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March 16, 2005

What did you think about the Nightline "softball" interview of Michael Schiavo? ABC News wants to know!

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You can read the transcript of the "softball" delicate questioning of Michael Schiavo.

You can send Email ABC your closing thought.

Posted by richard at March 16, 2005 5:33 PM

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I counted at least five logical fallacies in Felos' opening remarks. The interview went down hill from there.

Posted by: tim at March 16, 2005 6:58 PM

Mr. Shiavo contradicted himself many times. What really got me is that he gets offended when someone calls him a "murderer" and and "adulturer". If he allows Terri's feeding tube to be removed then he is a murderer. And well, he has children by another woman, while he is still married to Terri. Last time I checked, that's still considered adultery. Mr. Shiavo is a souless, cowardly individual.

Posted by: Nikki at March 16, 2005 9:37 PM

Hi, I'm a new member to the blogroll, commenting for the first time.

What got to me was Felos' and Schiavo's condescending, cozening attitudes (paraphrased): "Oh, it isn't starving her, it's just removing her feeding tube. It's really a very painless way to go."

Please. Their obvious, if unspoken contempt for the intelligence of the American viewing public is nauseating. If starvation is so painless, why do we, as a nation, spend so many billions of dollars each year trying to prevent it in the Third World? Why, then, are we investing so much in Tsunami Aid?

These men apparently lack morality and principle.

On the other hand, it's good news about the "Protection of Incapacited Persons Act of 2005" unanimous passage. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Floridian legislators will also do the right thing.

Posted by: Linda at March 17, 2005 10:28 AM

What in God's name did Michael Schiavo mean by the following quote:

BURY: I understand that that's your feeling about what your wife wanted, but knowing that you believe she is in a vegetative state and knowing that her mother and father have said they're willing to pick up the burden and carry on the cost, what is the harm to you if you agree to their wishes and relinquish guardianship to them?

SCHIAVO: Basically what I just said. Her father stated in court he would CUT HER ARMS AND LEGS OFF. I'm not going to turn over Terri to a person that would do that to you.


Was that ever said, and if so, by whom - and why?

Posted by: RD at March 18, 2005 4:24 AM

The comment about cutting her arms and legs off is a misrepresentation of an answer Terri's father gave to a question asked by Michael's lawyer George Felos. See http://patterico.blogspot.com/2003_10_01_patterico_archive.html#106731276629096345
for more details.

Posted by: Joshua at March 18, 2005 8:05 PM