Taran Francis do.

Steve Osborne is right to note that a "disservice" is being done to Taran's family, but it is not being perpetrated by Mr. Genis, who is ably serving his clients and the interest of justice, but rather by Osborne's employer, Montefiore Hospital, and its ultimate victim is Taran Francis, a young man who would be utterly defenseless were it not for his loving family and their dedicated attorney.

Pray and act for Taran.

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Posted by earl at April 23, 2005 8:22 AM

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Earl, if the parents (mother?) had not agreed to organ donation, would this controversy even be happening? Would the hospital just leave it until his heart stops if they didn't want the organs?

Also, I'd like to know if I'm understanding this correctly: His heart _will_ stop within two weeks even while he's on the ventilator if he is truly dead?

I think if so that's very important information people need to know, and it seems to be what is being said in the longer article below. People (including me) have been given the impression that a ventilator can keep a person seeming-to-be-alive nearly forever, that it is "impossible to die" on a ventilator. This makes people the more willing to say, "Well, you have to have some other standard of death besides heartbeat and breathing, because otherwise we're just going to declare people alive forever just because we can ventilate them forever." I'm now realizing that this is false. Do you have any more detailed info. on what happens even on a ventilator when a person is truly physically dead?

Posted by: Lydia at April 23, 2005 12:55 PM


You cannot oxygenate a corpse and make it breathe. That is why we should always speak of a "ventilator" and never use the unscientific term "respirator," which misleadingly implies that the ventilator is breathing for the patient.

The ventilator assists a living human being in breathing. It does not breathe for him. The very fact that a ventilator is being used is evidence that the person is alive.

People die on ventilators all the time. If there is no foul play, they may even die a "natural death." If the ventilator is removed, however, before you are able to breathe on your own without its assistance, you will die as a victim of epivalothanasia (imposed death).

This is precisely the death that Montifiore seeks to impose on Taran Francis.

Organ donation is a prime motive for utilitarian euthanasia, since the transplant terminators must harvest living organs from living persons. It appears to be at play in this instance.

However, there are other—perhaps more pressing—motives that may well be involved in this matter, they revolve around the known link between malpractice and checkbook euthanasia. I hope to explore this further in a future analysis. But right now, we are in the midst of the battle!


Posted by: Earl Appleby at April 23, 2005 2:39 PM


What an insightful question. And it brought out exactly what I was wondering but had not yet put into words. I, too, was under the mislead belief that a ventilator could just keep someone alive forever (silly, now that I think about that), and not that it was just "ventilating" or opening breathing passage ways for better breathing. I will never again say "they are not on a breathing machine" when we see a feeding tube removed from someone, as if to say being on a "breathing machine", whatever I thought that was, was to be forced to live or something like that.

It is NOT A RESPIRATOR. It is a ventilator. Thank you Earl for clarifying it.

This is a very, very important distinction, and clears up the wrong belief that I think many of us had been mislead to follow!

I am undoing my statements of organ donation, right now!

Posted by: juleni at April 23, 2005 7:02 PM

Hooray, Julene,

Tear every one of them up that you can find and tell every one that it DOES NOT pay to be a marketable commodity in a very greedy world.

Earl, I am so grateful for all the little investigator we have gathering around, not least of all, you. These are the days when God Himself is shining light on things, but we still have to have eyes all around and I am very grateful for all the info that's being brought home here to Blogs. I don't know about others, but it gives me heart...and hope.

Posted by: mary et. al. at April 23, 2005 8:40 PM

You can't just throw completely different situations together and try to compare them.

Apart from argueing over whether Terri was able to take food orally, her feeding tube would have kept her alive indefinitely which makes it a life sustaining treatment. Without it she would die, but with it she was in no danger of dieing from anything unrelated.

In his case, as it stands, it would seem he is dieing from his condition which makes the respirator a life prolonging treatment. He'll die without it, but he'll also sadly die while on it.
The parents have the legal right here to make a choice as to what length they should go to keep him alive and it seems they're opting for the middle ground of keeping him on the respirator but not wanting any attempts made to try and restart his heart when it fails.
The hospital apparantly also has a legal right here and they would seem to have a different opinion. Once they give up hope is when they'll offer to stop treating regardless of any organs donated.

The whole point of what made Terri's case special was the fact that she was in no immediate danger of dieing from her condition.
It doesn't really matter which specific type of treatment anyone is receiving, what matters is whether they are or are in danger of dieing regardless of it.

Posted by: Vanessa at April 24, 2005 9:09 AM

This story is leaving me with more questions then answers..Is his heart beating on its own? Is the respirator breathing for him or assisting? And finally how the heck did he end up in this condition? Comatose? BD? How rare is it to have oral bacteria travel to the brain to cause this? Newsday did a poor job at reporting.

Posted by: KC at April 24, 2005 2:55 PM

KC - regarding the bacteria traveling to the brain, here is what the two articles said about that:

"Doctors have told the family that Taran developed a dental infection. And in a rare chain of events, it produced a brain infection."

"The Francis family said Bronx-Lebanon doctors told them a dental infection had caused his brain to swell and put him in a coma."

It is rare, evidently. His heart is beating on its own.

The hospital(s) may bear some responsibility in his condition though - at least there are questions as to that.

And awfully, organ 'harvesting' for gain is a reality. One of those newsshows did a rundown on it in the past, with hidden cameras and everything.

I am tearing up my organ donation cards (and I really wanted to donate.)

Posted by: juleni at April 24, 2005 7:30 PM

One person's very personal comment at one of the NY news sites, as to why not to give up in a case like Taran's! (Miracles can occur!):

-I'd just like to say to you if I may-and that is,"Don't ever stop praying,hoping and believing that there is a great chance for your son to get better,and all the hurt and anger and frustration has been taken and placed on Jesus' shoulder." No matter what happens never give up on GOD,'cause he's the only one who CAN make a way out of no way. I have a 13yr.old severly autistic son named Charles(Charles Fredrick ,after charles Ingals' son on,"Little House on The Prarie.").

Well,Charles just beat a deadly severe and rare case of double-pneumonia and the mortality rate for that type of pneumonia is 70-80%,the doctors gave him up as soon as he came into the emergency room and all they could do was to stand out in the hallway and shook their heads in nodding no at Charles,yet at the same time I was shaking my head back at them and telling them how so wrong they were. CHarles was in intensive care for three and a half months and lying in a doctor induced coma due to the extremly and unusual high blood pressure and a severly high fever that was plauging him,yet I never gave up the notion that he would recover. We almost lost Charles four times in less than week after he was put in intensive care,the first and second time his heart stopped and he had to be defibulated both times,the second time his fever rose to 107.4 degrees,the third time his blood pressure sky-rocketed to 280/195,onne of Charles' doctors made a comment to my pastor that if there were a fifth episode,they probably wouldn't be able to bring him back. After that Charles started to make progress at a snails pace,yet we all felt(exculding the doctors),that Charles was on his way back to us and he has made a full recovery with no brain or heart damage whatsoever,and with him being autistic that was a whole other blessing all by it's self. So,my fellow beings as parents,sisters,brothers,uncles,aunts,cousins and if I've missed any one,I apologize----PLEASE KEEP ON KEEPING ON AND DON"T GIVE UP NO MATTER WHAT THE doctors say,YOU KNOW YOUR SON MORE THAN MOST AND AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED<AND BELIEVE ME I AM VERY CONCERNED AND DO NOT GIVE UP 'CAUSE GOD DOES'T GIVE UP ON US!! My Deepest Love And Devotion,Thoughts And Prayers Are with you consistantly Through This Most Difficult Time,And I Do Nt Take It Lightly! Please Keep Me Informed and Let Me Know How He Progresses, Your sister in CHRIST JESUS,Jackie Miller,3853 Walkers Cove trail,Charlotte,N.C.,28214-3450,704)449-6732.
Posted: 4/22/05 5:44 PM

Posted by: juleni at April 24, 2005 7:32 PM